Check Out This Cord-Hiding Hack Straight From Designers

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Velcro ties tools of the trade

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The world of home decor is vast, and we’re constantly amazed by the designers, creators, and creatives who cross our paths. In an effort to learn more about the innovative eyes behind the scenes, we’ve launched a series that explores the sanity-saving tools, products, and services that keep our favorite designers and decorators focused on the job at hand. Welcome to Tools of the Trade.

With over twenty-five years of design experience, Anna Baraness and Kristin Tarsi, founders and partners of Studio AK, have more than a few tricks up their sleeves. We recently connected with the duo to discuss their current must-have for all their projects—and they let us in on a little secret.  

Anna Baraness and Kristin Tarsi, Founders and Partners of Studio AK

David Mitchell

What item made your work life easier this week/month/lately?

Baraness and Tarsi: These cable ties—trust us on this one.


ONE-WRAP Cable Ties


B&T: These ties from VELCRO instantly elevate the look of a room by keeping the cables around a desk, side table, or console tucked together for a clean look.

Where/how do you use this item most?

B&T: We turn to these wherever multiple cables are coming down to one central location.  

How did you discover this item?

B&T: We were using cable tiles to keep everything together, and a vendor showed us these with Velcro. We were instantly converted!

Will you use this item in the future?

B&T: Yes, we use them on all installations and will never turn back.

How has this item made your job easier?

B&T: They are a thoughtful detail that helps us present a polished and complete interior. We like everything to be purposeful, and these are great to make every detail look as neat as possible.

We like everything to be purposeful, and these are great to make every detail look as neat as possible.

How might someone not in your line of work benefit from this item?

B&T: These ties help create an interior that is finished down to the very last detail. Not to mention, an organized space is conducive to a more positive state of mind. The average person could especially benefit from using these at their desk, or anywhere else multiple cords typically crowd a space. 

What, if anything, would you change about this item?

B&T: We would add a little bit of peel and stick to the exterior so that they could adhere to the underside of a table or the backside of a leg. That way, not only would the ties adhere to themselves but they can also stick to an adjacent surface and keep things extra tidy.

Are there any care/use tips someone considering this item should know about?

B&T: Honestly, no. They are super simple which is another reason we love them.