VTech InnoTab MAX Tablet Review

VTech InnoTAB Max android tablet
Vtech / Amazon

Every year technology toys, like the VTech InnoTab learning tablet, seem to get smarter and smarter. Educational learning tablets are not new to the toy aisles and just like cars, with each new model there are updates. Many tablets gain faster computers, and more apps, all at the same price range as competitors. 

The newest tablet from VTech is the VTech InnoTab Max learning tablet for kids. This is a cross-over tablet.

It has educational apps, but it also ha a faster android processor that parents often find in more traditional tablets that kids want to use when playing games and watching movies.  

Android tablets are not new to the toy aisles for kids either. Many adults own android smartphones and tablets because they are able to watch videos and surf the web quickly.  Younger kids, generally use learning tablets, that are slower and not as reactive. Older kids and adults will notice the difference in speed between Android tablets and learning tablets. 

Out of the box, setting up the InnoTab MAX is simple, but a secure internet wifi signal is required.  If your home internet is very secure, you may need to local the MAC address on the device and give the router access to the tablet through the home network before setup can begin. 

The InnoTab MAX tablet includes an Android app from from Toca Boca included in the purchase.

The choices might include apps like Toca Pet Doctor or Toca Lab. ​Once successfully connected to the wifi the first time, every time the tablet is turned on,  the internet within the home will be recognized and the device will automatically connect. 

Apps that are standard on the device out of the box include a clock with stopwatch, calendar, alarm clock, note section, and calculator.

As with similar learning tablets, kids can take pictures and video. An app on the InnoTab MAX lets kids , transform their content into a silly picture or videos using the Movie maker. However, the quality of the images and video are grainy in comparison to high quality smartphones and tablets, especially in low light situations. Older kids who enjoy more sophisticated technology, and a high quality final product get frustrated.  The speed of the InnoTab MAX, while loading apps and initiating videos and games from the internet over wifi, is noticeably faster than previous VTech tablets. At 7 inches, the InnoTAB Max has the biggest screen of all the VTech tablets.

The content that children have access to on the InnoTab Max through wifi include various parent and educator approved websites. They also have access to videos and games curated from VTech that include songs from  popular movies like Frozen. There are  "How to "videos, as well as games that feature Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and popular PBS Kids characters like Peg + Cat. 

As is the case with other VTech devices, set aside money to buy additional cartridges or apps that can be bought at a store or download through the VTech Learning Lodge online.

 All other apps from VTech that have been purchased in the past, can be used on newer tablets.  However, out of the box, as long as the tablet is connected to the wifi, with the included videos, games and internet, there is a lot to keep kids entertained.

VTech tablets also include the Premium Kid Connect app. By downloading a free app on a smartphone (either iOS or Android), kids can send their parents, friends and family voice messages, stickers, or texts. Parents are in charge of friends and family members who have access to their child's account. There's nothing more hilarious than waking up in the morning to a message alert on your phone from your child clucking like a chicken! 

Many parents find comfort in knowing they can hand over a device to a child that lets them learn through games and activities appropriate for their age.

YouTube can be a lot of fun, but many websites give children access to inappropriate videos and information.  

The VTech InnoTab Max is available on Amazon.com.

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