8 Wall-Mounted Toilets for Tiny Bathrooms

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    Wall-Mounted Toilets Provide Flexibility and Floor Space

    wall-mounted toilet
    Jake Cryan Photography

    Let's say you really need an extra half-bath, but the only space available is under the stairs. Or maybe you're stuck with a cramped and awkward layout, and you'd love to eke out a few more inches of floor space. Problems like these require flexible solutions, and one that handily meets the challenge is a wall-mounted toilet. No longer exclusive to million-dollar homes, these European-style commodes are relatively affordable and easy to maintain. And because they're suspended...MORE above the floor, these toilets free up precious space and make cleanup a breeze.

    Bear in mind that because their water tanks are concealed behind the drywall, wall-mounted toilets are best chosen for new construction or an extensive remodel. What's more, this is not a DIY project; you'll want an experienced professional to handle the installation.

    Ready to get an idea of what's available? Take a look at these eight sleek and stylish wall-mounted models.

    Above: Contemporary bathroom with wall-hung toilet and minimal shelf sink by Harrison Design, via Houzz.

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    The TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Toilet

    TOTO Aquia toilet
    TOTO Aquia. Robin Amorello, CKD CAPS, Atmoscaper Design

    This narrow bathroom space benefits from the lightweight, barely-there design of a TOTO Aquia wall-hung toilet. Because the tank is concealed inside the wall, the Aquia offers an additional 9 inches of floor space compared to floor standing models. The Aquia can also be mounted anywhere from 15” to 20” off the floor, a boon to the elderly or anyone who might have trouble lowering themselves to a standard-height toilet. Price: About $240 (toilet seat sold separately).

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    The Kohler Veil

    The Kohler Veil
    The Kohler Veil. Kohler

    The Veil wall-hung toilet by Kohler fits beautifully within a contemporary bathroom design. This model saves up to 12 inches of coveted bathroom space over floor-mounted toilets. It features a large, dual-flush actuator plate that lets you choose between a 0.8-gallon flush for light waste and a 1.6-gallon flush for bulk waste—amounting to a potential savings of 6,000 gallons of water annually (as compared to a traditional 1.6-gallon toilet).

    Price: About $950.

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    Duravit Starck 1: Expensive But Worth It

    The Starck 1 toilet and bidet
    The Starck 1 toilet and bidet. Duravit

    World-renowned contemporary designer Philippe Starck has turned his considerable talents to designing fixtures for Italian bath manufacturer Duravit. The handcrafted Starck 1 line of wall-mounted toilet, bidet and sink feature the simple lines of the buckets and washbowls used by our ancient forebears.

    Price: About $1,480.

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    The Scarabeo Planet

    The Scarabeo Planet
    The Scarabeo Planet. Scarabeo

    The trendy Planet toilet and matching bidet by Scarabeo are guaranteed conversation pieces. Manufactured in Italy, it's constructed of high-quality ceramic and coated in white.

    Price: $696. (toilet seat and cover sold separately).

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    The Geberit Monolith

    The Geberit Monolith system
    The Geberit Monolith system. Geberit

    If what you want is a quick remodel with dramatic results, Swiss manufacturer Geberit provides the solution. The company's Monolith system works with both wall-mounted and traditional floor-mounted toilets. An elegant base unit made of glass and brushed metal hides the unsightly tank and plumbing parts, instantly updating the look of your bathroom. This award-winning module is available in white or black safety glass and dual-flush capability is standard.

    Price: About $860, which includes a...MORE floor-standing toilet.

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    The Saniflo SANISTAR

    wall hung toilet

    This clean-looking wall-hung toilet follows the standards for this type of toilet, but with an added bonus: very low water usage. If you care about the environment, this toilet is an excellent choice: at approximately 1 gallon of water per flush, the Saniflo SANISTAR is quite the eco-friendly choice.

    Price: About $1,240.

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    The Duravit Happy D.2

    wall hung toilet

    If you like the Duravit European style but prefer a more angular shape, the Happy D.2 has everything you need. A minimal profile fits even the smallest half bathroom or powder room; the rounded square shape suits more modern tastes.

    Price: About $400 for the toilet, plus $300 for the carrier frame and tank.

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    The Swiss Madison Sublime

    wall hung toilet
    Swiss Madison

    Dual-flush toilets are now rather standard, and this feature is also available on the Swiss Madison Sublime wall-hung toilet. A half-flush only uses 0.8 gallons, and a full flush 1.28, which is still very low. The sleek design will please lovers of modern and contemporary styles, but the space-saving features will definitely suit anyone with a smaller bathroom.

    Price: About $290 for the seat. See previous slide for carrier frame and tank.