Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove

Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove
Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove. Volcano Grills

The Bottom Line

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The Volcano Grill started out lift, long ago, as a charcoal powered way to efficiently heat a large dutch oven. I have had one of these original Volcano units for many years. Of course, that unit, like this new version can also be used as a grill as well as a high powered burner for virtually any kind of large, heavy pan. That is really the selling point behind this product and why it seems to show up on so many disaster "prepper" websites.

It can be used for so many things and with a removable propane burner it can run on most any fuel available.


  • Highly versatile
  • Quickly converts between gas and charcoal
  • Works as a grill or stove burner


  • No igniter for the gas burner
  • Uneven heat when grilling with propane
  • No lip around the cooking grate


  • 144 square inch porcelain coated cast iron cooking grate
  • One 19,500 BTU removable burner
  • Push Button ignition
  • Quickly converts between gas and charcoal
  • Collapses down for transport
  • Enameled steel construction
  • Weighs about 26 pounds
  • Made in China by Volcano Grills

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Expert Review - Volcano 3 Collapsible Cook Stove

First and foremost this is an outdoor power burner. It can burn either charcoal (or wood) or propane. The gas burner is very powerful for the size and runs off a 20-pound propane tank. Running it full power on a 1-pound disposable propane bottle would burn through the tank in a very short time.

The simple enclosed design also makes this an effective grill with either fuel. As a charcoal grill, there is a coal grate in the bottom and 144 square inches of cooking grate above. Converted to gas by adding the burner and cast iron diffuser plate it works in pretty much the same way. When using charcoal, it is like a good, open style grill.

There is no lid so this is straight direct grilling, but the fire is up to the user to build and can be as hot or low as needed.

As a propane grill, there is a little more trouble. The burner is a conventional straight circular burner not unlike that on a gas range. The heat diffuser does its best to spread out the flames from the burner, but it doesn't quite make it. As a gas grill, the heat is uneven, though certainly powerful enough.

The selling point of this unit is its versatility. It can grill up some burgers, heat a large Dutch oven, or fire up a heavy wok. Since it can be either gas or charcoal (or whatever small pieces of wood can be found) it can be used almost anywhere with most anything. The inner chamber is separated from the exterior so that it is generally safe around the side.

As a camping accessory, this is a great option. It is a pretty good grill, but for outdoor cooking in a wide range of circumstances, it is an excellent choice.

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