Valentine's Day Sentiments for Rubber Stamping Projects

Make a Valentine's Day Card Extra Special With Some Well Chosen Words

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Finding the perfect sentiment for a Valentine's Day card can be quite a challenge. If you have spent the time lovingly crafting a special card then it is a shame not to really give it a special finishing touch with a special sentiment. It is so easy to fall back on the tried and trusted favorites and while there is nothing wrong with using an old favorite, why not take a look and see if there are any other words or phrases that would make a special alternative this year.

Finding Sentiments and Words for Valentine's Day Cards

Writing or printing a few suitable words for use in a Valentine's Day card is a good alternative to stamping a sentiment. There are many great sources of inspiration and, with a little thought, it is possible to come up with the perfect words to finish the card with a flourish.

Love Quotations

Quotations Expert, Simran Khurana, has a wealth of great quotations on her site. There are quotations here for many occasions and rubber stampers will find plenty of interesting ideas and inspiration amongst her articles. Simran has pulled together some great romantic quotations which are perfect for Valentine's Day cards. These include:

  • "I Love You" Quotes
  • "In Love" Quotes
  • "New Love" Quotes
  • Movie Love Quotes
  • Romantic Sayings
  • Romantic Love Quotes

More Valentine's Day Quotations


Poetry and romance go hand in hand. Take a look at some of these romantic themed poems: poetry experts, Bob Holman & Margery Snyder, also have some beautiful poems that would work well in a Valentine's Day card - Love Poems. More Valentine's Day Poems:


Strange as it may seem, social networking sites such as Twitter can be a great source of information. Search for 'love quotes' or use the hashtag #lovequotes to find a wide range of romance-themed quotations. Social networking can also be a good way to find something specific - send out a request on Twitter and see what fellow Twitterers come back with.

Song Lyrics

An interesting alternative is to include some lyrics from a love song. Many pop and rock songs, as well as classic love songs, contain references to love and romance and these make an interesting addition to a Valentine's Day card. Guitar Expert has a selection of lyrics from songs - Love Song Lyrics. The lyrics to many romantic songs can be found here - Romantic Lyrics.

Writing Sentiments in Cards

There are very few people who really like their own handwriting! When writing a sentiment in a handmade card, however, it is important to remember that the recipient won't be judging the neatness of the handwriting. It is the thought and words that matter, not perfectly scripted writing.

Here are some tips to help make the most of even the most scrawly handwriting:

  • Use a good quality pen! No handwriting will look good when written in a blotchy ballpoint pen. A pen that gives a smooth consistent flow will help to give a well-finished effect.
  • Write slowly and evenly. Some people rush their writing and this can result in uneven letters. A slow writing rhythm will help to produce neat letters.
  • Write naturally! There are lovely fancy handwriting styles, from intricate script through to funky styles. Unless someone is keen on calligraphy, simply writing in your own natural style is likely to produce better results than trying something new in a card. If you want to try a new style, practice on scrap paper first.

A few handwritten words will complement a hand stamped Valentine's Day card and the recipient will be delighted to receive the card even if the handwriting isn't perfect!

Printing Sentiments

Printing is a quick and easy way to produce sentiments to go inside handmade cards. This is a great opportunity to stylize the words, perhaps by finding an unusual font or printing in colors that match the inks and style of the rubber stamped image. The quotations can be used as an insert to the card or simply cut out and attached to the inside of the card. Make this blend into the overall design by drawing a border around the quote using a complementary colored pen. When printing a quotation, try to put several quotations onto a page to save on paper. See Printing Text to Use in Rubber Stamping Projects for more information about printing text to use in a handmade card.

Whether it's a simple 'Be My Valentine' or a more lengthy poem or quotation, finding the perfect sentiment will add the finishing touch to your card.