11 Chic Wall Niches That Create Bonus Square Footage

log niche and seat niche

Brandon Architects

If you are utterly confused about what to do with those awkward wall alcoves, we are here to explain. In many abodes, those particularly odd nooks typically referred to as wall niches serve either a decorative or functional (think: storage) purpose. We love them because they give people a chance to maximize their square footage without using up precious floor space. To prove our point, peruse our favorite wall niches.

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    Two Wall Niches in a Hardworking Kitchen

    kitchen with storage recess

    Bunker Workshop

    The two built-in wall niches in this cooking space create more room for practical kitchen items. The nook on the left as you may have guessed is original to the home. Kitchen remodeler Bunker Workshop installed the clever alcove on the right. Note how its pyramid type layout prioritizes storage. The top portion of the nook is perfect for spices and other small items. The middle shelf is reserved for salad bowls or other serving pieces. Lastly, the space on top of the countertop is for kitchen appliances. Their placement keeps them in easy reach while maintaining a clutter-free countertop.

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    Wall Niche Turned Cozy Book Nook

    reading nook made from an alcove

    Gray House Studio 

    Do not think of that weird niche in your living room as a curse. Instead, consider it an opportunity to create a book nook. Here the dynamic duo behind Gray House Home did just that. They used peel and stick wood panels to give the alcove a brand new look. Next, they installed a sturdy bench that doubles as a bookshelf.

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    Transform a Wall Niche Into a Sleeping Loft

    Loft bed nook

    Fantastic Frank

    Mini open loft spaces just may be the best wall niches ever. This example featured on Fantastic Frank was turned into a sleeping nook. Alcoves like these are also ideal for storing large items—think: suitcases and sports equipment.

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    Turn an Odd Corner into a Tiny Home Office

    turn a tiny hook into a home office

      Megan Georgopoulos

    Interior design Megan Georgopoulos smartly turned an odd wall niche in this small bedroom into a tiny home office, thanks to several installed shelves.

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    Two Winning Wall Niches in a Modern Living Room

    log niche and seat niche

    Brandon Architects

    Who doesn't love win-win ideas like the two wall niches shown here in this space by Brandon Architects? On the left is an alcove for logs, which lends an extra comfortable vibe to the living room. On the right is window seat nook that features one of the best views in the house.

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    House a Home Library in a Deep Niche

    Striking book nook with floor pillows

    Gina Rachelle Design

    Wall alcoves come in different depths. This one by Gina Rachelle Design is just big enough to house a small home library and a place to plop down. Painting the niche a contrasting color from the living room walls makes the small niche feel more prominent and super inviting.

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    Mini Entryway Nook Storage

    Corner Entryway Storage


    A super narrow wall niche carved out with crown molding makes the perfect spot to store handbags and hats in this tiny entryway featured on Alvhem. Painting it jet black serves two purposes. It emphasizes the nook while hiding dirt.

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    Wall Niches That Work Double Duty

    window bench nook in Santa Monica home

    Jenn Feldman

    When building this adorable breakfast nook, interior designer Jenn Feldman seized the opportunity to create two flanking wall niches, one on each side, perfect for displaying cookbooks and personal mementos like photos.

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    Three Wall Niche Make Space in this Bedroom

    wallpaper nook in bedroom

    Amber Interior Design

    In this young girl's bedroom by Amber Interior Design, a wall niche creates the opportunity for a unique twin bed placement. Notice how wallpaper makes the space feel cozy and private. But the wall nook goodness does not end there. There are two more small alcoves, one at the foot and the second at the head of the bed. Both spaces create room to stash books and other personal effects.

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    Create the Perfect Spot to Stash Salt and Pepper

    kitchen niche in white subway tile

     Christina Wickman Interiors 

    Add more practical function to any kitchen by putting the spot over your oven to good use. Here Christina Wickman Interiors carved out a niche in this subway tile backsplash for items used for everyday cooking. Now the olive oil, salt, and pepper are no more than an arm's length away.

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    Wall Niche for Your Next Kitchen Renovation

    narrow wall niche in traditional kitchen

    Kelly Nutt Design

    Are you planning your next renovation? Then, you can also easily plan to build a recess that adds more valuable square footage in any spot in your home. In this beautifully remodeled kitchen by Kelly Nutt Design, handy built-ins create room for must-have appliances and storage. The extra square footage was used to create recessed shelving, which is a big bonus in any kitchen regardless of its size.