Virtual Field Trip to Mount Rushmore

Take an Online Tour to Learn About Mount Rushmore on the Internet

Mount Rushmore
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Let’s take a patriotic virtual field trip to one of the most famous attractions in the United States – Mount Rushmore! Located in the Black hills of South Dakota, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture of presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln carved into the side of the 5,725-foot mountain. It is a perfect online trip for educators because it combines geology and American history.

Also, it’s a fun tour. Charge up the computer and get ready to meet some of our greatest Heads of State!

Mount Rushmore Facts: 

“The President’s Mountain’ is an iconic National Monument of the USA. The size of the four figures is awe inspiring. Each President's head is equal to the height of a 6-story building! The sculptures were created by using dynamite to blast away tons of rocks. Jackhammers, wedges, drills, and other tools were used to finish the job. The rock of Mt. Rushmore consists of fine-grained granite rock. This is one of the reasons it was chosen for the monument, because of granite’s relatively soft, grainy consistency. Also, granite is resistant to erosion. The Mount Rushmore National Memorial:

  • took 14 years to complete.
  • was completed in 1941.
  • cost nearly 990,000 dollars to construct.
  • was the brainchild of sculptor Gutzon Borglum.
  • covers over 1,278 acres.
  • attracts about 2 million visitors each year.

    Online Photos of Mount Rushmore:

    There are some truly amazing photographs of Mount Rushmore on the Internet. One website that I would definitely recommend is the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Photo Gallery, which contains high-quality images taken from the National Park Service’s Mount Rushmore archives.

    Pictures include long shots of the mountain, close ups of the sculptures of both Lincoln and Roosevelt, as well as an impressive profile of Washington.   

    Virtual Tour of Mount Rushmore: 

    Visit Mount Rushmore for a 360-degree panoramic view looking towards the National Memorial. Move your mouse in the direction that you want to move. Use the Shift button to get a close-up view. To see a panoramic aerial view of the magnificent Black Hills of South Dakota, click on 360 Degree View of the Black Hills From the Air

    Presidents of Mount Rushmore:

    Now that we’ve visited the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, let’s take a look at the men who inspired it. According to Gutzon Borglum , Mount Rushmore’s sculptor, the presidents that were chosen to be carved into the mountain were selected because they  "commemorate the founding, growth, preservation, and development of the United States." Here is some more information about the Big Four:

    1. George Washington:     OVERVIEW   BIOGRAPHY   QUOTES
    2. Thomas Jefferson:       OVERVIEW   BIOGRAPHY   QUOTES
    3. Abraham Lincoln:        OVERVIEW   BIOGRAPHY   QUOTES
    4. Theodore Roosevelt:   OVERVIEW   BIOGRAPHY   QUOTES

    Mount Rushmore on the Internet:

    Before we end our online tour of Mount Rushmore, let’s visit a couple more websites of interest.

    For an in-depth article about the history and construction of the National Memorial, visit Mount Rushmore History. If you’re interested in planning an actual trip to Mount Rushmore, visit Mount Rushmore - An Overview. This useful article will provide you with practical information including when to visit the monument, how to get there, and suggestions for nearby accommodations for when you arrive. The web page also provides info on local attractions and programs.

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