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Soft Teddy Bears Made in the USA

Vermont Teddy Bear Gifts
Vermont Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are a great gift for both children and adults of all ages, especially for special occasions and events like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, for the arrival of a new baby, as a get well soon gift or a simple thank you.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, located in Vermont, provides soft, unique, hand-made bears that can be personalized by their fur color and accessories.

The bears come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

What is a Bear-Gram?

When purchasing a teddy bear from the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, the bear will arrive in special packaging known as a bear-gram. Included in the bear-gram cardboard box is:

  • 1 teddy bear 
  • A personalized message from the sender on a color card
  • Activities written inside the box to keep the bear busy in transit
  • An individual air hole in the bottom of the box so the bear can breathe safely during travel
  • Gourmet caramels or chocolates (depending on the season) to provide the bear with a snack in case he gets hungry on the journey
  • For additional fees, Bear-Grams can be personalized with accessories like personalized outfits, stands, and upgraded packaging

Features of the Bear

  • Bears arrive in different sizes, 15 inches, 16-35 inches, 3 feet, 4 feet and 6 feet
  • Bears range in price, depending upon their size. The most inexpensive bear is $25, while the most expensive bear is over $500
  • Each teddy bear's fur can be customized when ordered to include honey, vanilla, black, buttercream, espresso, maple or snow
  • Each teddy bear has moveable joints and is posable, due to the unique ball and socket design in the arms and legs
  • The head, both arms and both legs rotate 360 degrees
  • The outer portions of the eyes of the bear are printed with "Born in Vermont"
  • Their are soft pads on the hands and feet of the bear that can be personalized with names or dates
  • The bear's fur is very soft, and can be combed
  • The bear has two tush tags. One tag indicates that it is Made in the USA in Vermont and has a Lifetime Guarantee. The second tag provides washing instructions and provides a manufacturing date for collectors
  • There are hundreds of different bear outfit combinations available to meet a variety of individual requests for certain hobbies (fishing, sports, cooking, soccer, ballerina, snowboarder, zombie lovers), occupations (doctors, construction worker, police officer, veterinarian, fire fighter, teacher, artist, service members), and events (new baby, birthdays, weddings, graduation).
  • Looking to make a statement? Check out the political bears, for fans of The Obamas, President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and Bernie Sanders
  • There are custom-designed bears, and gift givers can work with a Bear Ambassador

Facts about the Vermont Teddy Bear Company

  • Each bear is hand-made in the USA (cut, sewn and stuffed), on site, in the Vermont factory.
  • Fur arrives from either Wisconsin, Germany and China.
  • The large bears are first stitched in China, but are stuffed and finished in Vermont
  • There is a special department for consumers to work directly with a person at Vermont Teddy Bear to design custom outfits, individualized tattoos, and themes specific to their bear or occasion for an additional charge
  • In the event of any damage to the teddy bear from any accidents or normal wear and tear, no questions asked, even if it is destroyed by the family dog, there is an unconditional lifetime guarantee for Vermont Teddy Bears
  • After filling out a hospital intake form online, the consumer pays the shipping back to Vermont Teddy Bear Company and the bear is fixed and/or replaced for free
  • Vermont Teddy Bear Company suggests that the bear is washed in a pillow case on a delicate cycle and hung up to dry. Do not place the bear in the dryer. Here are other tips on washing teddy bears.


While Bear-Grams are not inexpensive gifts, they really are a special, personalized one-of-a-kind gift that can be cherished for years and appreciated by both adults and children.

While you can buy Vermont Teddy Bears on, there are also available at the Vermont Teddy Bear website.