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Wine and romance...they often go hand in hand. From fancy Valentine's Day dinner reservations to something a little simpler like wine and roses, or pairing a round of chocolate with a classy glass of vino, Cupid claims some serious turf when it comes to wine for Valentine's. Maybe it's the anticipation of exchanging winter weather for the warmer sparks of spring, or the easy-going food pairing versatility, maybe it's simply the color, but rosé wines (with and without bubbles)...MORE often top my list of best Valentine's Day wine finds. Sweeter styles, from red-themed sparkling Italian dessert wines to Portugal's best fortified wines, also tend to make their mark on Valentine's Day wine selections.

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    Showing an unmistakable, almost Old World earthiness with a bright berry core, the 2012 Loveblock Pinot carries a touch of licorice alongside swirls of smoke with well-woven structure and a kiss of oak. Medium-bodied and popping with acidity, this particular Pinot will offer up exceptional food-pairing potential.

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    Brut Reserva Rose. Vilarnau

    Busting out of the traditional bubbles box, this lovely Trepat-based sparkling rosé from Spain carries all sorts of cherry notions with lively, fresh-faced acidity and food-friendly vibes. Easy on the wallet and perfect for pairing with a variety of appetizers.

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    Saget La Perriere

    Classic Loire Valley Chinon, based on 100% Cab Franc, this estate-grown wine shows remarkable red fruit, largely raspberries and Bing Cherry, along with a dash of savory spice and well-rounded structure. Medium-bodied and a capable ambassador to the Loire's prestigious red wine grape, Saget La Perriere rocks our Valentine's Day list with a well-priced introduction to Cab Franc.


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    Chateau Ste. Michelle

    Always a delight, Eroica is the delicious off-dry Riesling offspring born of a partnership between two prominent Riesling estates, Chateau Ste. Michelle in Washington and Germany's Dr. Loosen from the famed Mosel wine growing region. Guaranteed to be a palate pleaser from start to finish, the Eroica Riesling brings beautiful balance, unmatched elegance and food-friendly acidity to every sip.  A versatile wine find for Valentine's Day - think sushi.

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    Montes Cherub. Montes Winery
    For more “pink” Valentine’s Day wine options, consider the 2012 Montes Cherub Rose, made from 100% Syrah grapes. If ever there was a wine made for Valentine's Day - this would be it! For starters Montes Cherub is decidedly pink, adorned with a chubby cherub on the label (and the name) and it's downright delicious. Given that "built-in" rosé food-pairing versatility, this is a wine that will pair well with an assortment of Valentine's Day dinner options.
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    Lucien Albrecht

    Built on 100% Pinot Noir, this delightful Cremant is an Alsatian ambassador with plenty of ripe red strawberry fruit and festive bubbles. Hand-picked, gently pressed and squeezing just a touch of the classic subtle salmon color into this renowned sparkler, the grapes and ultimately the wine are all handled via “methode traditionnelle," made in the same exacting method as traditional Champagne. Dry, crisp and fully capable of pairing with a wide variety of dishes, the Lucien Albrecht...MORE continues to be a go-to wine for French sparkling wine enthusiasts.


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    Castello del Poggio Moscato. Zonin

    Classic Italian Moscato from the get go, the Castello del Poggio Moscato offers a lively nose filled with ripe peach and citrus. The palate doesn't stray too far from the initial aromatic impression, bringing more apricot and peach along with sweet tangerine taste together with well-honed acidity and remarkable balance. Piedmont's Castello del Poggio Moscato is always a crowd-pleaser! 

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    Italians have a long legacy of love, from Verona’s Romeo and Juliet to Venice’s famed Casanova, there’s no doubt that they’ve got it going on when it comes to amore! To satisfy the search for an Italian red wine this Valentine's Day, look no further than this classic Chianti from Frescobaldi; full of Sangiovese's fresh florals, plum mixed with red cherry flavor and good bit of warm spice, this medium-bodied wine enjoys balance and well-woven tannins. At a mere $12 a pop and enjoying wide...MORE distribution, this particular wine from Tuscany is a winner with aged cheese (think Parmesan), tomato-based sauces and a variety of sausages.

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    Banfi's Rosa Regale is always a welcome Valentine wine. Not only does it bring the day's color themes to the table in a vibrant rendition, it is an amazing accompaniment to all things chocolate (the the darker the better, in my opinion).  This bright pink wine from Italy's well-loved Piedmont region has a devoted following. It is a red sparkling wine that is sweet and subtle with the lush flavors of ripe raspberry and juicy strawberry. Consider giving this wine a run with...MORE chocolate-based desserts, fresh fruit and pecan pie.

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    Royal Tokaji

    Another famous dessert wine, this time from Hungary.  This particlular Tokaji is the rich, full-flavored epitomy of Notting Hill's "apricots soaked in honey" with a nutty nuance playing in the background.  Stunning from start to finish and priced for everyone to experience.  Pair with creme brulee, chocolate delights, and foie gras.

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    Sandeman. Sandeman

    For those looking for a wine and chocolate experience to remember on Valentine’s, check out the Sandeman’s 20-Year-Old Port - delivering the sweet, rich full-flavors of honeyed almonds and a touch of fig and caramel on the palate. Port is the perfect partner for high-end Valentine's Day chocolate.


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    This is a lovely sparkling Rosado, brimming with the ripe aromas of raspberry and cherry fruit. On the palate red fruit premiers buffered by bubbles and balanced with optimized acidity. There is plenty of class in this glass and at only $18 a bottle, it would make for a great Valentine’s Day wine find.

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