Create Great Feng Shui with Vertical Wall Gardens

Interior landscaping solution with good feng shui for your home

feng shui vertical garden
Feng shui-wise, the best bagua areas for a vertical garden / living wall are the East and Southeast feng shui areas of your home or office. You can also have the living plant wall in the South, just be sure to add fire feng shui element decor solutions. (c)

Have you ever felt like recreating a rainforest in your very own home? After all, feng shui is all about bringing indoors the vibrant outdoor energy, and the healing feel of a rainforest is hard to match.

If you did, then welcome to the world of living walls, or vertical indoor gardens!  Also called gardens without dirt, the vertical wall gardens have been growing in popularity, but until recently you had to have the help of an interior landscaper in order to grow a living wall of plants in your home.

The beauty - and the great feng shui - of the vertical indoor gardens is in the fact that plants grow free and in ways that most resemble their natural habitat.

Of course, there is an added feng shui bonus of a visually pleasing and vibrant decor feature that also clears the air, as well as saves you some space.

According to The New York Times, the number of companies that sell green wall supplies is growing, which means there might be a reasonable price range for you to choose from when deciding on this great feng shui solution.

Of course, if you have a bigger budget, you can always hire a professional to create, as well as take care of your living wall.

Feng shui-wise, the best bagua areas for a vertical garden/living wall are the East area (Health and Family) and the Southeast area  (Money & Abundance). You can also have the living plant wall in the South, just be sure to add the strong presence of the feng shui fire element with smart decor solutions.

Are there any feng shui areas where you would not want to have your wall of plants? Yes, there are. If possible, it is best to avoid a strong presence of the Wood feng shui element in the North bagua area (Career). Your Southwest area (Love & Relationships) might also do better without a strong Wood element. The bedroom is sure the space to avoid a living wall, unless your bedroom is very big.

However, these are just general guidelines, as you know that for good feng shui you need all five elements in your space. Be creative and understand how to balance the feng shui elements if you decide to locate the vertical garden in a feng shui area that does not like a strong Wood element.

If the idea of a living wall/vertical indoor garden speaks to you, sure go for it, it is great feng shui and your house will thank you!