Walkway Outdoor Lighting: How to Show Off Evening Curb Appeal

Walkway lighting tips and ideas
Consider what type of lighting fixture material is best. Getty Images
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    Choose Walkway Lighting Fixtures that Compliment your Home

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    Illuminate your walkway with welcoming lighting. Getty Images

    Outdoor lighting is without a doubt the most important lighting. Before buyers book a showing, they drive by a home to see how it looks at different times of day. Some can only afford to see homes at night because of their busy schedules. Unfortunately it's easy to make common outdoor staging mistakes and neglecting beautiful outdoor lighting is essential. This lighting helps them to walk through your property safely and directs them to your front door. It also highlights the standout...MORE features in your exterior. Here are some ways you can show off curb appeal with walkway lighting.

    Choose Stylish Lighting Fixtures

    When getting pathway lights, remember that buyers will scrutinize them as they walk towards your home. Select light fixtures that enhance the appeal and value of your home and landscape. If you have an old home, get traditional fixtures that blend into the environment. They will create a subtle effect and brighten up the space without overwhelming it.

    If you have a modern home, get LED, stainless steel, or solar lights. They will update the façade and modernize your abode. If you want to add visual impact to the space, go for fancy or decorative fixtures. Choose the right outdoor lighting fixtures that accentuate your home’s style. Path lighting is perfect for making a statement.

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    Design your Walkway Lighting with Power Requirements in Mind

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    Consider the power requirements of the lighting fixtures. Getty Images

    Consider your Outdoor Lighting Power

    Walkway light fixtures are available in 12-volt and 120-volt. 12-volt fixtures use small bulbs and they are low profile. They utilize halogen bulbs that give off crisp light. They are easy to install and safe. Even when these lighting fixtures are placed in damp or wet areas, they do not cause electric shock.

    120-volt fixtures must be installed by an expert as they are labor intensive. They are also dangerous to work with. They are more expensive to install...MORE than 12-volt lights as all the wire connections and other elements must be waterproof. If they are not waterproof, they can easily cause electric shock.

    Decide on the Right Material for Light Fixtures

    The material of the light fixtures you choose will determine how your exterior looks. Some materials are easily affected by weather and other elements while others can stand the test of time. Here are some popular materials.

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    Choose Lighting Fixture Materials Carefully

    Walkway lighting tips and ideas
    Consider what type of lighting fixture material is best. Getty Images

    Tips for Choosing Outdoor Lighting Materials:

    • Brass

    Brass lighting fixtures are preferred by many homeowners because of their practicality. They are extremely durable and are not easily disturbed thanks to their heavy structures. They have a textured finish that pairs well with stone and decking. Polished brass lighting fixtures become darker with time and are ideal for rustic homes.

    • Aluminum

    If you have a limited budget, consider getting aluminum walkway lights. They are inexpensive as they aren’t...MORE painted but powder-coated. Cast aluminum lights have a black shade but the lights come in a host of colors like green and bronze.

    • Copper    

    Copper light fixtures have a glossy finish that turns to a muted brown after some time. The hue finally turns to a verdigris patina that goes well with foliage, mulch, and brickwork. Weathered copper lighting fixtures look natural in gardens and exterior spaces, which may be the reason why they are the most preferred walkway lights.

    • Stainless Steel

    Most modern gardens have stainless steel lighting fixtures. But the material requires regular cleaning as it easily tarnishes and collects debris. You will have to use stainless steel cleaners to prevent your lights from developing brown spots. If you think stainless steel fixtures require too much work, get Phosphatized steel fixtures. These have durable surfaces that don’t corrode or tarnish.

    Every homeowner wants their home to be welcoming. Use outdoor lighting to make your exterior bright and cheery. It increases the appeal of your surroundings after the sun sets and adds to your home’s value. You don’t have to light up your home like a Christmas tree, simply install a few lights strategically. Use walkway lighting to enhance curb appeal and to guide potential buyers to your front porch. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can even tackle the project on your own.