Veterans Day Free Meals 2017

A List of Veterans Day Free Meals and Other Veterans Day Freebies for 2017

Silhouette of soldier saluting the American flag
Pamela Moore / Getty Images

Check back in the fall for details on Veterans Day Free Meals 2018.

Here is your guide to all the great Veterans Day free meals! We thank you for your service. Below are all the popular restaurants and other retailers that are giving away free meals, discounts, and other freebies to veterans on Veterans Day (Saturday, November 11, 2017).

If you're not seeing your favorite restaurant from last year, they may still be participating but haven't gotten back to me with their 2017 information....MORE This list is updated many times a day, so keep checking back for more information.

At the bottom of this list, you'll find free food that requires a purchase as well as some local restaurants that are giving out free Veterans Day meals.

Important: Please read through my Veterans Day Free Meals FAQ for important information you need to know before getting your freebie or free meal, like military qualifications, restaurant participation details, and lots more.

You can find even more freebies for vets on my list of Veterans Day Freebies and Discounts for 2017. Here you'll find freebies like free haircuts, car washes, and even hotel stays.

Looking for More Military Freebies Like These?

Lots of military freebies are available all year round and Memorial Day is also a time where veterans can get free stuff.

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