Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Spouse

Valentine's Day is a perfect time to clearly show you love and value your spouse and your marriage. This does not mean you should not be taking your spouse for granted the rest of the year! It does mean that you can go out of your way to do or give something extra special to your partner.

A great present to your spouse on Valentine's Day is one that says you care and that you remembered. It can be difficult to think of something new or something your spouse does not already have so here...MORE are some ideas. Keep in mind that Valentines' Day is about love and romance! 

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    Flowers or Living Plants

    Red Rose Bouquet
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    Flowers as the language of love started back in the 1600's. Flowers are still a powerful communication tool today. Has your spouse ever mentioned they love a particular flower? If not, roses should suffice. However, try to get creative with a beautiful mixed bouquet of their favorite colors. Maybe something unique like a lucky bamboo or orchid? Use your imagination or ask for help in a flower shop!

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    Candle Light
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    Candles are wonderful for setting a mood. Select scented candles for the living or bedrooms, or candles for a romantic candlelit dinner. 

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    Specialty Chocolate

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    Check out a local specialty chocolate shops with all kinds of amazing treats. Get something with a fantastic ingredient on the inside too. Remember to pick something your spouse would really enjoy eating. He or she may even share it with you!

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    The Tingler

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    No, this isn't a Medieval torture device. This copper massager will create good energy by gently massage your spouse's scalp by touching acupressure points and giving a great deal of delight. It doesn't require batteries and isn't complicated to use. Check out Brookstone or Sharper Image for some other interesting massage type items. 

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    Heart Necklace
    Heart necklace on a heart-shaped sachet. Photo: Comstock / Getty Images

    Do some research first to discover the type of jewelry your spouse wears so this trinket won't end up hidden away in the jewelry box. Many wives love heart shaped lockets or necklaces. There is a vast array of options available in all different price points. You usually can't go wrong with jewelry!

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    Fragrance Gifts

    Woman Shopping for Perfume
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    Search for things like bath salts, bubble bath, perfume, cologne, skin creams, soaps, after shower rinses, and more. This time of year these items often come in beautiful sets. Make sure you know the type of fragrance that your mate loves. 

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    Find your romantic special song, and play it as you take a romantic drive.Or how about making your spouse a special playlist? Be creative and make one based on your favorite memories or themes in your life together.  

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    Gift Certificates

    Gift Certificate
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    Use online gift certificates only if it is the very last minute and you are desperate! Better yet, make up your own certificate/coupon for a short trip out of town together, or for a picnic or dinner and a movie out, or for a massage. Be creative.



Whatever you do, start thinking about Valentine's Day and other special holidays early so you don't get rushed at the last minute. You also want your spouse to know you put both energy and thought into finding that perfect gift. Good luck!