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Vinyl wood floor

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Vinyl flooring is a durable and resilient material that is both stain- and water-resistant, but perhaps the real draw is its versatility. Vinyl comes in tiles, sheets, and planks and can be printed with an almost endless array of colors, patterns, and textures. It can look like natural materials or contain complex geometric patterns with a range of vibrant, eye-catching colors.

The pictures of different vinyl flooring installations in this gallery give you an idea of some of the options that are available to you. Pay attention to the way that colors match and contrast, as well as the difference between solid and patterned pieces in the various spaces.

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    Speckled Gray Vinyl Tiles in a Classroom

    Vinyl floor tiles found in a classroom with desks.

    Square 24-inch vinyl tiles have been installed in this classroom in contrasting shades of light and dark gray. This seemingly simple design is accented by the speckled pattern of the colors found within the tiles. This provides a sense of visual interest, which gives depth and character to the floor without creating a distracting influence in the room. The speckled surface will also help to hide small amounts of dirt and minor blemishes in the flooring.

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    Aqua Blue Patterned Vinyl in a Cafeteria

    Vinyl flooring tiles found on a cafeteria floor.

    This cafeteria floor features contrasting shades of blue vinyl flooring tiles set in a random pattern and accented with bright yellow squares at intervals. The darker blue tones in the floor are softened by sky blue walls with dark navy accents (and are matched with tables printed in the same overall tone). The effect gives the room an instantly engaging quality, creating a sense of lighthearted whimsy that translates to every surface in the space.

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    Office With Tile Borders and Accents

    Vinyl flooring tiles found in an office setting with workers at desks.

    This office features a floor composed primarily of neutral tan tiles bordered by a speckled gray vinyl tile perimeter, which acts as a contrasting frame that makes the main floor area seem brighter. The tan tones are also accented in the middle by random squares of gray and pure white tile, which are set as medallions in seemingly random tri-piece patterns throughout the office.

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    Faux Stone Vinyl Bathroom Floor

    Vinyl bathroom floors in a spacious bathroom.

    Vinyl can be printed to look like a variety of natural materials, with surface treatments that can be very convincing. This picture shows a bathroom installed with Deep Gold Durango vinyl floor tiles, which have been manufactured to resemble weathered travertine stone. The vinyl flooring has been paired with an off-white brick paver backsplash, and this use of natural materials in the walls serves to reinforce the illusion on the floor. The soft colors of the floor and backsplash are boldly contrasted by the dark hardwood of the cabinets and mirror frame.

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    Classic Checkerboard Kitchen Floor

    Black-and-white vinyl floors in a white kitchen.

    A staple of 1950s American design, the black-and-white checkerboard floor, gives this kitchen loads of personality. The sharply contrasting tiles balance one another, creating a neutral surface for the floor that is still visually appealing. It's matched by cabinets painted white and counters in a sharp slate gray. The entire effect is then crowned by a golden yellow hue that dominates the upper areas of the walls, adding warmth to the otherwise cool color scheme.

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    Faux Hardwood Kitchen Floor

    Vinyl floors found in a kitchen.

    Vinyl flooring can be manufactured to closely resemble any of several natural materials. In this kitchen, the floor is comprised of sheet vinyl printed with images of hardwood planks. The faux wood has a rich golden hue that pairs pleasantly with the white cabinets and the hardwood furnishings in the space. The flooring combines the visual appeal of hardwood with the durability and easy maintenance of vinyl.

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    Marbleized Vinyl Floor Tile

    Vinyl flooring resembling marble.

    This 12-inch square tile combines rich brown colors in a marbleized pattern. The unique features added by the printing process serve to create a floor that has a distinct personality, comprised of both subtle color variations and visual depth. Note that the surface finish of the material is somewhat flat, rather than simulating the look of polished stone.

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    Groutable Vinyl Kitchen Flooring

    Vinyl tiles found in a kitchen.

    Mottled patterns in soft slate gray adorn the surface of these resilient vinyl floor tiles, creating a subtle and subdued personality that stretches across the room. This is bordered on the edges by tiles printed with a rich green multicolored slate design. The contrast of the dark border around the light center serves to create an interplay of hues that makes the floor pop out visually. Groutable vinyl tiles are installed like standard vinyl, then the joints between the tiles are filled with grout to give the floor a convincing look of real ceramic or stone tile.

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    Intricate Details in a Laundry Room

    Interior of laundry room in a contemporary home with vinyl flooring.
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    Brightly patterned sheet vinyl flooring breathes life into this laundry room, making a usually humdrum workspace a bit more fun. Vinyl is ideal for mimicking traditional tile work, such as tessellation or Victorian motifs. The color combinations are almost endless, and the details are as fine as those of hand-laid tiles, all in a material that you can install yourself.