19 Beautiful Wallpapered Bathrooms

beautiful wallpaper bathroom

Whoever said that wallpaper in the bathroom is a bad idea was lying. Sure, not all kinds of wallpaper work well in the bathroom because of the water spillage and humidity levels, but plenty of them are actually great for this space.

Choosing a wallpaper that is highly wash resistant or scrubbable is the first step. Most solid vinyl wall coverings fulfill the requirements for bathrooms: they are non-porous, resist water and humidity, and can be washed or scrubbed. (Look out for the appropriate symbols when buying.) This is especially important for children's bathrooms, like the one above, where the chances of water spillage are high.

Aside from these requirements, the sky's the limit when it comes to wallpaper styles, designs, and patterns. Hundreds of designers develop new wallpaper collections every year, leaving you with enough choice to suit any decor style, budget, and color scheme. 

Let's have a look at some inspiring, beautiful wallpapered bathrooms.

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    Bold Floral Wallpaper Bathroom

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    House of Honey

    Wallpaper allows you to explore bold colors and patters that would be hard to see in paint or tile. This wonderful bathroom design by House of Honey features a yellow and pink wallpaper with metallic stems, which reflect the light from the ceiling fixture.

    With that kind of metallic reflection, you can use wallpaper in smaller spaces without worrying about lacking light.

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    Bathroom With Lighthearted Butterfly Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Shannon Eddings Interiors

    On the other hand, you can use a lighter pattern, something that brings a breath of freshness to your space. In this example by Shannon Eddings Interiors, a butterflies-and-birds wallpaper above the vanity is wonderful way to liven up an otherwise ordinary white wall.

    You don't need to paper your entire bathroom over: even a small area can make a difference. 

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    Classic Masculine Bathroom With Plaid Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Pegasus Builders

    Wallpaper is also a great way to give a bathroom a specific mood. This classic bathroom by Pegasus Builders, via Houzz, would be on the neutral side without the wallpaper; the plaid pattern gives it a masculine tone that enhances the dark wood of the vanity perfectly.  

    Thankfully, plaid comes in many colors and stripe sizes, so you can choose the perfect one for your tastes and style.

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    Bathroom With Trellis Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Beth Haley Design

    The right wallpaper can bring pizzazz to an otherwise ordinary space. A classic white vanity and tiled tub are complemented by large areas of yellow trellis wallpaper, with a touch of satiny reflection. This bathroom by Beth Haley Design uses classic bathroom design elements and adds lots of fun with the yellow patterned wallpaper.

    For an exotic effect, try this Moroccan trellis wallpaper; this floral ironwork trellis will give your space a touch of the Victorian era.

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    Bathroom With Subtle Palm Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom

    Wallpaper doesn't have to be bold and bright to have an effect. Sometimes, something subtler is required. This gorgeous white bathroom by jshomedesign features a subtle silver-on-white palm leaf pattern that highlights the grey veins of the marble countertop, and the platinum-colored mirror frame. It's the perfect understated texture for a soft, comforting space.

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    Quirky Bathroom With Fish Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Jake Fitzjones Photography Ltd

    This wonderfully quirky bathroom by Martins Camisuli Architects, via Houzz, features an original fish-themed wallpaper installed in an immersive way. It's like walking into an aquarium. The furniture and other decor elements are kept at a minimum to enhance the immersion effect.

    Try this abstract fish wallpaper for something a little less bold yet still appropriate for a beach-themed or boys' bathroom.

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    Powder Room With Coral Geometric Pattern Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Morrison Fairfax Interiors

    Give your powder room a bold look with a colorful geometrical pattern. This powder room by Morrison Fairfax Interiors is wonderfully alive, with an almost monochrome color scheme. There's so much movement and fun in this space, it's hard to imagine wanting to wash your hands anywhere else.

    Don't underestimate the power of a boldly decorated powder room. There are so many possibilities!

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    Bathroom With Tropical Bird Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Kyle Born

    This trees-and-birds wallpaper is much bolder than the one we've seen previously, and it's applied much more liberally in this bathroom by Shophouse Design. Keeping the rest of the bathroom white is a smart move: the wallpaper is too colorful to handle anything else. And the whole avoids overwhelming, thanks to the half-height wall tile. 

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    Contemporary Bathroom With Animal Print Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Kat Alves

    Wallpaper can even fit in more neutral spaces, as this example from Popp Littrell Architecture + Interiors via Houzz. The print is bold, but doesn't detract from the overall neutral and calming mood of the bathroom. It adds visual interest and movement, without being overwhelming.

    To replicate, choose a wallpaper with colors that match the rest of your bathroom. If you prefer a bold pattern, make sure that textures elsewhere in the bathroom are minimal.

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    Boy's Powder Room With Orange Octopus Wallpaper

    Tatum Brown Custom Homes

    Here's another example of a bold animal pattern with tons of personality. This boy's powder room by Tatum Brown Custom Homes features an orange octopus wallpaper that's fun and quirky. Keeping the hardware and fixtures minimal is best with a choice such as this; the lean pedestal sink and frameless pivot mirror let the wallpaper do all the work.

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    Feminine Bathroom With Hand-Painted Polka Dot Pattern Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    The Decor Detective

    This cute hand-painted polka dot pattern adds just the perfect final touch to this feminine bathroom by The Decor Detective. The mix of pink, brass and navy is unusual, but works very well. Note the herringbone tile pattern, which is an interesting contrast to the spotted wallpaper.

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    Bathroom With Mud Cloth Pattern Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom

    New wallpaper technology makes it easy to follow the textile decor trend, without all the issues with actual fabric. Domino featured this gorgeous mud cloth wallpaper in black and white. The black and white scheme lets you choose whatever color you like for the rest of your bathroom; in this case, a natural wood vanity, wicker basket and wood mirror frame add a touch of organic warmth.

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    Master Bathroom With Blue Foliage Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Nick Smith Photography

    For a more classic look, use a monochrome wallpaper, like in this bathroom by Clare Gaskin, via Houzz. In this example, a Victorian-style foliage wallpaper is paired to a blue and white freestanding tub, a double vanity with marble countertop, and beadboard wall coverings. White and blue is a distinguished, elegant look that will stand the test of time.

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    Master Bathroom With Chenonceau Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Mi Kin Creations

    The Chenonceau pattern is based on a 17th century Persian damask and features birds and plants in a symmetrical, repetitive pattern. This bathroom by Mi Kin Creations uses this bold yet traditional pattern all over the walls, bringing the all-white double vanity into focus. Note how the shape of the bouquet recalls the shape of one of the plants on the wallpaper.

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    Masculine Bathroom With Nautical Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Eric Rorer

    Perfect for a teenage boy's or beach house bathroom, this nautical wallpaper has a strong, masculine mood. Tineke Trigs, via Houzz, combined this pattern with dark brown furniture, a round mirror, and navy-and-white accessories for a nautical effect. 

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    Bathroom With Star Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Rambling Renovators

    The Rambling Renovators chose a wonderful starry wallpaper to enhance the design of this basement bathroom. Large white beadboard wall coverings keep the space open and bright, while a mirror with a redwood frame adds a touch of color, above a vanity painted in Benjamin Moore's Coventry Grey.

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    Bold Bathroom With Gold Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom

    If you like gold, dare to go all in with this bold, paint stroke-like wallpaper. In this bathroom, found on Domino, gold definitely dominates. The wallpaper feels organic, almost natural, as if a waterfall had been covered in gold paint. The soft shapes of the rest of the decor drive the organic style home.

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    Bathroom With London Architecture Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    My Bespoke Room Ltd

    Want to remember your favourite city every morning? Try an architectural wallpaper, like this bathroom with a London landmark wallpaper by My Bespoke Room Ltd, via Houzz. The sleek, black and white pattern means you can use any other color you like for accessories and hardware.

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    Elegant Master Bathroom With Sweet Floral Wallpaper

    beautiful wallpaper bathroom
    Muse Interiors

    Muse Interiors designed this elegant, sweet master bathroom with soft neutrals and white, including a floral design wallpaper that enhances the calm, spa-like atmosphere. This bathroom combines farmhouse inspiration (the pottery and garden stool) and contemporary shapes wonderfully.