14 Creative Vanity Organization Ideas

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Every makeup lover dreams about having a vanity of their very own. And if you're fortunate enough to have one in your space, you'll want to make sure to keep it organized! After all, it's much easier to get ready for the work day (or a big night out) if you know exactly where every shade of lipstick is located.

To help you get started streamlining your vanity, we've rounded up 14 setups with inspiring storage solutions. It's easy to make your getting ready space shine in just a few simple steps.

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    Make the Most of Your Drawers

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    Tabitha Blue

    If your vanity has pullout drawers, maximize their storage capability by placing plastic dividers inside. This will allow you to neatly sort items by category—like makeup brushes, extra travel-sized cosmetics, face creams, and more, while making the most of the space available to you.

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    Repurpose a Candle Holder

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    Kimberly Duran

    Struggling to find a makeup brush holder that you love? Go ahead and repurpose a chic candle holder and use the vessel to hold brushes or anything else that needs a home (think: eyeliner pencils, lip glosses, and other long, thin objects). It's an eco-friendly solution, too!

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    Opt for Acrylic Containers

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    Jenn Haskins

    Acrylic containers are a popular choice for the vanity, as see-through bins are always useful when you're getting ready in a hurry. Opting for clear baskets and organizers may also prevent you from purchasing duplicate items by mistake—when you can see everything easily, you'll be able to have a sense of everything you have on hand at a given time.

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    Display Cute Storage Boxes

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    Andrea Da Silva

    Keep items like sunglasses and jewelry organized and safe by placing these pieces in lidded boxes. There's no need to sacrifice style in the process with plenty of cute options on the market. These brass beauties are oh-so-glam!

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    Divide a Larger Drawer

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    Kristin Leahy

    If your vanity has one large drawer, all the more reason to opt for a cluster of individual organizers. Small bins like these are also easy to remove and clean out as needed.

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    Give a Cake Stand New Life

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    Jennifer Griffin

    Who says cake stands are just for the kitchen? Place one on your vanity to corral small items like perfumes and other trinkets that you wish to display. A cake stand is a great way to add height and interest to any vanity as well.

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    Grab a Tray with Edges

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    Katie Manwaring

    Perfumes also look excellent displayed on a petite tray. The edges on this one help keep bottles in their place.

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    Elevate the Everyday

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    @mycityapartment / Instagram

    Elevate the everyday by making use of vintage objects from around your home. Here, a small crystal vase doubles as storage for brushes, and a tiny wooden stool helps prop up a mirror.

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    Think Tiered

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    @popvenus / Instagram

    Use a tiered solution for nail polish—just like at the salon—so that you can see everything at once. The same can be done for lipsticks that stand upright.

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    Use the Walls

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    @sarah_walz / Instagram

    Every square inch counts! If your vanity is positioned next to a wall, make use of that space, too. Here, acrylic shelves offer additional storage for perfumes, hair products, and more.

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    Set Up Your Own Jewelry Shop

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    @fancythingsblog / Instagram

    A vanity doesn't just have to house hair and makeup supplies—it can be an excellent place to store jewelry, too. Bring a boutique-like feel to your home so getting ready in your bedroom feels like shopping a luxe store. One way to do this is by displaying coordinating necklace and bracelet holders that will keep your baubles from getting tangled and double as decor.

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    Go Wide

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    @knots.and.pots.home / Instagram

    We often picture vanities as traditional writing desk type pieces with pullout drawers, but you can easily turn a ladder desk into a vanity as well. Make use of the wide shelves and use them to sort makeup products by type. Clear containers will help you keep track of all of your goodies.

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    Shop Your Home for Chic Accents

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    @sarahlyon9 / Instagram

    Repurpose household items and use them to jazz up your vanity. A small marble trivet can double as a perfume tray and adds a Parisian-inspired touch to any setup.

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    Embrace the Little Things

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    @sarahlyon9 / Instagram

    Julep cups and other drinking vessels make for adorable makeup brush holders. Paying attention to the small details when purchasing organization supplies will pay off in the long run when your vanity reflects your personal style.