24 Fabulous Vintage Living Room Ideas

70s style living room

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Ask someone what "vintage style" entails, and you will likely hear a wide variety of definitions and time periods cited. Here, when highlighting some of our favorite vintage style living rooms, we are focusing on spaces that remind us of the the 1950s through '70s—think midcentury modern pieces, vibrant hues, and funky shapes. Keep reading to see our favorite living rooms that will have you wanting to incorporate a MCM coffee table or marigold sofa into your home, too.

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    MCM Moment

    midcentury modern furniture

    @ola.nadolny / Instagram

    We see those midcentury lines. Midcentury modern furniture, though seen as vintage, is having a major moment in the 21st century, too. Bring on the tapered legs, leather sofas, and brass accents.

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    Rainbow Rug

    rainbow area rug

    @janetpedersoninteriors / Instagram

    Celebrate the bright colors that were characteristics of 1970s design with a vibrant area rug like this one. While we see a lot of neutral spaces these days, there's no reason you can't embrace a little (or a lot!) of color if you wish.

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    Cool Curves

    1970s design

    @art.design_etc / Instagram

    Boucle, curves, and funky light fixtures—oh my! This living room features a lot of our favorite fabrics and textures from the '70s that continue to be oh so groovy today, too.

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    Vivacious Velvet

    vintage art wall

    @vintageinteriorxx / Instagram

    Bring on the velvet! While it leans vintage, it is by no means out of style today. And we love the portrait and fun colorful, boho style woven pieces on the wall above this sofa, too. Quirky art is a great way to invite some vintage spirit into your home. Better yet if you're able to pick up secondhand pieces with some history by shopping at a thrift store or flea market.

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    Cherished Chairs

    vintage chairs in living room

    @lebaneseindc / Instagram

    Vintage chairs can tell such a story with their eye-catching shapes. Group a few of a kind together in your space or mix and match styles for even more intrigue.

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    Rockin' Record Player

    records and glassware

    @chanel.lauren.roth / Instagram

    Time to crank up those tunes! A record player adds fun and function to this living room, and a collection of vintage glassware also makes an artistic statement.

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    Magnificent Marigold

    70s style living room

    @timmelideo / Instagram

    Here comes the sun, indeed! In this living room, '70s style velvet furniture pairs wonderfully with a cheerful mural featuring bright tones from that decade.

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    Terrific Tulip

    tulip dining table

    Pär Bengtsson for Maestri Studio 

    You're likely familiar with reproductions of the tulip table, which we see in many kitchens and dining spaces today, but tulip-style coffee tables are a bit less common. This one screams "throwback" in the best way possible. As a bonus, it's nice and sizable, making it ultra functional when entertaining in addition to being stylish.

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    Peppy Patterns

    vintage living room

    Nathan Schroder for Kim Armstrong Interior Design

    While contemporary spaces are often all about neutrals, there's nothing wrong with adding a little color—ok, lots of it—to your home. Pattern mixing instantly brings us back to the 70s and is an excellent way to bring a little cheer to your home.

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    All Abstract

    abstract art

    @hmbien / Instagram

    An abstract art painting or print will add retro flair to your space while making a major impact above a sofa. If you're feeling artsy, don't be afraid to try your hand at making a piece of your own.

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    Luxe Lighting

    vintage light fixture

    @hattiekolp / Instagram

    Updating your light fixtures can be a great way to add vintage vibes to your home in just an afternoon. This midcentury modern style chandelier is oversized and makes for a sophisticated addition to this spacious NYC living room.

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    Stylish Seat

    midcentury ottoman

    @erinzubot / Instagram

    Don't underestimate the power of an ottoman. This one has darling tapered legs that remind us of MCM style. If you live in a small space, an ottoman is a particularly smart option, as it can serve as seating for guests or as a side table but can also easily be tucked out of site or moved into another room as needed.

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    Plant Party

    plants in living room

    @athomewithxin / Instagram

    Plants help add a free spirited vibe to the living room and remind us of chill, earthy '70s spaces. Display one or several—the choice is yours.

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    Sunny 70s

    vintage 70s decor

    @hartley_home / Instagram

    Plants, a laid back looking woven blanket, a guitar on the wall... yep, this room gives us a welcome taste of the '70s. It shows that attention to small details can go a long way in evoking the mood from a specific era.

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    Mixed Materials

    black and brass

    @tulipsforthetable / Instagram

    A cane chair and floor lamp with a seashell design are both fun '70s style pieces that shine in this NYC living room. Don't be afraid to mix black and brass finishes for a luxe look.

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    Sophisticated Staples

    leopard and burlwood

    @monicabenavidez / Instagram

    Burlwood, leopard, and velvet: These vintage staples are all having a major resurgence in the 21st century. If you spot these types of pieces, scoop 'em up to bring classic vintage style home.

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    Nice Neutrals

    faux mantel

    @nicole.alexandra.design / Instagram

    Live in a newer home but love vintage flair? We have the perfect solution for you. Adding a faux mantel to your living room will give it that historic charm that we all crave. At the same time, neutral decor keeps this space looking contemporary enough—it's a fantastic hybrid of old and new.

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    Chic Curves

    curvy furntiure and muted art

    @hotsundayhome / Instagram

    Curvy furniture, muted hues, and a little bit of cane. Check, check, check! Bring a piece of the moody '70s into your space with all of the above.

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    Florals Forever

    floral wall

    @thegroovybitch / Instagram

    What screams vintage more than a gallery wall full of floral pieces? These are a fun reminder of simpler times and can easily be collected at various thrift stores on the cheap.

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    Pillow Party

    pillow patterns

    @fruitlandvintage / Instagram

    The more pillows, the merrier—especially when they contain groovy colors and patterns. This living area has us ready to curl up for hours on end.

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    Paint Perfection

    70s mural

    @getintheswing / Instagram

    Why not create a mini mural in your living room? This one features all of the fab 70s colors and complements the orange-hued sofa wonderfully.

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    Just Hang Out

    hanging plants

    @merakikollektiv / Instagram

    Hanging plants make a space look welcoming and casual. If you wish to include an entire row of them, all the better! Just grab some hooks and go to town above the sofa.

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    Funny Face

    vintage portrait

    @victorian_vibe_shop / Instagram

    Take to the thrift store and source a vintage portrait that speaks to you. The more eye-catching, the better, (and it may even inspire you to make up stories about its subject!).

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    Gorgeous Green

    green sofa

    @claudeandcoyinteriors / Instagram

    There's nothing like a gorgeous green sofa to brighten up a room and bring us back to a time where not everything was gray or beige.