5 Totally Wacky Toilet Paper Holders

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    Blooming Toilet Paper Tree

    Incredible Things

    Standard toilet paper holders are so...ho-hum. Here are five eye-catching alternatives that are guaranteed to add delight to every bathroom visit.

    If your bathroom's short on storage space, the TP Tree could be one fantastic de-clutter solution. No longer will your guests need to rummage desperately through your cabinets when the last sheet runs out, or reach for a backup roll stacked in a precarious pyramid behind the loo. Instead, spares are neatly displayed on the tree's outstretched...MORE branches. The TP Tree is made of lightweight lacquered steel that is simple to mount on just about any wall. Available in white, green, black or gray. If you crave colorful toilet paper, you may need to buy it from overseas.

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    Toilet Paper & iPad Pedestal Stand

    CTA Digital

    The way I see it, the world is divided into two types of people: Folks who claim that they never bring a digital device into the bathroom, and the rest of us who tell the truth. That means that pretty much anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet will appreciate the genius of this combination iPad and toilet paper holder.   

    Manufactured by CTA Digital, the device features a flexible gooseneck that adjusts to any viewing angle, allowing the user to enjoy apps, eBooks, videos and web browsing from...MORE the comfort of their own throne. In fact, you may never need to leave the bathroom again.

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    Mr. T Toilet Paper Stand

    Monkey Business

    It takes a strong man to support a soft roll. Or two. Propped on the toilet tank or a nearby shelf, Mr. T takes care of the heavy lifting in your bathroom. Available in red or blue from Monkey Business.

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    Giraffe Toilet Paper Holder


    The giraffe's long neck evolved so it could graze on very tall trees. Who knew it would also make a handy holder for several spare t.p. rolls? This petite beast is made of sturdy cast iron and measure 18.5 inches high. It's the perfect gift for the animal lover in your life.

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    Industrial-Chic Toilet Paper Holder

    West Ninth Vintage

    Fans of industrial design will love this steel-pipe toilet paper holder, guaranteed to handle the biggest and baddest rolls in the house. It's handmade in the U.S. and crafted to order from Etsy.