Vegan Lasagna Recipes

Dairy-free and egg-free cheeseless lasagna recipes to try at home

Like vegan lasagna? Here's plenty of cheeseless dairy-free lasagna recipes, each of which is completely delicious and 100% cholesterol-free! If you're not sure what a vegan is, you'll want to check out this simple vegan definition here, and if you're looking for more vegan recipes, you'll find plenty of vegan recipes here. 

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    Vegan tofu lasagna
    Vegan tofu lasagna photo by L. Buckley / Flickr

    Layered with crumbled tofu and plenty of spinach, this recipe for a vegan, cheeseless tofu lasagna is hearty and flavorful. Beware! This recipe is so good, one reviewer said, "I ate so much, that my tummy hurt!". Consider yourself warned. 

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    A vegan sweet potato lasagna with plenty of vegetables: mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers and corn and very low in fat.

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    Flickr / Kirsten K

    With 284 calories per serving, this lasagna also just barely sneaks into the low calorie category, so it's low-cal as well as dairy-free and vegan. Just watch those portion sizes!

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    Vegan "chicken" lasagna

    A vegan "chicken" lasagna recipe made with store-bought "chicken" strips, a simple tomato sauce, white wine, vegan Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese substitutes and a decadent and creamy white sauce. Many meatless and vegan lasagna recipes rely on tofu as a ricotta cheese substitute, but this one uses a simple yet flavorful white wine sauce so you won't miss the ricotta (or the tofu!) at all.

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    Jason Lugo / Getty Images

    A wonderful vegetarian lasagna recipe full of healthy spinach, eggplant, and very little else. If you don't want cheese, but you don't want tofu either, this is the vegan lasagna for you. 

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    Easy vegan lasagna with tofu and artichokes

    Using tofu instead of ricotta cheese, this vegetarian lasagna recipe adds plenty of flavor with artichokes, black olives and Italian spices.

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     A matzo lasagna recipe for Passover or a seder meal, made with matzo farfel and eggplant. This is a kosher, vegetarian and vegan matzo lasagna, and it's low-fat and cholesterol-free as well. Enjoy!

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     TVP is lightly browned with a combination of green bell peppers, garlic and oregano for a flavorful meat substitute for the filling. It may be meatless, but with plenty of chewy TVP, veggies and nutritional yeast, you won't miss the meat. One reviewer loved the TVP in this recipe ans said, "We couldn't tell that it's not ground meat...My family and I love it! We are very impressed with the taste and the ingredients are cheap."

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