Spending the Day Out With Thomas at Edaville's Thomas Land

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    Welcome to Thomas Land at Edaville, USA

    Child waving to Thomas the Tank Engine Train at Grand Opening of Thomas Land, Edvaille USA
    Keri Wilmot

    Experience what it's like, to spend the day out with Thomas at Edaville's Thomas Land. The theme park, a replica of the Island of Sodor, has many fun rides featuring Thomas the train and friends.

    When a child becomes a super-fan of anything, as a parent there will be unexpected times when you are overjoyed with excitement, watching how memorable these special opportunities will be to your child, no matter how large or small. Many children love these train toys.

    While some may first...MORE experience the excitement on a larger scale with theme parks like Disney World, Disney Land California, and Universal Studios Orlando, even visits to smaller theme parks, like Thomas Land, can and will bring about the same anticipation, especially when it features everyone's favorite useful blue engine, Thomas the Tank Engine. 

    Thomas Land, owned by Mattel, is a small family theme park, situated in Carver, Massachusetts at Edaville USA, near popular tourist destinations, such as the city of Boston and beaches of Cape Cod.

    If you know a child who is a Thomas the Tank Engine fan, you know they mean serious business. Young children may already have fond memories of attending "A Day Out With Thomas," which brought this familiar blue engine as the master of ceremonies for the day to cities throughout the nation.

    Thomas now has a more permanent one-of-a-kind home in the United States at the permanent recreation of the Island of Sodor, nestled in the woods of Carver, Massachusetts.

    The Island of Sodor at Thomas Land, within Edaville USA, is a family theme park with 11 rides featuring children's favorite Thomas and Friends toy, movie and book characters. In addition to the rides, which children can ride with a responsible adult, or by themselves depending upon their height, families can attend the Tidmouth Sheds live-action show and visit iconic places like Knapford Station. 

    Come along on a picture journey through Thomas Land at Edaville USA. View all of the rides and preview the fun that has been created out of the rich 70 year history of the Thomas and Friends characters.

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    Greetings from Edaville USA at Thomas Land

    Greetings from Edaville sign, Thomas Land
    Keri Wilmot

    Once inside past the ticket booths inside the gates of Edaville USA, attendees will need to walk a short distance to the entrance of Thomas Land, which is situated in the back of the park. On the walk, park-goers will walk along a beautiful, paved path, past the carousel and in front of a large picturesque pond, with this iconic sign, Greetings from Edaville.

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    Thomas Land Entrance

    Thomas Land sign, Edaville USA
    Keri Wilmot

    After arriving at the entrance of Thomas Land, walk under the overpass and enter the picturesque, cobblestone world of the Island of Sodor, situated in the beautiful forest of Edaville, USA in Carver, Massachusetts. Thomas Land, owned by Mattel, is 1 hour from the city of Boston and 30 minutes from the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod.

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    Toby's Tilting Tracks Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Toby's Tillting Tracks Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA
    Keri Wilmot

    Toby's Tilting Tracks is the first ride visitors to Thomas Land will see, after walking past the water wheel and across the bridge into the Island of Sodor. Fans of Toby can climb aboard, sit inside the enclosed train car, pull the bar across their lap and enjoy the excitement as Toby spins around while also tilting forward and back.

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    Tidmouth Sheds Train Show

    Tidmouth Sheds live action show at Thomas Land,Edaville USA
    Keri Wilmot

    Pull up a seat on the large crate and get the entire family ready for this interactive live-action show at Tidmouth Sheds. Audience members will enjoy singing, dancing and imitating movements, all to Thomas the Tank Engine themed songs and activities. Before or after the show, engage in a photo opportunity in front of, or on the large trains. Make sure to leave extra time to enjoy climbing inside Percy's cab, peek out the back at his container of coal, pull his levers, watch his gauges and...MORE turn the driving wheel.

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    Troublesome Trucks Coaster

    Child poses in front of Troublesome Trucks Roller Coaster at Thomas Land
    Keri Wilmot

    At the Troublesome Trucks roller coaster at Thomas Land, for one minute and a half, riders will enjoy the amazing views around the theme park, while navigating one big drop, and lots of fun bumps and tight speedy corners, all at a quick pace. Just when you think the ride is over, make sure to remain seated, the roller coaster moves slowly past the platform offering riders 2 trips around the tracks, per ride. 

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    Diesel Derby Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Child on Diesel Derby ride at Thomas Land at Edaville USA.
    Keri Wilmot

    Diesel Derby is a nice, slow, leisurely train car ride underneath the tracks of Winston’s Skyline’s Express. This is a great first ride for new riders and young children, given that it is short and moves smoothly along the ground. 

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    Sodor Windmill Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Sodor Windmill Ride at Thomas Land Edaville USA
    Keri Wilmot

    While the Sodor Windmill Ride might look small, it can also easily accommodate adults. Riders climb inside the basket, buckle their seat belt and close the gate before enjoying a circular, "ferris-wheel inspired" ride.

    This is a great ride for young children who are beginning to experiment with rides that take their feet and bodies off the ground, in a careful, but predictable manner.

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    Thomas the Train Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Thomas the Tank Engine at Thomas Land Edaville USA
    Keri Wilmot

    Riders board train cars, and for 20 minutes experience the grounds of Edaville USA as Thomas the Tank Engine, pulls riders around the perimeter of the property. Riders will get a glimpse of Thomas Land, Dino Land, and view a variety of ponds and cranberry bogs located on the property.

    When entering the train car, sit on the left side of the train, when possible, near the opening of the train car, which offers the best views of Thomas Land on the ride. Make sure to take a photo opportunity along...MORE with Thomas, and pose with him in front of the white fence.

    Children should make sure to spend a few minutes and approach Thomas while he is positioned at the station, listening for his ability to talk, move his eyes and blow smoke.

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    Rocking Bulstrode Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Rocking Bulstrode Ride at Thomas Land Edaville USA
    Keri Wilmot

    At Thomas Land, riders climb inside Bulstrode the boat, sit down on the bench, pull the bar down on their lap while Bulstrode rocks bath and forth and spins around.

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    Cranky Crane Drop Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Cranky Crane Drop Thomas land Edaville UsA
    Keri Wilmot

    During Cranky's Crane Drop at Thomas Land, riders are seated in a circular fashion underneath "Cranky," locked in with an overhead support that is pulled down and positioned over their shoulders.  “Cranky” smoothly brings riders up, then quickly drops them down, repeating the process over and over again.

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    Firefighting Flynn Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Firefighting Flynn Ride at Thomas Lan
    Keri Wilmot

    The Firefighting Flynn Ride, by far, was my almost 6 year-old son’s favorite ride at Thomas Land. Young children can sit in the front of their fire truck, while taller riders, children and adults, stand in the cage on the back of the firetruck aiming a water hose at the “fire” as they move up and down, while the ride moves in a circular fashion. 

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    Harold Helicopter Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Harold Helicopter Ride Thomas Land at Edaville USA
    Keri Wilmot

    Kids will ride in the front of Harold the helicopter, while parents and adults are seated behind them. The Harold helicopter ride moves quickly, in a circular path, while riders have the ability to move their individual helicopters up and down.

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    Sodor Cranberry Carousel Ride at Thomas Land - Edaville USA

    Sodor Cranberry Carousel
    Keri Wilmot

    The Sodor Cranberry Carousel is a fast, circular, bumpy ride for young children at Thomas Land. In the train cars, younger children can be buckled in front, while adults are seated in the same car, directly behind them.