Valentine's Crochet Idea: Partner Craft Swap

Teach crochet and learn something new to improve your own relationship

Hook to Heal: 100 Crochet Exercises For Health, Growth, Connection, Inspiration and Honoring Your Inner Artist
Hook to Heal: 100 Crochet Exercises For Health, Growth, Connection, Inspiration and Honoring Your Inner Artist. Kathryn Vercillo

This exercise is an excerpt from the book Hook to Heal, which is a set of creativity exercises designed to improve your life in myriad ways. It is the first exercise in the chapter on relationships, a chapter that is all about incorporating crochet into your life in a way that enhances, supports and grows your relationships of all types. This one is designed to be done with your spouse or romantic partner, although it's something you could do with a friend or other loved one as well.

The basic idea is that you engage together in both teaching and learning something that the other loves.

Purpose of Crochet Exercise:

We feel loved when our partner expresses an interest in the things that we love doing. You can share this with your partner by being open and willing to partake in their favorite activity in exchange for time spent doing yours together. The “teacher” gets to share their joy, skills, knowledge and crafting experience and the “learner” gets to see the partner in a new way and celebrate their passions. This builds connection between the two of you. Loving gestures and time spent together go a long way towards improving relationships.

Steps of Crochet Exercise

1.Explain the exercise to your partner and ask what (s)he would like to teach you. Make the emphasis on your willingness to learn something new from them!

2.Set aside time together alone to teach each other your crafts.

Put it on the calendar and commit to it!

3.Begin by learning something that your partner loves. The tone that you set as the student will help set the tone for sharing your craft later on. Be as engaged and interested as possible, allow yourself to be surprised by what you might like in this craft.

4.Share with your partner what you liked about the experience.

Pick out three things that you enjoyed. Even if this is a craft or hobby that you’ll never do again, you can find details to appreciate.

5.It’s your turn. Teach your partner to crochet! Emphasize what you like about the craft.

6.Ask your partner what they liked about the experience. Thank him or her for trying it out!

Tips for Crochet Exercise

●Make something that commemorates the experience. Crochet a heart in your lesson, glue it onto a blank card and give it to your partner a week later with a written thank you for sharing activities with you.

●Don’t currently have a romantic partner? You can also do this exercise with a family member or friend.

Being a beginner at something and trying hobbies we might not be passionate about can be tough. Turn your focus to the purpose, which is to celebrate something that your partner enjoys in service of improving your relationship and understanding of one another. The point is not to be great at your partner’s craft or have them suddenly want to do yours all of the time; it’s to value how each of you spends your time.

Take It Even Further

Make a regular date night with your partner to teach each other new things! Embrace the opportunity to share interests with one another.