11 Ideas for Vinyl Record Storage

Record storage

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Any audiophile knows that vinyl records are more than just a way to play music—they are a statement piece about your very love of music. If you're a vinyl collector, you want to show your LPs off and make it easy to find the right record for every mood.

Here, we've found some of the best vinyl record storage ideas that will give you the opportunity to flaunt that beautiful collection and make it easy to reach for your favorite record. Click through for some of our favorite ideas.

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    Create a Nook

    Corner with speakers and a record collection

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    This beautiful midcentury modern setup from emilyjanelathan offers the perfect place to browse your collection and display some of your favorite records. The wooden storage unit is ideal for medium-sized collections while the wall display (created with The Vinyl Wall pieces) gives you the opportunity to show off the records you love the most.

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    Mix Them With Other Decor

    Living room with a white bookshelf

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    Your vinyl storage doesn't have to be a standalone piece. Here, undecorated_home shows how you can show off some of your favorite records as works of art within a larger decorated bookshelf. Pick some of your most iconic or most loved albums and mix them into your bookcase for some major "shelfie" potential.

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    Make a Modern Cubby

    Cubbies with records in them

    At Home With / Instagram

    A simple modern cubby space is a great solution for a larger record collection. This collection from At Home With is perfectly displayed without looking messy or overstuffed. These cubbies allow to you easily sort and create zones for all of your records. You can create a system based on genre or artist so you can find what you want quickly.

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    Add a Pop of Color

    Green cabinet with records

    elizabethdotdesign / Instagram

    What's better than a chic record collection? A record collection displayed in a super trendy and cool hunter green unit. Here, elizabethdotdesign displays a few favorites in a mid-century display case perfect for small spaces. This little unit is a great choice for adding a bit of bold color to your living room or den without taking up too much space (and you can easily DIY it!).

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    Repurpose a Magazine Holder

    Wicker storage for records

    beeskneesvtg / Instagram

    This adorable wicker piece from beeskneesvtg may have been created for magazines and newspapers, but it's the perfect piece to repurpose for a few of your favorite records. Thrift stores or flea markets are great places to find vintage magazine racks in various different styles and sizes.

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    Dedicate a Wall to Storage

    Room with white cubbies and record storage

    mugidingdong / Instagram

    This beautiful wall unit from mugidingdong is ideal for the ultimate record collector. The white cubby piece is created to fit records perfectly and there are enough sections to organize by all of your go-to genres and themes. If you have an extensive record collection, consider a wall unit that is custom to fit exactly what you need.

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    Consider Baskets

    Vintage woven basket with records in it

    cheapcreep / Instagram

    We love decorating with baskets in every room in the house because they are affordable, versatile, and add texture and a lovely vintage vibe to any home. Here, cheapcreep shows how a narrow woven basket can be a great place to stash a few records. Baskets are a great vinyl storage solution for anyone who loves that boho vibe.

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    Check Out This Storage Ottoman

    Orange ottoman with record storage

    free love girl / Instagram

    We love furniture that is both functional and attractive. This bold orange ottoman from free love girl features a pop-up top that opens to store a handful of records. We love this idea for small apartments or dens where you want your collection out of sight but easy to reach for.

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    Try Open Shelving

    Shelf with records on it

    emilyjanelathan / Instagram

    Check out this boho-chic look from emilyjanlathan, which features a lovely natural wood bookshelf packed with plants, books, and most importantly, vinyl records. If you have a smaller collection, this is a great storage solution. Just be sure to pick a bookshelf with enough vertical space to fit the records standing up so you can easily sift through them.

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    Add a Built-In

    House with built-in unit for records

    lolliandbean / Instagram

    This idea from lolliandbean is really for the vinyl lovers out there. Here, a small nook features a built-in unit that was designed specifically to hold a handful of records. This is the perfect option if you love the custom, built-in look, and have an area in your home to decorate to your record collection.

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    Go Rustic

    Rustic bookshelf with records on it

    thestellabluegallery / Instagram

    The best thing about a vinyl collection is that records can feel modern, vintage, or even rustic. Check out this display from thestellabluegallery, where a reclaimed wooden shelf gives the vinyl collection an earthy, organic vibe perfect for an eclectic home.