Virtual Field Trip to the Liberty Bell

An Online Visit to the Historic Liberty Bell in Philadelphia

Liberty Bell
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For a patriotic tour which highlights our nation’s history and heritage, take your family on a virtual field trip to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia Pennsylvania – via your home computer. The Liberty Bell receives over a million visitors each year. Along with the eagle and Uncle Sam, it is one of America’s most recognizable symbols. It’s featured on stamps, coins, company logos, and will even be on the newest design of the 100 dollar bill.

Let’s get the story behind the symbol. An online field trip to the Liberty Bell will teach your kids that this American icon is everything that it’s cracked up to be.

Located in historic Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the Liberty Bell was originally rung to summon legislators to session and to call citizens to public meetings and proclamations. After the United States gained her independence, the Liberty Bell fell into obscurity until the mid-1800s when the country geared up to celebrate its first hundred years of its freedom. From 1885 to 1915 the Liberty Bell traveled the United States, by rail, giving the public the opportunity to see this increasingly popular representation of America’s independence.

Liberty Bell Facts

  •  The Liberty Bell was originally cast in 1752
  •  The Liberty Bell is owned by the City of Philadelphia
  •  Composition: 75% copper 20% tin 5% lead, zinc, gold, silver, nickel 
  •  Weight: 2080 pounds
  •  Circumference at the bell’s lip: 12 feet
  •  Height from lip to crown: 3 feet
  •  Length of bell’s clapper: 3 feet 2 inches
  •  Size of crack: 24.5 inches long and ½ inch wide
  •  Strike note: E-flat 

Liberty Bell Photos

  • The Liberty Bell
  • Liberty Bell close up
  • Liberty Bell Pavilion
  • Liberty Bell touring Connecticut in 1903
  • Liberty Bell after the end of World War One
  • Liberty Bell in Independence Hall, 1954

Virtual Liberty Bell

The Virtual Liberty Bell is a 360-degree panoramic simulation which lets you get a close-up view of the famous bell at any angle you like. Click the animated symbol at the top left of the image to make the picture rotate. You can also click and drag your mouse along the image to move it up or down. This is a fascinating opportunity to examine the bell at close-up range – something you can’t do during an actual physical visit to the Liberty Bell due to security restrictions.

Liberty Bell Online

The Internet has an impressive selection of quality web pages about the Liberty Bell. Some of my favorites include Liberty Bell: Facts and Figures, which offers visitor statistics and useful links. Another good page entitled The Liberty Bell Center, answers frequently asked questions regarding the historic bell’s newest home. This is a very helpful site if you are planning an actual trip to see the Liberty Bell. Finally, for more in-depth information, visit The History of the Liberty Bell which features an excellent article on the subject.

Extras for Educators

There are a lot of good sites available for teachers looking for different ideas on lessons regarding the Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell for Kids is a great resource to use with grades 3 - 5. In addition to educational information, the site features Liberty Bell coloring printouts and links to related facts about Pennsylvania and other important symbols of the USA. For middle school students, there is a streaming video called Liberty Bell. This informative 3 ½ minute video was produced by PBS and takes students on a guided tour to the world famous bell. Finally, for high school students, there is a website entitled From Obscurity to Icon. This site was developed by the National Park Service and offers an excellent lesson containing readings, maps, historical context, activities, and inquiry questions. 

More Virtual Field Trips

If you enjoyed this online visit to see the Liberty Bell, there are many other patriotic trips that are equally as educational (and convenient).

Virtual Field Trip to Mount Rushmore is a digital excursion to one of America’s most incredible national monuments. Virtual Field Trip to the White House is another online tour for patriotic Americans.  Finally, The U.S. Constitution for Kids is an awesome site where you can learn all about The United State’s most important document, the Constitution.