From Living Room to Nursery: This Affordable Leather Pouf Is One of My Most Versatile Decor Items

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Moroccan leather pouf in a girls bedroom.

Cori Sears

A few years ago, I was browsing Pinterest and Instagram for boho-inspired interior design and I kept seeing the same brown leather pouf featured in room after room. It was relatively small, dark brown leather, with bright white decorative stitching on top. Due to the fact that the entire pouf was made of leather, I honestly didn’t even bother looking for it online at first, since I figured it would be out of my price range.

However, when a friend proudly showed me their new leather pouf (hint: it was the exact one I was eyeing) and told me they got it on Amazon for less than $100, I knew I had to find it. Fast forward just a couple of days and my own Moroccan leather pouf was shipped and on its way.

Marrakesh Gallery Moroccan Pouf

Marrakesh Gallery Moroccan Pouf

Courtesy of Amazon

What I Like
  • Affordable

  • Made of real leather

  • Available in several colors and shapes

What I Don't Like
  • Low to the ground

This stylish leather pouf is just $69.99 on Amazon, and is shipped to you unstuffed. Don’t let this deter you—I used old towels and blankets to stuff mine, but you can also buy stuffing or poly pellets to fill it with if you prefer. I would only caution that stuffing will probably make the pouf feel super lightweight (think beanbag chair), which may not be practical when you are trying to sit on it or use it as a footrest.

When I saw the price I was truly skeptical that the pouf was made with genuine leather, but it really is. The leather is reportedly treated with natural dyes, and zero chemicals are used in the fabrication process. I chose the dark brown color, but it is also available in several other colors like dark tan, brown, black, blue, orange, dark green, and more to suit any decorating style. 

Since buying this leather pouf nearly two years ago, I’ve styled it in numerous different rooms in my home. It’s truly one of my most versatile pieces of decor. Originally, it lived in our bedroom but has since made appearances in the living room, the home office, and the baby’s nursery. I love the decorative stitching which gives this piece an artistic touch. The geometric shapes of the leather add some dimension. It consistently adds a finishing touch to the space and provides some interesting contrast and texture.

My only real complaint with this leather pouf is that it is pretty low-profile which makes it difficult to use as spare seating, especially if you’re tall like our family. It’s about 12 inches tall when it’s tightly stuffed, but ours sits slightly lower. In my opinion, it’s better used as a footrest or kids' seat if needed.

Get This If

If you’re looking to add a pouf or ottoman to your space and love boho-inspired decor, then this leather pouf is definitely for you. The price makes it accessible and the quality is great as well. Due to the low profile of this pouf, if you are looking for a piece that can double as extra seating when needed then this pouf may not be for you, as it is about 12 inches tall at the most. However, if you like low-profile seating or are looking for floor pillow seats then this Moroccan pouf is ideal.

Is It Worth the Money?

For the price, this genuine leather pouf is definitely worth the money in my opinion. The fact that it comes unstuffed is likely part of the reason that this pouf is so affordable, but it's super easy to stuff yourself with old linens and towels you probably already have lying around. This pouf is handcrafted by artisans in Marrakesh and made from 100% real, soft leather. 

Final Verdict

When I first saw this pouf online I expected that I’d have to pay at least a couple of hundred dollars to get my hands on it. When I saw it was just $70, I immediately added it to my cart and I’m glad that I did. The quality of this pouf and the intricate hand stitching make this purchase a no-brainer for me. Plus, it looks amazing wherever I style it.

Price at time of publish: $70