Vegan Easter Egg Substitutes

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    Vegan Easter Egg Substitutes


    What's a vegan who wants to celebrate Easter to do? Eggs are out, which means dyeing and hunting for Easter eggs are out. Just because you've chosen to live a compassionate and healthy lifestyle doesn't mean you have to toss FUN out the window, though!

    The most obvious answer for a vegan Easter egg to keep kids with egg allergies and vegan kids happy on Easter is to use plastic eggs. But while plastic eggs work great for hiding, but vegan kids these days are lucky to have a plethora...MORE of even better options than plastic eggs. Did you know there are vegan eggs you can dye just like regular eggs, for example?

    Read on to find out all about vegan Easter egg alternatives which can be painted, stuffed, and even, yes, eaten.

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    Vegan Easter Eggs - Try Egg-Nots!


    Introducing Egg-Nots!

    Egg-nots are a ceramic-based product (no, you can't eat them!) which can be dyed any color your heart imagines, just like regular eggs! Yes, that's right - vegans now have a cruelty-free way to dye Easter eggs!

    Learn more about Egg-Nots here, including 3 reasons why you should consider using Egg-nots instead of eggs this Easter, especially if you're vegetarian or vegan.

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    Make vegan sugar cookie eggs!

    Vegan Easter egg cookies by Abby Wheeler / Getty Images.

    Need a vegan Easter egg substitute idea you can eat? Why not make and decorate vegan sugar cookies, just like Christmas cookies, but shaped like eggs and decorated with Easter-themed colors? Pastels like lavender, light green and yellow, with stripes, polka dots, sprinkles, or anything you can imagine. Plus, everyone loves decorating Christmas cookies, but most of us only do it once a year. Why not start a new tradition by decorating Easter egg cookies?

    Recipe: Simple vegan sugar cookies or, try...MORE these vegan lemon sugar cookies

    Vegan sugar cookies aren't quite perfect for hiding and finding outside. You can wrap them up in clear saran wrap and (colored cellophane for fun) and hope that the kids find them faster than the ants!

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    Bonus idea: Make Papier Mache Easter eggs!

    Papier mache Easter eggs by flickr user Ingrid.

    Using little more than balloons, flour, water, and newspaper, you can make your own homemade vegan Easter egg substitutes with papier mache to be painted and decorated in any way you'd like. No, you can't eat these Easter eggs (unless you put candies inside them when you make them), but you can have a huge amount of fun making them as a vegan family, and they are great for hiding.

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    Shopping online: Options for UK Residents


    There are a few places you can always buy some vegan chocolate Easter candies.  Moo-Free chocolate eggs are one popular brand if you're in the UK. Here's what you need to know:

    Other...MORE options:

    • AnimalAidUK has put together an incredible variety of vegan Easter chocolates on their online shop. My mouth is watering. 
    • DandD Chocolates in the UK has some vegan Easter chocolates, along with sugar-free carob eggs too, proving that I'm not the only one left on the planet who still likes carob! They're a small family-run business focusing on allergy-free treats, so they're great for vegans who eat gluten-free, too.
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    Shopping Online: Options for US residents


    Here are a few places you can shop online for vegan chocolate Easter treats:

    • Allison's Gourmet was making awesome vegan chocolate way before it was trendy, and they get my vote of support for it. Try their vegan chocolate easter eggs or their solid vegan chocolate bunnies! Yes, you read that right: solid vegan chocolate bunnies.
    • Rescue Chocolates is an incredible brand which donates a portion of the proceeds from each sale to animal rescue operations. It's almost as good as getting a tax...MORE write-off for eating chocolate! They have a chocolate Easter bunny this year which is dairy-free, vegan kosher, organic fair-trade and full of both deliciousness and a whopping amount of good karma. Pictured.
    • Rose City Chocolatier, which will be a familiar name to vegans who love chocolate, has added a line of Easter treats to their vegan chocolate options this year, including eggs, bunnies, and other fun Easter-themed shapes. 
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    Make your own


    Just about any vegan truffle recipe can be turned into a homemade chocolate Easter egg with a little shaping! Better yet, purchase a chocolate egg mold! Here are a few homemade vegan chocolate treat recipes which are perfect for making homemade vegan chocolate Easter eggs:

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    Need more vegetarian and vegan Easter ideas?

    Easter table by Lisa Thornberg / Getty Images

    Vegetarians won't eat ham for easter, and vegans won't eat the egg-based dishes which are traditional at Easter brunches. If you're planning an Easter meal that needs to be egg-free, dairy-free and vegetarian, make bright spring vegetables the center of the meal, instead of eggs and ham. Start with asparagus, artichokes, carrots, zucchini or leeks, make a vegan quiche and a fresh homemade carrot soup instead of an egg casserole, and finish off the meal with a homemade vegan carrot...MORE cake.

    Here's a complete list of vegetarian and vegan Easter recipes for brunch, dinner, and dessert.