Vegan Caesar Salad Dressing Recipe

A bowl of lemon juice and fresh lemons
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  • 5 mins
  • Prep: 5 mins,
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Yield: about 1/2 cup of salad dressing
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Are you a vegan and missing Caesar salad? Most recipes for homemade Caesar salad dressings are not vegan or vegetarian, as they often contain anchovies. Caesar dressings that you buy at the grocery are almost certainly not vegetarian and unlikely to be vegan even they say they are vegetarian.

This easy Caesar salad dressing recipe, however, packs in all the flavor without the fish. It is both vegetarian and vegan. No mayonnaise is needed, just lemon, garlic, Dijon mustard, olive oil and a vegetarian Worcestershire sauce. Be sure to check the label for the Worcestershire sauce. Some brands are vegetarian, and some contain fish and are not vegan. 

What You'll Need

How to Make It

  1. Place all of the ingredients except the oil in a blender or food processor (garlic, lemon juice, vegetarian or vegan Worcestershire sauce, onion powder, Dijon mustard).
  2. Turn the machine on and slowly add the oil, processing until the salad dressing is smooth and creamy.

Traditional Caesar salad is made with romaine lettuce and seasoned croutons, and often with anchovies tossed with the greens. You're likely to discover many of your guests never really liked the anchovies as an addition, nor too much strong anchovy flavor in the dressing.

Toss with the dressing immediately before serving.

You may be wondering whether fish is vegetarian. The simple answer is no; fish are animals. If you're not sure what a vegan is, you'll want to check out this simple vegan definition here.

Vegan Salad Dressing Recipes

Bottled vegan salad dressings often contain ingredients that you may prefer to avoid, such as high-fructose corn syrup, additives, and stabilizers. Making your own at home will save you money as well as spare you unwanted ingredients. Here are a few recipes to use:

Vegan Thousand Island Dressing: Use vegan mayonnaise such as Vegenaise as a base for this traditional favorite.

Easy Vegan French Dressing: Bottled French dressing usually contains high-fructose corn syrup. You can make your own for pennies and sweeten it just as you wish with sugar.

Vegan Italian Herb Salad Dressing: If you have a herb garden, you can use fresh herbs. If not, dried herbs work well for this dressing you can make in minutes for a very low cost.

Basic Vegan Dijon Balsamic Vinaigrette: This couldn't be more simple, and it is an elegant dressing on greens, with dijon mustard as the secret ingredient to brighten the flavor.