Vintage Collections to Start This Christmas

Start a new Christmas, Yule, or Hanukkah tradition this year by starting a new vintage collection. You can collect for yourself or together with a spouse. Or, start a collection for your young child, perhaps one you can give them on their first holiday as an adult. Here are six vintage collections to start this Christmas:

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    Holiday Decorations

    Vintage Christmas tree ornaments

    Jake Wyman / Getty Images

    Vintage holiday decorations are the ideal collections to start at Christmas. Collect them for your own household or for your child.

    If you opt to start the collection for your child, buy a new piece each year and store them all in a safe place. Then, when your child sets up her first household, give her the entire collection as an early holiday gift. That way she'll have them in time to decorate for her first holiday in her own home.

    Vintage Christmas tree ornaments are a charming and practical choice. Other good options include Christmas village collectibles and holiday ephemera, such as vintage Christmas cards or gift tags. 

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    Dinnerware or Decorative Kitchenware

    collection of vintage white ironstone and creamware on open shelves

    Lisa Hubbard / Getty Images

    If you prefer functional pieces, consider starting a collection of decorative dinnerware or kitchenware.

    In addition to using the pieces to prepare or serve meals, you can also display some of them in a china cabinet, bookcase, or tabletop vignette when they're not in use. 

    Some of the collection types you might consider are white ironstone, creamware, yellowware mixing bowls, Flow Blue plates and platters, and Pyrex in a favorite pattern.

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    antique and vintage leatherbound books

    Silviomedeiros / RooM / Getty Images

    Any bibliophile can tell you that books make wonderful collections.

    Buy them for yourself if you're collecting for a home library. You can buy lovely leather-bound classics or early edition hardbacks of favorite books you'd like to read again.

    If you're collecting for your young child, you might select classic volumes you think he'd like to read when he's older.

    If you have an older child who'll be leaving home in a few years, look for lovely illustrated versions of her favorite childhood books. Then, you can give the collection as a shower gift someday when she's expecting a child of her own.

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    vintage silver charm bracelet

    Vintage Jewellery UK / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

    If someone close on your Christmas list (that includes you) is a jewelry lover, starting a vintage jewelry collection for them makes perfect sense. And, you'll always know just the right holiday gift to give them.

    To keep the collection cohesive, opt for pieces of the same type, period, or material. 

    Collecting pieces of the same type, perhaps vintage brooches or charms for a bracelet gives you the most flexibility. Or, narrow it down to pieces from the same period, such as Victorian mourning jewelry or Calder-inspired modernist pieces. Options for collecting jewelry made from a specific material range from Native American turquoise to vintage bakelite. 

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    Teacups and Saucers

    collection of vintage cups and saucers

    Shawna Lemay / Getty Images

    Teacups with matching saucers are affordable, easy to find, and absolutely lovely as a collection.

    Don't look for pieces in the same pattern each year. A collection of complementary pieces is much more charming. Just make sure the pieces have some design element in common so they look good together. You might choose pieces with similar colors, patterns, or shapes, for example.

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    Fine Art

    women hanging painting on the wall

    Marc Romanelli / Getty Images

    Choosing artwork is very personal. It's hard to collect art for someone else, especially a child whose tastes are likely to change over the years. Helping an adult child build an art collection works if you get her input before buying.

    Fine art is a wonderful option when you're collecting for yourself or together with a partner. Buying one good piece per year won't break the bank, especially if you make it the big holiday gift you give each other. Over time, you'll amass an impressive art collection that may appreciate in value.

    Paintings, signed-and-numbered prints, etchings, engravings, pottery, weavings, and sculpture are all good choices for an art collection.