How to Return Your Valspar Paint

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Paul Bradbury / Getty Images

If there is one truism about purchasing mixed paint, it is this: mixed paint cannot be returned to the store. Most paint stores prominently display signs to this effect near the mixing counter. Mixed paint is virtually impossible to resell. Valspar, however, has decided to turn what originally began as a marketing gimmick and make it a company policy—allowing refunds on mixed paint.

Bottom Line

No, you cannot physically return mixed color Valspar paint to the store, but you can get a refund. Terms and conditions are limited, so obtaining a refund does entail a minor amount of work.

Limited though it is, this return policy is still better than that of other retailers and paint companies. Home Depot specifically excludes mixed paint from its return policy. ​Sherwin Williams excludes "custom" products, a definition which includes mixed paint. Benjamin Moore not only excludes mixed paints—it excludes all paints from its return policy. Walmart is silent on the issue of mixed paint returns.

The Valspar Guarantee

To allay customers' fears of buying the wrong color, Valspar Paint guarantee began life as something called the Love Your Color Guarantee. Since this limited time promotion was successful, Valspar retained it and turned it into their Perfect Color Guarantee. Here's how it works.

They don't want you to return the paint to Lowe's, but they will cover the cost of the paint you don't like:

  1. Buy 1 to 2 gallons of Valspar Paint.
  2. Apply some to your wall. It must be applied to the wall to qualify for the refund.
  3. You have 60 days to decide on this paint. If you do not like the color, leave the paint at home. 
  4. Go to the designated Valspar retailer where you originally bought the paint and buy the color you believe you'll like. This is an important step, as the terms change according to which retailer you choose.
  5. Apply the new color next to the color you don't like.
  6. Take a photo, fill out the rebate form online, send in the completed rebate request form, photo, and copy of the original receipts.
  7. Receive a refund.

Many Conditions to This Offer

It is worth reading the terms and conditions because there are a few nuances you'll want to be aware of:

  • It only applies to interior paint, not exterior.
  • You can only use this offer once per year.
  • You need to have saved your receipt.
  • You only get a gift card, not cash back.
  • You have to request a refund within 60 days of the original purchase.
  • It only applies to these paints from Lowe's: Valspar Reserve, Valspar Signature, Valspar Ultra 2000, Valspar Ultra 4000, Valspar Renew, or Valspar QuikHide. From Ace Hardware, only these paints are covered: Valspar Optimus or Valspar Aspire.