Vegetarian Miso Soup Recipes

With a soothing and mild flavor, miso soup is light and "brothy", not the type of soup that is a meal on its own, so serve as an appetizer. Miso soup is a quick, easy and light soup and is a staple of Japanese cuisine.

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    This is a quick and easy miso soup filled with plenty of vegetables. It's still a very light soup, so it makes a good starter or a warming afternoon snack. Try adding a few of your favorite veggies, sliced small for quick cooking time.
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    Vegetarian miso soup with tofu photo by Imagemore / Getty Images
    This basic miso soup recipe is a simple version of the classic soup you'll find served in Japanese restaurants. It has just a few simple ingredients and will take you just a few minutes to make. If you've never made a vegetarian miso soup before, this is a good recipe to start with.
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    A simple vegetarian miso soup recipe for garlic lovers! This basic vegetarian and vegan recipe cooks in just a few minutes. The perfect side for a Japanese meal.

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    Video: How to make miso soup

    Miso soup is probably one of the easiest types of soup to make, since it's so quick. The only thing to know is that it shouldn't be boiled so as to preserve the healthy enzymes in the miso. Watch this quick video to learn how to make a simple vegetarian and vegan Japanese miso soup at home in less than ten minutes.