Vegetarian and Vegan Thanksgiving Food Photos

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    Thanksgiving meal ideas for vegetarians and vegans

    Not sure what to cook for a vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving meal? Sick of looking? Browse through these photos for a little inspiration, including main dish ideas, side dishes and of course, plenty of desserts. 

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    Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dinners: Quinoa stuffed squash

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    Vegetarian Cranberry Stuffing Recipe

    Vegetarian stuffing with cranberries is perfect for Thanksgiving. Photo by James Baigrie / Getty Images

    Vegetarian Cranberry and Kidney Bean Stuffing Recipe

    Sneak some healthy protein and fiber into your vegetarian stuffing and add colorful cranberries with this easy recipe for vegetarian stuffing with cranberries and kidney beans.

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    Green beans with French-fried onions

    Green beans with French fried onions
    Green beans with French fried onions photo by Brian Hagiwara / Getty Images

    Green beans with French-fried onions

    If you're looking for a green bean casserole recipe that's lighter and less calorie-dense than the traditional version made with cream of mushroom soup (or at least a creamy sauce), then try this green beans with French fried onions recipe. The green beans are cooked in just a light broth-based sauce, but still toped with French fried onions. 

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    Vegan Quinoa Stuffing Recipe

    For a high-protein and healthier meatless stuffing idea, try this recipe made with quinoa as a base. With all the traditional stuffing herbs and flavors, this quinoa stuffing smells heavenly while roasting in the oven

    Get the recipe here.

    See also:

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    Vegan cornbread!

    Vegan cornbread!
    Vegan cornbread!.

    Would you believe me if I told you this vegan cornbread was made with just 4 simple ingredients? Get the recipe here!

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    Gardein roast, green beans with cranberries and cashew mashed potatoes


    Pictured here is an entire gourmet vegan Thanksgiving meal created by Chef Tal Ronnen.

    Centered is a vegetarian "chicken" cutlet crusted with sage and pumpkin seeds to give it a fall flavor (recipe here). It's paired with a gourmet cranberry cabernet sauce made with red wine (recipe here). Also on the plate is a helping of Thanksgiving green beans with cranberries and a scoop of vegan mashed potatoes with cashew cream. Yum!

    To complete the meal, Chef Tal recommends this orange and beet salad...MORE recipe with a maple and sherry vinaigrette, and a gourmet maple rum cheesecake for a heavenly dessert.

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    Simple Homemade Vegan Apple Pie Recipe

    When it comes to making a vegan dessert for Thanksgiving, things don't need to be complicated. Try this traditional homemade vegan apple pie recipe for a nearly fool-proof dessert.

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    Two-Ingredient Magical Pumpkin Cookies


     Get the magical recipe here: Two ingredient pumpkin cookies

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    Easy Vegan Sweet Potato Pie

    Sweet potato pie
    Photo by flickr user Hana

    It takes just 10 minutes to get this vegan sweet potato pie recipe in the oven. Don't believe me? Give it a try.

    Get the recipe here.


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    Chocolate mascarpone pie - no bake!

    Chocolate cream pie with mascarpone cheese
    Chocolate cream pie photo by Bill Milne / Getty Images

    No time to make dessert or no space in the oven? Try this no-bake chocolate mascarpone pie recipe

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    Vegetarian Wheat Bread Stuffing

    Vegetarian Wheat Bread and Pecan Stuffing

    Make a healthier vegetarian stuffing by using whole wheat bread, as in this recipe. Chopped pecans add a bit of texture as well.

    Get the recipe: Vegetarian Wheat Bread Stuffing 

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    Reduced-fat Pumpkin Cheesecake

    Pumpkin cheesecake - reduced fat with tofu
    Isn't this pumpkin cheesecake just beautiful?.


    A delicious homemade pumpkin cheesecake recipe, using tofu to reduce the fat, but plenty of cream cheese for a decadent taste.

    See also: More Thanksgiving dessert ideas.

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    Sweet butternut squash in the crockpot

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    Vegan Whipped Sweet Potatoes

    Whipped sweet potatoes
    Whipped sweet potatoes photo by Haley Harrison / Getty Images

    Vegan Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Sour Cream

    These super vegan whipped mashed sweet potatoes with sour cream would make a lovely side dish to round out a Thanksgiving dinner. Of course, they're also perfect for any fall meal or anytime you're craving sweet potatoes.


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    Vegan green bean casserole

    Vegan green bean casserole for Thanksgiving with French-fried onion topping
    Vegan green bean casserole for Thanksgiving with French-fried onion topping.

     Vegan Green Bean Casserole

    Who doesn't love green bean casserole at Thanksgiving or Christmas? Vegans can enjoy this classic American dish too! Here's the vegan green bean casserole recipe

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    Gardein vegan turkey loaf roast

     Gardein's holiday turkey loaf. Learn more here.

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    Vegan pumpkin risotto

    Tania Mattiello / Getty Images
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    Lentil loaf with mushroom gravy

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    Vegan cranberry and pear pie recipe

    Brian Hagiwara/Getty Images
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    Gluten-free vegan rice stuffing recipe

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    Easy Vegan Peanut Butter Pie

    It's not exactly traditional, but Thanksgiving is a great excuse to make this indulgent vegan dessert! Get the recipe for peanut butter pie here.

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    Vegetarian cornbread stuffing

    Vegetarian cornbread stuffing
    Vegetarian cornbread stuffing.
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    Cranberry Sauce with Blueberries Recipe

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    Basic Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy Recipe

    Mushroom gravy.

    You can't have Thanksgiving dinner without some gravy, and this one is one of the most popular versions here on

    Get the recipe: Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy


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    Green beans with cranberries (and a secret ingredient)

    Cranberries with green beans are an excellent side dish for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

    Green beans are simmered with cranberries - and a surprise secret ingredient!
    Recipe: Cranberry green beans recipe

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    Raw Vegan Cranberry Pie in a Jar!

    Raw cranberry and pear pie recipe - Raw food desserts


    A deliciously tart filling of cranberries sweetened with dates and pears are layered on top of a simple raw vegan pie crust made of buckwheat groats and a few spices. Even if you're new to raw cooking, don't be afraid to try this one - it's straightforward, and, since you'll already be full from the rest of your meal, won't it be nice to have such a light and healthy desert for Thanksgiving?

    Here's the recipe: Raw vegan cranberry pie

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    Whole wheat vegan pumpkin muffins

    Pumpkin muffins by Klaus Arras / Getty Images

    These vegan pumpkin muffins are made with whole wheat flour. You could serve them for breakfast on Thanksgiving or the morning after. Perhaps even with a little pumpkin butter.

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    Vegan Thanksgiving Dessert Idea: Pumpkin Pudding!

    Vegan pumpkin pudding for Thanksgiving - dairy-free and egg-free dessert

     Vegan pumpkin pudding recipe
    Try an unusual and non-traditional dairy-free vegan Thanksgiving recipe - pumpkin pudding! If you're bored with pumpkin pie or just want something you can serve in a fancy glass, try this pumpkin pudding recipe.

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    Homemade Tofu "Turkey"

     Learn how to make homemade tofu turkey here
    This Thanksgiving, try making your own homemade tofu turkey, complete with vegetarian stuffing inside. There's a few different steps involved, though the process is very simple. 

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    Mixed Roasted Vegetables with Sweet Potatoes

    Isn't this photo of mixed roasted vegetables with sweet potatoes lovely? Just look at those vibrant colors! The recipe combines sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and cauliflowers in a salty-sweet sauce.

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    Gourmet Vegan Banana Maple Rum Cheesecake


    If you're looking to go beyond pumpkin pie and apple pie this year, it doesn't get much better than this homemade banana maple and rum vegan cheesecake recipe. Doesn't it look delicious?

    See also: More Thanksgiving dessert ideas

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    Oven-roasted Brussels Sprouts

    Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    With a simple balsamic glaze, these easy roasted Bruseels sprouts can be in your oven in just a few minutes. Toss in some cranberries for an even more festive easy Thanksgiving side dish.
    Click here for the recipe.

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    Vegetarian Stuffed Squash with Apples and "Sausage"

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    Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Pecans

    Whipped sweet potatoes with pecans photo by Renee Comet

    Sweet potatoes are whipped together with vegan sour cream and topped off with a bit of brown sugar and pecans.

    Get the recipe here


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    Stuffed Acorn Squash with Vegetariaan Baked Beans

     View the recipe for vegetarian stuffed squash here. Stuffed acorn squash is a popular vegetarian entree for Thanksgiving or any fall evening. This stuffed squash recipe is a balanced meal with healthy beans for protein.

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    Butternut Squash Soup with Apples

    Butternut Squash Soup with Apples
    A simple recipe for vegetarian butternut squash soup with apples. Sweet butternut squash is lightly spiced with chipotle seasoning and flavored with crisp fall apples. Eating soup as a Thanksgiving entree means you have plenty of room left for stuffing, potatoes, and pumpkin pie! See more Thanksgiving soup recipes.

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    Reduced-Fat Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

    This healthier version of scalloped potatoes is lower in fat, vegetarian and vegan. Scalloped potatoes are a classic creamy side dish perfect for your vegetarian or vegan Thanksgiving table.

    Get the recipe: Cheesey Reduced-Fat Vegan Scalloped Potatoes


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    Oven-Roasted Sunchokes

    Roasted sunchokes for Thanksgiving! If you've never thought about adding sunchokes (also called Jerusalem artichokes) to your Thanksgiving menu, why not? They'd make an interesting variation on the usual potato dishes, and would be a fun conversation piece. This recipe is very easy to prepare and doesn't take much work at all. Double or even triple the recipe if you're cooking for more than just a few people, as everyone will want to try some!

    Get the recipe for oven-roasted sunchokes here.

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    Vegetarian mushroom and vegetable stuffing with cashews

    View the recipe here
    Mushrooms add so much flavor to vegetarian dishes, and they are the perfect ingredient to put in your vegetarian stuffing! This recipe for vegetarian mushroom stuffing calls for cashews and bell peppers as well as the traditional stuffing ingredients such as celery and thyme.

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    Blueberry corn muffins

    Blueberry corn muffins - low calorie too!


    Get the recipe for blueberry corn muffins here.

    Cornbread or corn muffins are part of a traditional Thanksgiving menu. This corn muffin recipe balances out the savory flavor with some tar and sweet blueberries. Perfect for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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    Green beans with walnuts and breadcrumbs

    Green beans with walnuts
    Green beans with walnuts photo by Kurt Wilson / Getty Images

      Get the recipe here: Green beans with walnuts and breadcrumbs

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    Vegetarian Stuffed Squash with Cornbread Stuffing

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    Easy Vegan Tofu and Pumpkin Pie Recipe

     Vegan Tofu and Pumpkin Pie
    It's so easy to make a vegan pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! Just use tofu instead of eggs and dairy - no one will ever know. Unless you tell them, of course, that this pumpkin pie recipe is vegan very low-fat and also cholesterol free. Go ahead - eat two big slices!
    Click here for the recipe.

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    Got Thanksgiving leftovers?

    Vegetarian Shepherd's pie

    Got Thanksgiving leftovers?

    Looking for ideas for what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers? Here's some ideas for transforming leftover Tofurky, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and vegetarian gravy and
    looking for some more tips and ways to reuse and disguise mountains of mashed potatoes or other leftovers, here's plenty of Thanksgiving leftover ideas, just for vegetarians and vegans, whether you've got mashed, boiled, baked or sweet potatoesleftover, gravy or even Tofurky.

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    Even more Thanksgiving help for vegetarians and vegans

    Thanksgiving cooking photo by Ryan McVay / Getty Images

    Two Simple Rules for Vegetarians at Thanksgiving Not sure how your turkey-eating family will feel about a vegetarian or vegan at their Thanksgiving dinner? Read on for two simple rules for keeping the peace. 

    Don't Cook Two Meals! Vegetarian Thanksgiving Substitution Tips Vegetarians and vegans, share these tips with your families or Thanksgiving hosts.