23 Wall Decor Ideas for Girls' Rooms

Sweet treat themed girl's room with washi tape wall decor

Tanya Collier

Even the home design novice knows that beautiful décor is all in the details. But while we tend to expect difficulties settling on the perfect shade of paint, we often assume we’ll have no trouble dressing our finished space. After all, isn’t shopping for wall décor and accessories supposed to be the fun part?

While shopping can be fun, filling your child’s walls with amazing, one-of-a-kind art and décor might be harder than you think, especially if you’re working with a tight budget.

Struggling to pull your little girl’s room together? Try thinking outside of the box. There’s a whole world of creative ideas beyond the pretty picture frame and standard gallery. Why not buy a vibrant tapestry to mount on the wall, or better yet, make your own textile wall hanging? Running short on cash? Go to town with some paper punch art, or create a 3D wall display using colorful cardstock flowers of fans. The options are practically endless!

Need a little inspiration? Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping wall treatment or a one-of-a-kind piece of DIY art, these amazing wall décor ideas for girls' bedrooms are practically guaranteed to fan your creative flames!

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    Geometric Wall Mural

    Geometric wall mural in girl's room

    This geometric beauty is nothing if not eye-catching! Best of all, it’s fairly easy to recreate! All you need is some painter’s tape, a little patience, and a great tutorial like this one from Eliza Rose.

    How to Create a Geometric Wall from Eliza Rose

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    Shower of Hearts

    Paper punch wall art with hearts
    All Things DIY

    Looking for the perfect focal point for your little girl’s bedroom? Recreate this dramatic and expensive-looking wall hanging for less than $5!

    Shower of Hearts from All Things DIY

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    Honeycomb Accent Wall

    DIY Honeycomb accent wall for girl's room
    Vintage Revivals

    This stunning 3D honeycomb accent wall, created by the talented Ms. Mandi at Vintage Revival, is an absolute knockout! The bright citrusy colors and bold geometric pattern deliver the perfect one-two punch. Still standing? The ombre paint job will finish you off!

    Honeycomb Accent Wall from Vintage Revival

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    Paper Flower Wall Décor

    Paper flower wall decor for girl's room
    Home By Heidi

    Sweet and feminine, these beautiful 3D paper flowers pop right off the wall in this elegant lavender and turquoise girl’s room.

    Love this look? Create your own beautiful 3D wall art with this detailed tutorial.

    Lavender and Turquoise Girl’s Room from Home By Heidi

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    3D Butterfly Wall

    Butterfly gallery wall for girls room
    Jennifer Johner

    A cloud of colorful 3D paper butterflies brings life and movement to this fresh and playful gallery wall. To create your own, pick up some attractive cardstock and a butterfly-shaped paper punch. After you punch your butterflies out, fold the wings slightly outward and fasten your creation to the wall using double-sided foam tape.

    Big Girl Bedroom Ideas from One Little Project

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    Just Dotty

    Girls room with gold polka dot decal wall art
    Tattered and Inked

    Bold coral and a shower of gold polka-dot decals frame a single oversized initial, creating a simple yet statement-making accent wall.

    Coral & Aqua Girl's Room Makeover from Tattered and Inked

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    Easy DIY Tassel Wall Hanging

    DIY Woven wall hanging
    Mollie Makes/Bloglovin'

    Crushing on the modern boho design trend? Make your own boho-inspired art piece with this simple yet detailed wall hanging tutorial by Mollie Makes.

    How to Make a Tassel Wall Hanging from Mollie Makes

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    Washi Wall Art

    Sweet treat themed girl's room with washi tape wall decor
    Tanya Collier

    Bring life to plain white walls with this unbelievable easy décor hack! Simply cut uniform strips of colorful washi tape and arrange on the wall like decals. Gorgeous!

    Washi Tape Wall Art from Bondville

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    Pretty Pom-Pom Wall Hanging

    DIY Pom pom wall art for kid's room
    Design Sponge

    Add color and texture to your little one’s space with these fun and easy wall art project. Simply string colorful yarn pom-poms from a rustic branch. Not sure how to make your own pom-poms? This easy tutorial has you covered.

    DIY Pom-Pom Wall Hanging from Burkatron

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    Library Wall

    Book covers displayed on narrow book ledges
    Daffodil Design

    Books are beautiful! Have a tight budget? Use inexpensive book ledges to fill a wall with all your daughter’s favorite titles. You can even make your own using this clever tutorial.

    Book Ledges from Daffodil Design

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    Rustic Branch Wall Art

    DIY rustic branch art in ombre
    Shades of Blue Interior

    Bring the great outdoors indoors with a beautiful wall hanging inspired by nature! Rustic textures meet a cheery splash of Ombre color, giving this simple idea plenty of style points. Prefer a different shape? Go for it. Use a large piece of paper or cardboard as a template and cut (or break) your branches to fit. Easy!

    Branch Art from Shades of Blue Interiors

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    Hoop Art

    Embroidery hoop art wall display in girl's room
    The Cottage Mama

    This colorful wall art couldn’t be more simple or inexpensive to make! Use embroidery hoops to frame scraps of your favorite fabrics. Trim the edges, add pretty stitching, buttons, or other embellishments, and hang your handiwork up in small collections.

    Hoop Art from The Cottage Mama

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    Simple Silhouette Tree Mural

    Blue and pink girl's room with tree mural
    Just a Girl

    A simple silhouette mural adds a touch of whimsy to this bright and refreshing bedroom, giving the space a sweet, girlish appeal without being overly childish. Not much of an artist? Don’t worry! Painting your own silhouette mural is easy than it looks. See how it’s done with this photo tutorial.

    Tree Mural Tutorial from Just a Girl

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    Peg Board Pin Up Wall

    Peg board wall art and organization
    Aimee Weaver Designs

    Pretty and practical, this pegboard pin-up station pulls double duty as desk organization and charming feature wall. Colorful clipboards, sprayed to match the wall’s decorative accessories, make excellent impromptu frames for drawings and other treasures, and a useful storage basket provides a place for favorite books or magazines.

    Girl’s Room Peg Board from Aimee Weaver Designs

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    Chalkboard Gallery Wall

    Pink and red girls' room with chalkboard accent wall
    Jennifer Brouwer Design and Donna Griffithf Photography.

    Create a one-of-a-kind gallery wall using chalkboard paint and permanent chalk paint pens!

    Once you’ve drawn your frames, let your daughter fill them with her own regular-chalk drawings, which can be erased and drawn again and again. You can even use double sided tape to display photos and drawings!

    Design by Jennifer Brouwer Designs

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    Modern Mountain Mural

    Simple silhouette mountain mural
    Charlotte Love Interior Styling and Set Design

    This bright and modern space gives a subtle nod to the popular mountain mural trend, creating eye-catching peaks in a fresh and sunny color.

    Design by Charlotte Love Interior Styling and Set Design

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    Paper Fan Art

    Paper fan wall art for girls' rooms
    Dash of Grace

    Need to make a statement on a budget? Create a stunning 3D wall display using only paper! These beautiful paper fans are easy to make and arrange and cost only as much as the paper card stock used to make them. Just follow the step-by-step directions in this beautiful photo tutorial.

    Paper Fan DIY from Dash of Grace

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    Mini-Masterpiece Gallery Wall

    DIY art gallery for displaying kids' art
    Yellow Bliss Road

    Thrifted picture frames, painted in a single unifying shade, make for a lovely gallery wall art display for your little miss to display her favorite creations. Simply string a length of wire across the back of each frame, and use miniature clothes pins to attach new artwork whenever the mood strikes!

    DIY Children’s Art Gallery from Yellow Bliss Road

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    Bright and Beautiful Tassel Garland

    Sherbert-colored girl's room with ice cream theme
    Hare Maristeit

    This simple garland adds a burst of beautiful sherbet color to this adorable, dessert-inspired girl’s room. The rich yarn tassels are easy to and inexpensive to make, and the entire project can be pulled together in a single afternoon!

    Ready to get your DIY on? Learn how to make your own colorful tassels with this fun tutorial.

    Sherbert Dream Room from Hare Maristeit

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    Star Shower Wall Hanging

    DIY salt dough star wall art
    This Heart of Mine

    This heart-stopping wall hanging featuring simple clay stars made from salt dough would be a beautiful addition to any little girl’s room.

    Use this simple clay recipe and a cookie cutter to create the stars. (Don’t forget to poke a hole at the top of each one!)  Once your clay stars are set and dry, use leather cord to string them from a rustic wooden branch. For more details and photos, read the full tutorial.

    Star Shower Wall Hanging from This Heart of Mine

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    Print Mural

    Modern Boho nursery with gorgeous floral accent wall
    Made in Design

    Love the idea of a hand-painted mural but lack the talent and patience? Try a panoramic wallpaper print, like this beautifully Boho take of a floral field.

    Can’t afford an expensive wallpaper treatment? Try creating your own beautiful accent wall with this easy DIY tutorial for making your own removable wallpaper from inexpensive fabric prints.

    Jardin Wallpaper Mural from Made in Design

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    Shabby Chic Ribbon Wall Hanging

    DIY Shabby Chic ribbon wall hanging
    Life is a Party

    Rustic and rich in texture, this beautiful wall hanging, made from assorted ribbon and fabric scraps, would look amazing in a Shabby Chic girl’s room! See more photos and catch the full tutorial on Life is a Party.

    Ribbon Wall Hanging from Life is a Party