Vegan Christmas Treats: Fruitcake, Eggnog, Gingerbread and More!

Chocolate cranberry pistachio bark photo
Chocolate cranberry pistachio bark photo by Olivia Bell Photography / Getty Images

If you're eating vegan this Christmas, you'll need some vegan hot apple cider, steaming wassail, eggnog, pfefferneusen and gingerbread, panettone and, of course, vegan candy canes! There's no doubt that the holidays are filled with seasonal foods that tempt our tastebuds as well as fill our minds with nostalgic memories of holidays past. Here's a few classic Christmas recipes for those on an egg-free or dairy-free diet this Christmas.

Happy holidays!

Traditional Christmas Foods Made Vegan

  • Vegan Holiday Fruitcake Recipe I know fruit cake always gets a bad reputation - but I LOVE the stuff and look forward to eating it every Christmas!
  • Vegan Pfeffernusse Cookies - These Christmas cookies are absolutely essential if you have German relatives or friends.
  • Vegan Eggnog A rich and flavorful dairy-free and egg-free recipe for vegan egg nog (or eggnog) suitable for the kids.
  • Roasted Chestnut Soup Nothing says Christmas like warm roasted chestnuts. Turn them into a soothing soup using this five-star reviewed recipe.
  • Vegan Egg Nog Pancakes Made with dairy-free egg nog - either homemade or store bought.
  • Vegan Gingerbread Waffles A vegan Christmas breakfast with molasses and plenty of holiday spices.
  • Another Vegan Eggnog Recipe A vegan eggnog recipe using tofu to thicken it up - but this one's not for the kids, as it contains a healthy amount of alcohol.
  • Crockpot Christmas Wassail (Wassel)'s Guide to Busy Cooks says, "This spicy drink is made easily in your slow cooker, and you won't believe the wonderful aromas that will waft through your house while this recipe is cooking."

Vegan Christmas Cookies and Other Treats

Christmas cookies are an absolute must for gifting to neighbors, co-workers, teachers, and to create meaningful holiday memories and traditions.

Get some of the baking done in advance, if you're planning on lots. My friend Stephanie has a plethora of information on freezing cookie dough and freezing already baked cookies here. Mix once, bake twice!

Here's a few of my favorite vegan Christmas cookies:

  • Vegan Gingerbread Cookies A vegan gingerbread cookie recipe the kids will love to decorate. Though I have to confess that I do love to eat gingerbread cookies all year round, not just Christmas!
  • Chocolate (Or Carob!) Cranberry Nut Bark A homemade holiday treat to add color and variety to any plate of Christmas treats! Pictured. 
  • Spiced Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies This vegan recipe for spiced oatmeal cranberry cookies is thick and chewy, just the way oatmeal cookies should be.
  • Pumpkin Cake Mix Cookies I'm a fan of anything easy to make, and everything pumpkin. If you are too, try adding this to your vegan Christmas cookie list.
  • Maple Cookies Made with maple syrup instead of refined sugar, these vegan cookies are less likely to have the kids bounding off the walls than other sugar-laden Christmas cookies.
  • Chocolate Holiday Spice Cookies Molasses spice cookies of one variety or another have a long Christmas tradition in several European countries, and we Americans love them too. This vegan version has a bit of chocolate along with cloves, nutmeg and molasses.
  • Greek Wine Cookies Ok, so these Greek vegan treats aren't exactly traditional Christmas fare, but how could you not love a cookie flavored with wine?
  • Chocolate Haystacks For another easy vegan Christmas treat, try these chocolate haystacks. I don't know if they're exactly traditional at Christmas, but I remember them from when I was a kid, so they've certainly been around a long time!
  • The Ultimate Vegan Christmas Cookie Collection Looking for more vegan Christmas treats? Check out these best of the best vegan Christmas cookies. Happy holidays, everyone! 
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