24 Tips and Ideas for Decorating a Bedroom in Vintage Style

Alisa Bovino

Alisa Bovino

When designing a bedroom, you can never go wrong by opting for pieces with vintage flair—and designers agree. "Vintage interior design has an unparalleled charm," designer and Legrand brand ambassador Breegan Jane explains. "It’s an acquired taste, but for those who love it, the nostalgia is worth going the extra mile."

Stephanie Purzycki of The Finish agrees, noting, "The bedroom is your personal sanctuary, which makes it a great place to incorporate vintage decor, because vintage has a lot more personality and character than new items."

Worried about sourcing beautiful yet affordable finds? Don't be, according to Purzycki. "You’ll often find higher quality items at a much lower price than if you were to buy new, so your budget will go further and you’ll end up with a space that feels more finished," she says.

Keep reading for 24 ways in which you can add major vintage style to your bedroom today.

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    Curate a Gallery Wall

    vintage gallery wall over daybed

    Vintage Refined / Ashley Harding

    Ashley Harding, the brains behind Vintage Refined, hung an eclectic gallery wall above the daybed in her guest room and carefully selected pieces that all take us back to simpler times. Ornate mirrors and china in particular evoke that quintessential antique look that is perfect for any vintage-themed space.

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    Be Thoughtful With Accessories

    vintage girl's bedroom

    Brett Seidl

    The accessories you choose for a vintage-style space should have meaning—designer Brett Seidl purchased the retro telephone pictured above off of eBay for a special touch in her clients' daughter's bedroom. An antique looking mirror above the bed is an excellent complement.

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    Add an Armoire

    vintage bedroom with armoire

    Jessica Brigham

    An armoire doesn't just provide extra storage (which is extremely welcome); it also takes us back to another era when such pieces were ubiquitous in bedrooms. If you can source a vintage armoire, display it in your main bedroom like writer and design consultant Jessica Brigham did—the result is so elegant.

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    Include a Vanity

    vintage vanity table

    Pender and Peony

    A vanity takes us back to simpler times when getting ready in front of the bathroom mirror while sipping a cup of coffee just wouldn't have been acceptable! Add some glamour to your daily routine by setting up a vanity table like blogger Katherine Medlin of Pender and Peony did in her space. Bonus points if it can double as a desk!

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    Find Purpose in an Old Piece

    bedroom with vintage card catalog

    Kristine Franklin

    In Kristine Franklin's daughter's bedroom, a vintage card catalog provides welcome storage. By no means do you need to use a piece in its intended, original way for it to shine in a space. Creativity is key!

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    Hang Landscape Art

    landscape art in bedroom

    Ashley Broviak

    Landscape paintings and drawings are longtime classics that continue to remain popular today. "Vintage art adds so much more personality to a room than a mass market print, since you’ll be getting something one of a kind and original," Purzycki notes. Hang a series of favorite images above the bed, like blogger Ashley Broviak did. No need to opt for originals—many digital downloads are available online and won't break the bank. Or, Purzycki adds, "Check out estate sales and your local goodwill for options."

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    Lean a Mirror

    vintage bedroom with ornate mirror


    Ornate mirrors are a vintage bedroom must-have—the larger in size, the better. "Never underestimate the power of a gorgeous antique brass wall mirror," Jane notes. "Place the mirror in an area that will catch both the eye and the light. You’ll make the space look larger than it is while evoking that sophisticated heirloom quality you’re after." We love the glamorous find Instagrammer Alyssa added to her bedroom.

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    Bring on the Burl

    vintage bedroom with burlwood armoire


    Burlwood is coming back into style but has long been a home design staple. If you're able to source an armoire made from this material, let it take the stage in your bedroom as Instagrammer Claire did. This special material is a forever classic.

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    Deck the Mantel

    mantel with vintage accents

    The Leopard Lounge

    If you're lucky enough to have a mantel in your bedroom like Instagrammer Leanne, the woman behind The Leopard Lounge, let the architectural piece shine. A gold mirror and some sconces will add a vintage touch to the vignette and make your sleep space feel nice and romantic.

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    Choose the Right Bed Frame

    wrought iron vintage bed


    As with lighting, bed frames can instantly impact a room's aesthetic. A white wrought iron piece like the one pictured above in Instagrammer Vanessa's space is a wonderful choice for any vintage lover. Cozy it up with pillows and blankets galore.

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    Maximize Function

    vintage armoire with shoes


    Once again, an armoire shines in the bedroom of interior designer Jess, who runs Domicile37. She used the piece to serve as an expansive home for her shoe collection—no more cramming heels and sneakers into a small closet.

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    Style With Silver

    vintage bedroom with silver accents

    Dollhouse Interiors

    If you like the vintage look but your style leans more glam, make like Instagrammer Sharree of Dollhouse Interiors and incorporate plenty of pops of silver. Picture frames, mirrors, and candle holders are a great place to start.

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    Choose Muted Tones

    dusty pink vintage bedroom


    Any vintage bedroom looks lovely with the addition of dusty pink textiles, as we see in Instagrammer Elle's space. It adds a soft, romantic touch that brings us back to simpler times.

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    Style a Stool

    vintage bedroom


    Wooden stools are extremely versatile and add a simple touch to any bedroom. Whether you choose to place one next to your bed like Instagrammer Imani did or use it as a plant stand, you can't go wrong.

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    Rock That Rug

    boho vintage bedroom

    Maggie and Joe

    Meanwhile, if your style leans boho, you can jazz up your vintage-inspired space with a patterned rug that evokes colorful, casual vibes, as Instagrammers Maggie and Joe did. "Every bedroom needs a rug, and vintage ones are beautiful, well made, and timeless," Purzycki adds. "eBay and Etsy are my favorite resources for vintage rugs."

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    Stagger Your Artwork

    whimsical vintage artwork


    Vintage rooms should always convey a bit of whimsy, and hanging art so that it's a bit scattered and not in a uniform row, as Instagrammer Rebecca did here, will help achieve that look in an instant. The white frames pop beautifully against her blue walls. When it comes to selecting prints, be strategic: "Whether it’s a muted floral, an early map, or historical buildings print, pick colors that complement your furnishings and make the wallpaper the focal point," Jane says.

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    Try a Trunk

    vintage trunk as nightstand

    Studio RIU

    There's nothing like a vintage trunk! Whether yours was passed down for generations or simply found at the local flea market, let it shine in your sleep space. Interior designer Ruqiya of Studio RIU styled hers to serve as a nightstand.

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    Line Up Some Portraits

    vintage portraits

    H. Prall & Co.

    When it comes to vintage looking artwork, you can never go wrong with oil portraits—and the more you have, the merrier! Design consultant Hilary, who owns H. Prall & Co, displayed an entire shelf's worth of such paintings above her bed. t's always fun to make up stories about the faces scattered around your home.

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    Set Up a Tray

    vintage breakfast in bed tray


    A quaint breakfast in bed tray reminds us of simpler times when we started our mornings nice and leisurely (and not buried in our electronics!). Incorporating one into your bedroom like blogger Rosie did will help convey a laid back, cozy vibe.

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    Opt for Wooden Pieces

    vintage primary bedroom

    Alisa Bovino

    Skip the white furniture if you're looking to achieve a vintage aesthetic. Instead, select wooden pieces that give off a traditional vibe, like the nightstands that blogger Alisa Bovino incorporated into her own primary bedroom. You can still add more modern touches in the form of rugs and seating. "The one thing about vintage decor: it’s best when mixed with new pieces so it doesn’t end up with the dreaded ‘grandmas house’ look," Purzycki shares. "Find a few large vintage pieces to decorate around, and then mix in smaller vintage accents and art."

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    Source Weathered Furniture

    weathered dressing table


    Furniture that tells a story, like this dressing table interior designer Chantelle of Clarke and Co Global Designs has in her home, is so valuable and special. "Vintage case goods like dressers and nightstands are usually much better quality than what you’d find for a similar price if you purchased new at a furniture or big box store, plus they’re incredibly easy to find at places like thrift store and on Facebook marketplace," Purzycki comments. "Plus you can customize them easily. Look for hardwood pieces, which can be painted or refinished to match your decor."

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    Hang Botanicals

    botanical prints


    You'll find botanical prints in a number of vintage style bedrooms; they're just so calming and make for a lovely finishing touch. Owner of The Found Treasures Home Decor Leila chose a set of three to hang above her bed.

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    Add a Pop of Leopard

    leopard print chair


    We see leopard print furnishings in a number of contemporary spaces, but the pattern also looks beautiful in vintage rooms—just one pop of the print alone will do the trick, though, don't go overboard! Instagrammer Kirsten chose a delightful chair that adds the right amount of pizzazz.

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    Think Ornate

    vintage bedroom art


    One can never have too many ornate frames hung up in a vintage-inspired space. Instagammer Monique opted for one large floral painting to hang above her bed, and the shiny gold frame is truly a work of art on its own!

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