30 Beautiful Wallpapered Bedrooms

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    Wonderful Wallpaper Decorating Ideas for Bedrooms

    black and white wallpaper on ceiling in brooklyn town house
    Jenny Wolf

    Nothing adds color and pattern to a bedroom like beautiful wallpaper. But the truth is many people are a little intimidated by the idea because they think wallpaper costs too much per square foot and is nearly impossible to install without a professional. If that is the case for you, we got some great news.

    These days wallpaper comes in a vast range of styles for both small and big budgets. There is also a wide selection of options designed for do-it-yourself installation. For example, peel and stick wallpaper, which is perfect for rental bedrooms, is a snap to both hang and remove. To help you refresh your space, we collected our favorite wallpaper decorating ideas for bedrooms. 

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    Wallpaper Adds Visual Depth to a Tiny New York City Studio

    When it comes to maximizing square footage, living in a tiny rental can be extremely challenging. To add visual depth to this teensy studio apartment in New York City, LABLstudio created an accent wall using removable peel and stick wallpaper. Doing so helped to create a little separation between the bedroom and the central living space.

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    Gorgeous Peel and Stick Wallpaper Mural Brings the Colors

    In this bohemian-inspired bedroom by Eleven 11 Design out of Dallas, Texas, a bigger than life floral peel and stick mural lends color to pitch black walls. Pairing the botanical print with a dramatic dark color gives the room a dash of rock 'n' roll swagger.

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    Fish Scale Pattern Wallpaper Sets the Stylish Tone

    A fish scale patterned wallpaper in dreamy shades of peach and blue is the stylish main ingredient in this cosmopolitan bedroom by Black Lacquer Design, an interior firm out of Los Angeles, California. 

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    Textured Wallpaper Adds Interest

    Textured wallpaper can add touchable character to any bedroom. It is a particularly good idea for minimalist inspired spaces like this one by Laura Umansky Interior Design based in Houston, Texas. The eye-catching wallpaper in a soothing shade of bluish-gray adds a textured pattern to a room filled with both smooth and soft surfaces.

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    Wallpaper Adds Old Hollywood Glam

    Banana leaf wallpaper pours on the Hollywood glamour in this New York City apartment by Homepolish interior designer Tiny Rich. She wanted to create a sense of cohesion in the small space, so she also used the same wallpaper to cover a nearby bookshelf (not shown).

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    Cover Your Weird Walls With Wallpaper

    Celebrate the weird walls in your bedroom with this idea by CWB Architects based in New York City. In this Brooklyn town house, wallpaper by Cole and Son in a pattern called Woods makes the most of the angled walls and sloped ceiling.

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    Pretty Pink Batik Wallpaper

    Design firm Amber Interiors based in Los Angeles, California designed this stunning bedroom for one fortunate preteen. The pink Shibori-inspired wallpaper, which is anything but childish, anchors the space by providing a pretty backdrop for the colorful bedding and vibrant rag rug. Shibori is a Japanese technique for dyeing cloth that is similar to tie-dyeing, and has been popping up in interior design circles lately. 

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    Pops of Soft Color Adds Personality

    When it comes to decorating, we think the bedroom is the perfect spot for expressing your love of color. But that doesn't mean you have to go overboard. In this space by Abaca Interiors out of New York City, colorful wallpaper in a sparse pattern gives a mostly white bedroom a big dose of personality.

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    Wallpaper Takes a Ceiling to the Next Level

    Bird wallpaper takes a ceiling to the next level in this children's bedroom by House of Jade Interiors out of Utah. The pattern is called Ocean Flight by Willow Lane Textiles. They sell their adorable designs exclusively through Spoonflower.

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    Fake it With Wallpaper

    Here is how Autumn Clemons the Utah based interior designer behind the blog My Design Dump, gave this bedroom a masculine, rustic edge without spending a bundle on reclaimed wood. Covering the ceiling is vinyl wallpaper by Sure Strip in a pattern called White Washed Faux Wood With Knots.

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    Quirky Wallpaper for a Retro-Inspired Bedroom

    We adore the retro-fantastic squirrel wallpaper by graphic designer Aimee Wilder in this vintage-inspired bedroom by James Wagman Architect. It takes the stuffy edge off the wood walls and built-in shelving.

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    Zigzag Wallpaper in a Rustic Bedroom

    A mix of patterns and textures in woodsy colors is the winning combination behind this rustic-inspired bedroom by Locati Architects based in Bozeman, Montana. Anchoring the space is the brown and tan zigzag wallpaper.

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    Create a Feature Wall With Photo Realistic Wallpaper

    Reclaimed wood feature walls is a pricey décor trend with real staying power. Luckily, you can achieve the look of authentic wood for a fraction of the cost with photo-realistic wallpaper as shown in this bedroom by Metropole Architects

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    Butterfly Wallpaper Sets the Tone

    Wallpaper can instantly transform a cookie cutter space into a personalized haven. Case in point, this chic, hippie-inspired bedroom by French and French Interiors. The butterfly wallpaper sets the tone for the colorful bedding and decorative accessories.

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    Wallpaper Turns a Tiny Bedroom into a Cozy Cocoon

    An awkwardly shaped, child's bedroom by Studio Bonbon in the U.K., feels more like a cozy cocoon than a cramped sleeping space courtesy of nonwoven wallpaper by Cole and Son called Woods & Stars. To hang the wallpaper, you will need to paste the wall first. Doing so makes sliding the wallpaper into the exact position a snap.

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    Bespoke Bedroom With Custom Wallpaper

    In this bespoke bedroom in a London town house by interior design firm Milward Teverini, custom cherry blossom wallpaper steals the show. Adding to the room's luxurious appeal is the Moroccan wedding blanket on the bed.

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    Swan Wallpaper in a Preteen's Bedroom

    Studio McGee based in Utah designed this pretty bedroom for a lucky preteen who got to pick out the wallpaper. The swan pattern provides a lovely backdrop for the full-size bed and headboard set. The white juju hat is a super pretty focal point. Mud cloth and batik patterned bedding and pillows add pops of contrasting patterns for added interest.

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    Cabbage Rose Wallpaper Makes a Statement

    We love how this dramatic cabbage rose wallpaper lends a pop of pretty to this modern bedroom featured on Homepolish. While the pattern is pretty busy, it does not overpower the minimalist-inspired furniture.


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    Perk Up a Recessed Wall With Wallpaper

    Black and white arrow wallpaper in a pattern called Tapestry by Caravan Home perks up a recessed wall in this bedroom by California based Amber Interior Design.

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    Abstract Wallpaper Brings the Blues

    Black Lacquer Designer gave this bedroom in a classic brownstone in Alexandria, Virginia, a fresh twist with abstract wallpaper in splashy hues of dolphin blue and navy. 

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    Top Off Colorful Walls With Patterned Wallpaper

    Top off colorful walls with patterned wallpaper. In this New York City micro apartment seen on 6sqft, geometric wallpaper spices up a pint-size bedroom ceiling.

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    Botanical Print Wallpaper Brings the Outdoors In

    Botanical print wallpaper enlivens this retro-inspired bedroom by Jessica Helgerson Interior Designs based in Portland, Oregon.

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    Multi-Hued Bedroom Bursting With Colors

    This colorful bedroom by California based Ann Lowengart Interior Design may be the most stunning space on our list. Installed on the four walls is a wood veneer wallcovering. On the ceiling is a multihued harlequin wallpaper pattern by Cole and Son called Prism.

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    Realistic Ceiling Tin Wallpaper

    We heart photo-realistic wallpaper like this ceiling tins example shown in a bedroom by Contour Interior Design based in Houston, Texas. The faux feature wall looks like the real thing.

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    Wallpaper Can Double as a Headboard

    Who needs a headboard when you have insanely stylish wallpaper? In a bedroom in a Brooklyn town house by Alison Jennison Interior Design, a pretty wallpaper based on a geode quartz pattern is a much needed focal point.

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    Match Your Headboard to Your Wallpaper

    Layering identical patterns on this bedroom wall for some reason totally works in this quirky space decorated by Janet Gridley Interior Design out of Houston, Texas. 


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    Consider Covering the Walls and Ceiling in Wallpaper

    Here wallpaper on the walls and low ceiling makes a teensy attic bedroom in a Brooklyn home decorated by Jenny Wolf Interiors feel exceptionally cozy and even a bit bigger. That is because covering all five surfaces in the same pattern can make ceiling height in cramped space seem much taller.


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    Brighten a Monochromatic Bedroom With Yellow Wallpaper

    In a mostly monochromatic bedroom in a New York apartment by Arent and Pyke Design Studio, modern yellow wallpaper lends a casual burst of room brightening color.

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    Get the Look of Wallpaper With Peel and Stick Decals

    If you are looking to add a playful pattern to your bedroom walls, consider using wall decals. It is how Lindye Galloway Interiors out of California got the polka dot look shown on the quick. The best wall decals to use are peel and stick vinyl. Not only are they easy to wipe clean, but you can remove them without harming drywall or your existing paint job.

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    Use Wallpaper to Whip up a Headboard

    You can use woven, fabric wallpaper to create a floor to ceiling headboard as shown in this bedroom by French and French Interiors. The designers added the material to a flat board before attaching to the wall.