Valspar's 2023 Colors of the Year Are Inspired by Nature

Valspar color of the year

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Pop the confetti: it's color of the year season. It's the moment we get a sneak peek into how color will shape all of our homes over the next 365 days and beyond. The most recent to drop are Valspar's meticulously chosen colors. Like previous years, instead of nominating just one shade to carry all of interior design's trends on its back, Valspar has named 12 unique swatches as their 2023 colors of the year.

Earthy cream kitchen cabinets

Courtesy of Valspar

Valspar's 2023 Colors of the Year

These dozen shades and hues weren't pulled at random, each one was purposefully picked. Sue Kim, Valspar color marketing manager, notes that all of them tie back to how often we look to nature for comfort and respite. "We are not looking to escape but consciously doing what is needed to future-proof and build our place of safety, comfort, and joy—and doing so with these 12 colors," she explains. "These thoughtful colors are focused on nature, heritage, and mindfulness."

To properly embody these emotions and concepts, here is what Valspar selected at its 2023 colors of the year:

  • Cozy White: Far from icy, but still bright and refreshing, Cozy White is warm, inviting, and was chosen with the word "comfort" in mind. Try it in bedrooms or living rooms.
  • Villa Grey: This gray is cool but still leans slightly yellow thanks to its undertones. Valspar chose it in connection with mindfulness. It's perfect for a bedroom or powder room.
  • Rising Tide: A calming light blue, this hue symbolizes health. The color is peaceful but playful, like a pastel. It's a great pick for living rooms or bathrooms.
  • Gentle Violet: "Connection" was the driving force behind choosing Gentle Violet, which is a light barely-there lavender. It's a lovely dining room or playroom pick.
  • Holmes Cream: More inviting than a beige, but just as dependable, Holmes Cream is a warm tone that evokes joy and warmth. It works wonders in a front entryway or den.
  • Ivory Brown: This shade pulls inspiration from nature and brings an earthy sense to any room. Apply it to cabinets or on the walls of a living room.
  • Blue Arrow: There's something so balancing about blue, which is why this particular hue was chosen. It's a breath of fresh air for exteriors and primary bed and bathrooms alike.
  • Green Trellis: Reminding the Valspar team of the word "calm," this color is more joyful than sage and olive, but just as tranquil. Try it on a shed or add it to a playroom.
  • Desert Carnation: Cozy and warm, this rusty shade was inspired by inspiration itself. It's a great choice for artistic spaces, offices, or comfy nooks.
  • Southern Road: Not quite a neutral, but still as grounding, this clay color is saturated but not overwhelmingly bold. Dining and living rooms would do well with a lick of this color.
  • Flora: Embodying the word "thoughtful," this muted green is elevated but not pretentious. It would look lovely in a bedroom or utility room.
  • Everglade Deck: Deep, dark shades, such as Everglade Deck, give you a chance to restore and unwind in peace. Work this color into a home office, media room, or bathroom.

Anyone closely following the trends year-over-year will see that the class of 2023 comfortably transitions from last year's colors. "We still spend more time at home and will continue to seek inspiration that’s close to home," explains Kim. "Inspiration from the past, along with local culture, will continue to fortify our home in the coming years." While time may change things slightly, our situations are still calling for nature's touch and home comforts as we march toward 2023.

Lavender colored room

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Decor Styles That Pair Perfectly With the Colors of the Year

The beauty of color is that nearly any shade can be incorporated into any style of home. Though Valspar's colors of the year work in most homes, Kim says that some styles really stick out that would combine perfectly. "The influence of the Japandi style contrasts clean lines and rustic materials at home—woven elements add interest to the natural palette, and natural materials soften this simple aesthetic," she says. Since Japandi is all about balance, form, and function, colors like Cozy White and Villa Gray would be aesthetically pleasing.

More of a go-bold-or-go-home type person? There's a color for maximalists, too. "A light blue with softness, like Valspar Rising Tide, [can] stand in as an uplifting backdrop to elevate this aesthetic and bring a sophisticated yet playful mood," says Kim.

Valspar 2023 color of the year

Courtesy of Valspar

How to Work the Colors of the Year Into Your Home

The current look and feel of your home will be the best source of direction when bringing a new color in. Repainting the walls is a great way to refresh a room, but it's not the only way. Trim and baseboards can create a new pop of color, and so can lacquering up cabinets or permanent storage units.

With so many colors at your disposal, choosing just one might feel impossible. So why not two? Kim has sound advice, noting that flow should be your priority. "The second color choice should be intentional, like an accent wall or wainscoting, or stylized ceiling colors," she says. "The easy way is to find the lighter or darker, brighter or muted shade of primary color choice. This approach also works when you have an open floor plan and want to give a visual destination with the wall colors."

For anyone who is a bit more comfortable with bold palettes, Kim suggests selecting one of the colors in a muted version when you're working with complementary colors "to make the space livable." If you're feeling inspired, you can pick up the exact colors at Lowe's and independent retailers.