The New VTech Tablet Has An Android Processor

New InnoTab Max Android Tablet for Kids

Looking for a new Vtech tablet for kids? The VTech InnoTAB Max has many great features that kids and parents want in an educational tablet, including a fast Android processor, wifi, the ability to safety browse internet content and text family members.

The InnoTab MAX is the new VTech tablet and a little different than other VTech tablets, like the InnoTab3/3S.  Deciding between an educational tablet and an Android tablet is not easy.

While it has some of the same features like wifi and educational games, it has a much faster processor and it is the first VTech kids tablet that allows kids to play Android games.

When children enter the tween and pre-teen age ranges, their interests change. They love pop culture.  If they have been already exposed to a parents' iPad, they start begging to play games like Angry Birds and Minecraft. For older kids,  Android tablets are the next logical step for a parent looking for something durable, affordable and current, that bridges the gap to a more expensive tablet. 

Unlike the design of other InnoTab educational tablets, the InnoTab Max has a stylish, removable cover that doubles as a stand. It can be bought in cool colors (blue and pink), and has an HDMI connection so kids can play their videos and music from their device onto a television.

The InnoTab MAX gives children access to 200+ Android games, which are  chosen by educational and developmental experts from VTech.

VTech's Learning Lodge software is pre-loaded on the tablet. For a small fee, kids and parents can search for more games and activities to download. Then with a parent's approval, the games are downloaded onto the device. The InnoTab Max has an updated version of the Kid Connect software, so kids can enjoy multi-player games with their friends who are nearby on another tablet.

Families enjoy sharing drawings, audio messages, photos, emoticons and texts in the family group chat. Not only is this a tablet, the InnoTab Max is  an e-reader and creative place for kids to pass the time. The tablet allows them to draw pictures or produce their own movies from their photos in Movie Maker. 

Tablets like the InnoTab Max do not use batteries. The InnoTab Max arrives with an AC adapter, so kids can re-charge at home or while traveling using a standard electrical outlet.

The Learning Lodge provides access to 650+ apps and games, most of which are purchased with a fee anywhere between $2.99-$25.

Parents can easily search by curriculum (reading, math), licensor (Disney, Nickelodeon) and type of content (e-book, game). For family members and friends who are looking to buy gifts, gaming cartridges can be purchased in toy stores or from popular online shopping sites. Content downloaded online can be used on more than one InnoTab tablet.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.

The InnoTAB Max is available to buy on Amazon but it has been discontinued for further production.