Ideas for Valentine's Day Wedding Themes

bride and groom holding bouquet with red roses and succulents. gorgeous wedding couple with rustic flowers. boho newlyweds
Bogdan Kurylo / Getty Images

Are you getting married on Valentine's Day? You must be a true romantic. And you probably would like your big day not only to reflect all the romance of your own love story but also love in general. There are many ways to bring the Valentine's Day theme into a wedding while ensuring that the celebration still feels like a wedding and not a Valentine's Day party.

Here are some romantic Valentine's Day wedding ideas to incorporate for your special day.

Themed Invitations

Set the tone for your Valentine's Day wedding with themed invitations. Decorations of hearts or flowers will always be reminiscent both of Valentine's Day and weddings, as will a red or pink color scheme. Be sure to note on the invitation that it's a Valentine's Day wedding in case guests don't immediately notice that from the date. Write something like: "Come celebrate love and romance on Valentine's Day at the wedding of [couple's names]."

A Romantic Setting

Book your wedding venue early, as Valentine's Day is a very popular time to tie the knot. To set the tone for your love-filled event, find a venue you feel is romantic. Someplace that will allow you to light lots of candles for an enchanting evening wedding is one idea. If you live somewhere that has cold weather in February, make sure the venue will be warm enough for guests. A climate-controlled greenhouse filled with lush flowers can offer a beautiful atmosphere. But a big, drafty venue might not provide you with the intimate vibe you're going for.

Classic Wedding Attire

Vintage formalwear always seems to have a romantic feel. And you can't go wrong with classic, elegant tuxedos and gowns for a Valentine's Day wedding. Look to old movies as well as legendary weddings, such as those of Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy for inspiration. Another option to play up the theme of the day is to add red or pink accents to your attire, such as with roses, ties, or shawls. You can vary the shades of pink and red that your wedding party wears for a more dynamic look.

Music to Set the Mood

Nothing sets the tone of an event quite like music. For a Valentine's Day wedding, the music should revolve around love. Of course, it comes down to your personal preference for which styles of music you want to play. A string quartet or opera singer are great options to help set the romantic mood. You also can ask a DJ to create a playlist full of love songs, making sure that your favorites are on it.

Charming Flowers and Other Decor

Flowers are one of the top Valentine's Day gifts, so of course they should be incorporated in abundance for a Valentine's Day wedding. While roses are classic, they also can be quite expensive in February. So look to other pink or red flower options, including tulips, hydrangeas, and freesias. For other decor, think soft and subtle. Decorate as you would for a romantic dinner with your partner, using soft lighting and gauzy fabrics. To play up the theme, consider naming your tables after famous romantic couples instead of using table numbers.

A Menu of Aphrodisiacs

Certain foods are associated with Valentine's Day and love. And they could make the perfect addition to your wedding menu. For instance, many people consider oysters to be an aphrodisiac, so set up an oyster bar for your guests. Chocolate-covered strawberries also are a must for Valentine's Day. And a red velvet cake (or cupcakes) is perfect, especially if you're decorating with touches of red.

Valentine's Day Wedding Favors

You can really have fun with the Valentine's Day theme with your wedding favors. One idea is to give your guests small heart-shaped boxes of candy with a thank you note attached that looks like a Valentine. A favor box with a chocolate-covered strawberry or truffles could be an even more decadent way to thank your guests. Some non-food favor options include a heart-shaped frame or a small candle.