17 Vase Decor Ideas to Try in Any Room

vases in living room

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If your vase collection is taking over your cabinets, it's time to think about how you can actually display all of these vessels in your home and enjoy them, rather than letting them sit behind closed doors collecting dust. Special pieces are meant to be used and showcased, after all! The good news is that there's essentially no room in which a vase would look out of place, so there are plenty of opportunities to spread your favorite pieces all throughout the house. Below are 17 of our favorite ways to incorporate vases into your space, whether you're looking to tackle your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, or another portion of the house.

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    Add Blooms to Your Bedside Table

    bedside table vase

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    Start each morning on the right foot by placing a vase filled with a bright, beautiful bouquet on your bedside table. A setup like this one will make your sleep space feel more like a luxe hotel room in no time. Just be sure to place the vase far enough away from your bed so that you don't accidentally knock it over if you reach for a phone or glass of water in the middle of the night.

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    Jazz Up the Home Office

    vase on filing cabinet

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    Who says your workspace has to be ultra-serious? Make long days working from home feel less dreary by placing a vase on or next to your desk. Here, a tall vessel pops atop a filing cabinet.

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    Make the Bathroom Appear More Elegant

    vase in bathroom

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    Make your bathroom feel more elegant by placing a vase next to the sink if space allows. Whether you opt to display a live bouquet or some fake blooms, a little touch like this one will go a long way.

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    Mix and Match Vases on the Mantel

    vases on mantel

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    If you're unsure how to decorate your mantel, why not jazz up the space with a vase or two? Here, various vases of all sizes and styles play nicely, resulting in a collected-looking vignette. Bud vases, tall vases, and ceramic vases, you name it—they all look excellent styled together.

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    Add a Vase to the Foot of Your Bed

    vase on bench at end of bed

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    If your nightstands are on the smaller side, you can always place a vase full of blooms on an end-of-bed bench. Just be careful when moving around so as to avoid knocking anything over—if you have pets or young children, a setup like this one may not be in the cards!

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    Place a Vase in the Entryway

    vase in entryway

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    Your entryway table is your home's chance to make a first impression. Ensure that your space feels warm and inviting from the get-go by setting out a vase full of flowers where visitors are sure to admire it. The entryway is always a nice place to showcase seasonal florals too. In the winter, fill a vase with evergreen clippings; in the spring, place tulips inside.

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    Bring Charm to the Kitchen

    vase in kitchen

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    The kitchen island is always a great place to display a vase, whether or not you're expecting company. Given how much time you spend in the kitchen on a daily basis, it's worth spending some extra time and effort making this space appear ultra aesthetically pleasing, right?

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    Tuck Flowers in a Corner

    vessel on kitchen counter

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    No island? No problem! The kitchen counter is also an ideal spot to display a vase. You'll have something to admire as you meal prep and don't need to keep those pretty vessels hidden behind closed doors.

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    Style Your Shelf With Florals

    vase on built ins

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    Unsure how to fill every inch of your built-ins? Placing a vase on a bottom shelf will add color and life to the living room. For a longer-lasting setup, go with dried flowers in a space like this, especially if the room doesn't receive much natural light.

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    Don't Neglect Empty Vessels

    empty vessels on shelves

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    Even when empty, vases can look quite artful when arranged alongside books and decorative objects. If you don't have fresh flowers on hand at all times, that's no problem, particularly if you appreciate a minimalist look. Antique-looking jugs like these are pretty popular at the moment, and you can find some beautiful handmade options for sale.

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    Make Every Square Inch Count

    vase on narrow shelf

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    Make the most of a thin shelf in your home by using it as a spot to house a vase. In small spaces, taking advantage of every surface is key.

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    Add Pizzazz to the Dining Room

    vase on sideboard

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    Placing a vase on the dining room table is always nice when hosting, but you can also outfit your sideboard with a few vases, too. Here, dried flowers look lovely yet don't require any maintenance, all while contributing to the boho-style aesthetic.

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    Maximize a Small Entry

    vase on small entry table

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    Keep in mind that your entryway table doesn't need to be large to accommodate a vase. Here, a small shelf provides plenty of room for a bouquet of flowers and some storage below without taking up much space in the hallway.

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    Try This Classic Approach

    vase on coffee table

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    Placing a vase on the coffee table will liven up any living room. Style your favorite vessel alongside a stack of books, some candlesticks, a tray, or whatever else strikes your fancy. And we can't forget the tiny bud vase that shines on the mantel!

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    Liven Up Happy Hour

    vase on bar

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    Make your home bar feel like it's part of an ultra-chic restaurant by jazzing it up with all the right accessories. Here, a vase filled with tropical blooms essentially doubles as art.

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    Keep Things Simple

    vases in living room

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    Alternatively, it's always ok to keep things a bit more subdued and minimal. Given that the wall art is the star of the show in this living room, vases play more of a supporting role and help to tie the space together.

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    Say Hello to Pops of Green

    vase in bathroom

    Cathie Hong Interiors

    Take advantage of a ledge in the bathroom and use it to display some fresh flowers. In this bright, neutral space, touches of greenery really stand out.