22 Stunning Wall Mural Ideas to Try

geometric dining room mural

@becs_bakers_abode / Instagram

Patterned wallpaper might be having a moment, but that does not mean it is the only way to jazz up your walls and incorporate more color into your home. Painted murals are also an excellent option for those looking to warm up any portion of their space—whether that means tackling the entire dining room wall or simply adding a bit of whimsy to a corner nook. When it comes to murals, there are plenty of designs and themes to choose from that vary in expertise level. So, if you're having trouble determining what types of styles most appeal to you, that's where we come in. The 22 murals below are full of inspiration and will make you want to pick up your paintbrush immediately. Keep in mind that whether you're crazy about color or prefer more subtle tones, there's a mural for you—the spaces below feature a mix of vibrant and more neutral hues to satisfy any palette preference.

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    Terrific Terrazzo

    terrazzo mural

    @lacasavera / Instagram

    Bring the popular terrazzo tile look to your front entryway by painting a colorful mural like this one. You know what they say about first impressions, after all. This splashy design definitely makes an impact.

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    Leafy Entryway

    mural in entryway

    @stephckwilliams / Instagram

    Make use of the wall space beside your basement or garage door and paint a fun mural that will add a pop of color to the space. Leaves and nature motifs are commonly incorporated into murals and add so much visual interest to any room.

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    Blissful Birds in the Bedroom

    bird mural in bedroom

    @jvd_designs / Instagram

    A soothing mural featuring various shades of blue is perfect for the bedroom. Note that not all murals need to be very vibrant; sometimes more calming colors work best.

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    Black and White All Over

    black and white mural by door

    @foundandfree / Instagram

    Black and white murals are also having a moment. This one frames a doorway and almost looks like a wallpaper pattern. Grab some black paint and a brush and take your plain white walls to the next level by creating a design like this one.

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    Mountain Region

    mural in dining room

    @leepicardart / Instagram

    This expansive mural adds tons of personality to this dining space. Pick a theme that inspires you—mountains, animals, or a geometric pattern—and get painting!

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    Wavy Wonder

    wavy line mural

    @mid_centurymillennial / Instagram

    Maybe you're not inclined to coat every inch of your wall in paint, and that's ok. You can always experiment with a smaller-scale mural, as exemplified here. Green stripes look contemporary and fresh and add a laid-back touch to this space.

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    Majorly Geo

    geometric wall mural

    @becs_bakers_abode / Instagram

    Geometric shapes look totally groovy in this welcoming dining room. These muted 70s colors look anything but dated, though, and prove that retro style design is still majorly in vogue.

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    Natural Nook

    mountain scene

    @mclayhome / Instagram

    We see a mountain theme again in this hallway, where a mural adds a sophisticated touch to a simple reading nook. There's no need to hang artwork from floor to ceiling when you can use paint to create something magical instead.

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    Boho Style Beauty

    boho mural

    @midnitetalkshow / Instagram

    This boho-style mural warms up a primary bedroom and brings in many luscious pink, red, and orange hues. The burnt orange bed pillows tie this space together wonderfully.

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    Child's Play

    mountain mural in kids room

    @biancasotelofireside / Instagram

    Kids' bedrooms are excellent places for murals; children will love drifting off to sleep in a room that feels ultra-magical. This mountain design is perfect for young ones who love the outdoors.

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    Subtly Leafy

    gray and white mural in kitchen

    @elleehome / Instagram

    A gray and white mural adds elegance to this dining space while still being subdued in color. The leaf pattern complements the nearby plant wonderfully, too!

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    Chic Stairway

    stairway mural

    @jasmine_bible_design / Instagram

    Not sure what to do with that tricky stairway area? If you don't feel inclined to hang photos or install wallpaper, painting a mural is another great way to give this space more life. Every time you run up and down the stairs, you'll be confronted with peppy hues that make you smile.

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    Two-Toned Twist

    green and white floral mural

    @hobnobery / Instagram

    This two-toned mural is charming and makes use of an L-shaped space perfectly. There's no need for a headboard when your bed is pushed up against a mural as lovely as this one.

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    Stripy and Spirited

    striped mural in dining room

    @kvyainc / Instagram

    Who says your dining room has to be dull? Paint bold stripes on the walls and your dinner parties will get a whole lot more festive. These bright, imperfect stripes are full of whimsy.

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    Snake-Like Style

    snake mural in bathrjoom

    @alyssamakessomething / Instagram

    Not even the bathroom is off-limits when it comes to mural painting. This rainbow, snake-like mural takes a plain bathroom and turns it into an Instagram-worthy space. Bring on those mirror selfies.

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    Neon Kitchen

    pink neon floral mural in kitchen

    @tallulahcottage / Instagram

    For everyone who goes wild over an all-white kitchen, there's someone else who can't imagine cooking in a soft, subdued space. If that's you, why not introduce major colors in mural form? Given how much time we spend in our kitchens, we should design them to be spaces we truly love. Take some hints from this bright mural that incorporated natural elements that can easily be complimented by real (or faux) plants.

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    Creatively Inclined

    black and white desk nook mural

    @made.on.mapleridge / Instagram

    Jazz up even the smallest of workspaces with a mural. This black and white one is chic yet not too distracting. Sit down and get ready to feel those creative juices flowing.

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    Laundry Room Love

    mural in laundry room

    @cottageandblossom / Instagram

    The laundry room is another well-utilized yet often neglected space that deserves some love. Make it feel more special with a mural and perhaps folding t-shirt after t-shirt will feel like less of a chore.

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    Out of This World

    space mural

    @kf_at_home / Instagram

    Outer space-themed designs are sure to please family members of all ages. A mural like this one would be fabulous in a playroom; kids will enjoy letting their imaginations soar.

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    Ravishing Rainbow

    rainbow mural

    @second.hand.home / Instagram

    A cheerful rainbow paired with a scalloped border looks right at home in a nursery. The rainbow design may even inspire kids to learn and recite their colors!

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    Artsy Arch

    circle shaped murals

    @dwellaware / Instagram

    The painted arch doesn't appear to be going anywhere! While these often are seen solo, consider incorporating yours as part of a larger mural for a more complex and interesting design.

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    Bathroom Views

    mural in bathroom with mountains

    @barnhomeliving / Instagram

    A mountain mural made its way into this bathroom, and the blue mirrors and vanity complement the design to a T. Why shouldn't you be able to brush your teeth while enjoying a gorgeous view?