20 Vintage Style Bathrooms Full of Throwback Charm

Pink and green vintage-inspired bathroom

The Spruce / Alyssa Vela

Adding vintage style to a modern bathroom—in the form of retro-style plumbing fixtures, classic patterned tiles, throwback color schemes, or nostalgic accessories—can create a sense of timelessness and warmth that a contemporary bathroom sometimes lacks.

And if you've got an authentically vintage bathroom in need of updating but don't have the budget to renovate, keeping it old school can be a cost-effective option that's loaded with classic charm and quirks. Avocado green bathroom suites (and kitchens) were hip and trendy in the 70s. While most of those original fixtures are lost to time and changing bathroom trends, if you've got a perfectly preserved vintage avocado green sink, tub, or toilet and a penchant for authentic vintage decor, why not flaunt it?

While the word "vintage" technically applies to something that is less than 100 years old, and anything more than 100 years old is considered "antique," these days many people use the word "vintage" to describe styles that are technically older than the definition implies. You might hear someone referring to a classic clawfoot tub as "vintage" despite the fact that clawfoot tubs are an 18th-century invention. Few of those antique tubs are around today, but there are plenty of vintage, modern, and contemporary reproductions of the now timeless style. And while "retro" tends to refer to styles that are as old as the 1950s, or made to look like they are, "retro" and "vintage" are two terms that get interchanged quite a bit as well.

The most livable and ultimately timeless interior design schemes often mix contemporary, modern, retro, vintage, and antique elements rather than sticking to a time capsule single-era style. And, even if you're going for a time capsule effect, bathrooms are hard-wearing spaces that require upkeep, whether it's refinishing that clawfoot tub of an earlier era or replacing cracked patterned tiles or vintage plumbing fixtures with reproductions that look brand new.

Check out these bathrooms that feature vintage and vintage-inspired elements in varying degrees and styles to inspire your nostalgia and remind you that new isn't always better in home design.

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    Make It Timeless

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design remodeled this classic Austin, TX bungalow bathroom with period-appropriate materials from the penny tile floors to the vintage radiator cover that makes it look like it did when it was brand new.

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    Use Vintage Style Wallpaper

    vintage bathroom

    Photo by Lara Kimmerer

    Well-preserved pink tiles, fixtures, a pedestal sink, and new bird-themed wallpaper with a vintage pattern add whimsy and more color to this vintage bathroom.

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    Repurpose a Vintage Train Rack

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Kasia Fiszer

    In this London Victorian bathroom renovation from Emilie Fournet Interiors, a vintage train rack once used for coats and hats is repurposed for hanging and storing towels.

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    Embrace Granny Chic

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Michael Hall / Getty Images 

    This vintage-inspired granny chic bathroom is the kind of relic you'd find in a Lucille Ball-esque grandmother's house, but the kitschy vintage vibe can be emulated with oversize floral wallpaper in muted colors, vintage mirrors, cabinet pulls and lighting (flounced curtains and stool cushions optional).

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    Incorporate Midcentury Pieces

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Jersey Ice Cream Co.


    Jersey Ice Cream Co. transformed a midcentury modern buffet into a console for contemporary square double farmhouse sinks. A round mirror and vintage-inspired sconces reinforce the vintage vibes.

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    Add Vintage Details

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    An easy way to update a bathroom with vintage style is to look for salvaged or reproduction fixtures such as sink knobs, wall switch plate covers, and lighting that will give it a throwback appeal, like this bathroom from Brexton Cole Interiors.

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    Infuse It With Retro Glam

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Erin Williamson Design

    Cheetah-print wallpaper, an asymmetrical midcentury modern mirror, and a vintage pendant light give this little powder room from Erin Williamson Design an unmistakable dose of vintage-inspired glam.

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    Preserve History

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Jon Lovette / Getty Images 

    This 1910 bathroom at the Mercersburg Inn in Pennsylvania is a great argument for preserving original details like the wall tiles and plumbing fixtures. Subtle updates like a new vintage-style freestanding tub ensure that the room has a fresh, well-maintained look. Classic penny floor tiles and a gray marble shower surround show the power of using classic materials that stand the test of time.

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    Double Up

    vintage bathroom

    Design by Kara Mann

    Instead of adding a modern double vanity to this sophisticated bathroom, interior designer Kara Mann channeled retro glamour by adding a pair of sculptural pedestal sinks that pop against the dark illustrated wallpaper.

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    Double Down

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Design by Caitlin Higgins for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Instead of fighting the vintage tiles and cabinetry of this spacious bathroom, Emily Henderson Design doubled down with retro wallpaper celebrating the human form and decorative elements like the kitschy vintage tortoise lamp and woven shade on the countertop.

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    Pair Pink and Black

    vintage bathroom

    Photo by Lara Kimmerer

    Long before soft millennial pink was a thing, bright pink bathroom (and kitchen) tile was its own kind of thing. Here old school, newly trendy square tile in a boudoir palette of black and pink add a swinging 60s time capsule vibe. Fresh white walls, towels, and shower curtain keep it from looking like a film set and new vintage-style stainless steel plumbing and hardware tie in the vintage theme.

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    Use a Vintage Rattan Bar Cart

    vintage bathroom

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Emily Henderson Design infused this bright and airy modern bathroom with vintage style, from the rattan bar cart repurposed as a bath caddy to the round beveled mirror and tasseled velvet pouf.

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    Choose a Hero Piece

    vintage bathroom

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    This country bathroom from Leanne Ford Interiors has a showstopping antique copper tub that is reminiscent of centuries of design, while modern subway tiles, vintage-style reproduction plumbing fixtures, and large-scale Ellie Cashman-designed floral wallpaper inspired by Dutch Masters paintings makes it feel fresh and timeless all at once.

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    Hang a Vintage Medicine Cabinet

    vintage bathroom

    Lobster and Swan

    This moody bathroom from Lobster and Swan looks like it's been there forever but was built from scratch, with a deep shade of black on the walls, a classic clawfoot tub, and vintage accents like the medicine cabinet hanging over the sink that was a yard sale find.

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    Use Groovy Wallpaper

    vintage bathroom ideas

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Brexton Cole Interiors hung wavy black-and-white wallpaper to channel some groovy vintage midcentury vibes in this otherwise modern bathroom.

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    Add a Surprising Detail

    vintage bathroom

    Becca Interiors

    A vintage porcelain sink with lovely curves and delicately turned wood spindle legs adds vintage charm to this soothing gray bathroom from Becca Interiors.

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    Play With Graphics

    vintage bathroom

    Design by Emilie Fournet Interiors / Photo by Kasia Fiszer

    This London bathroom from Emilie Fournet Interiors mixes a retro sink and toilet with a pale gray and black palette, marrying a classic checkerboard floor with bold stripes on the walls that flow into one another at the baseboards. It's a playful take on retro style that feels timeless.

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    Mix and Match

    vintage bathroom

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    If you are renovating an older home, finding ways to add vintage style back in so that it looks like it's always been that way is a fun challenge that can result in some memorable interior design. This vintage-style bathroom sink from Leanne Ford Interiors adds unique character and feels like it's been there forever.

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    Use Dark Wood Tones

    vintage bathroom

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Alexandra Ribar

    This bathroom from Leanne Ford Interiors has a large farmhouse sink, white shiplap walls, vintage doors, and an octagonal dark wood table that functions a bit like a bathroom island to house shaving and makeup mirrors.

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    Fake It

    vintage bathroom

    Design by Sarah & Sons / Photo by Sarah Szwajkos

    Sarah & Sons infused a new build with vintage character by adding whimsical woodland wallpaper, repurposing a vintage bureau as a sink vanity, and hanging a gilded mirror on the wall.