Wallpaper Design Ideas for Bedrooms

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    Ideas for Decorating with Wallpaper

    Gorgeous bedroom with geometric wallpaper.
    House Beautiful Showcase House master bedroom designed by Elizabeth Dinkel Design. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dinkel Design.

    If you’re looking for a versatile, inexpensive, and easy solution to creating a gorgeous and unique bedroom, it’s time to give wallpaper a second look. Today’s wallpaper is nothing like the nightmare-to-hang, impossible-to-remove paper you might remember from years gone by. In fact, wallpaper is back on the decorating scene in a big way, and it’s nowhere near as difficult to work with as it used to be. Most papers today are easy to hang, and many peel right off the wall if you decide to try a...MORE new design. You can even use removable wallpaper to decorate your rental bedroom.

    And don’t think the use of wallpaper is limited to completely covering all four walls of a room. If you’re creative, its uses can go far beyond the obvious. A great example is this eclectic bedroom designed by Elizabeth Dinkel Design, who used a unique wallpaper pattern along with wainscot to create a cozy and quaint bedroom. Read on for 11 more awesome ideas and tips on using wallpaper to add a special touch to your room.

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    Accent Walls

    Bedroom with metallic gold accents.
    Metallic gold accents add spice to a neutral bedroom. Photo by HamsterMan - Fotolia.com

    Instead of paint, why not use wallpaper to create a colorful accent wall in your bedroom? Most often, the wall at the head of the bed is chosen for the honor, but you can spotlight a second wall as well, or choose the wall most in need of a splash of interest. If your room is small, choose wallpaper with a limited palette, like the gold-and-white paper shown here. If your room is dark, pick wallpaper with a dark background – despite common misconception, dark walls work best in a dark room. Have...MORE fun with your accent wall; choose a wallpaper that really adds a spark to the space.

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    Combine Patterns

    Bedroom with two different patterned wallpapers.
    Choose complementary wallpapers for a lively touch. Photo by alexandre zveiger - Fotolia.com

    Who said you have to choose just one wallpaper pattern for your bedroom? Instead, why not use two? It’s not hard to mix patterns, as long as you choose papers with complementary colors and designs, as in the room shown here. You’ll get the best effect if the two patterns are on different scales (one is larger than the other), but they share a color palette​ or at least match two or more colors.

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    Create Striking Contrast

    Beautiful headboard with dramatic wallpaper.
    A beautiful headboard deserves equally special wallpaper. Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Dinkel Design.

    If you like your style bold, use a gorgeous, striking wallpaper to create dramatic contrast against your headboard and other furnishings, as in the room by Elizabeth Dinkel Design. It’s an easy way to take your bedroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Choose a big, bold pattern, like the one here, or go for a wallpaper with bright or deep color; but to keep the look under control, don't do both.

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    Textured Wallpaper

    Luxurious neutral bedroom.
    Textured wallpaper adds spice to a bedroom. Photo by TerryJ - iStockphoto.com

    Textured wallpaper is another easy and affordable way to add character to your bedroom, and works especially well in an all-neutral room like the one shown here. When your palette is limited, it’s important to add plenty of texture to keep the space interesting. You'll find wallpaper made from textured grass cloth, nubby handmade paper, bark-like textures and even feathers.

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    Wallpaper Murals

    Cute fish pattern wallpaper for child's room.
    Make a child's bedroom special with themed wallpaper. Photo by oliavlasenko - Fotolia.com

    Want to add a fun mural to your child’s bedroom (or your own), but don’t have a big enough budget to hire a professional painter, or the artistic skills to create it on your own? No problem, just use a wallpaper mural instead. From full-scale murals that cover an entire wall, to smaller whimsical designs like the fish pattern shown here, there’s a wallpaper for every theme your child can imagine.

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    Wallpaper With a Frame

    Bedroom with wallpaper accent wall.
    Framed wallpaper can even replace a headboard. Photo by coolbrothersharp - iStockphoto.com

    Looking for a unique way to create an accent wall, fake a headboard, fill in a big, bare wall, or create the illusion of large artwork? Just hang a stretch of gorgeous wallpaper, and then frame it with decorative molding. Bam, now you have an all-eyes-here center of attention for your room, and it didn’t cost a fortune. In fact, it’s a project you could do it yourself over a weekend. Choose a bold or whimsical design for the most impact.

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    Use Wallpaper as Wainscot

    Bedroom with wallpaper wainscot.
    Use wallpaper to suggest wainscot, shiplap or other specialty wood walls. Photo by Monster - Fotolia.com

    Wainscot adds a huge dose of country or cottage charm to a room, but it can be expensive. If you love the traditional look of wainscoting, but can’t afford it – or you rent, and can’t permanently alter the walls – instead, hang removable wallpaper with a striped design like the one shown here. You’ll get the same effect as wainscot, but for a lower cost. So cute! You can fake other wood paneling styles as well: logs, shiplap, reclaimed wood, cork, and tree trunks are all wallpaper patterns.

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    Wallpaper Tile

    Bedroom with zebra wallpaper.
    Zebra stripes add extra pizzazz to a room. Photo by Artur Bogacki - Fotolia.com

    Use wallpaper tiles or squares arranged in different directions to create a fun and unique accent wall like the eclectic bedroom shown here. By simply applying zebra-stripe 6”x6” or 12”x12” tiles – or whatever other pattern you love -- in different directions, you’ll add pizazz and “Look at me” style. This is an especially fun way to jazz up a teen’s bedroom. As a bonus, it's easier to work with smaller squares than large sheets of wallpaper.

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    Be Creative

    Black and white bedroom
    Bold wallpaper adds drama to a room. Photo by yurmary - Fotolia.com

    Wallpaper is a wonderful way to add character, luxury, or charm to any wall in a bedroom. But don’t stop there. You can also use wallpaper to add color and interest to closet doors, a headboard or even furniture. The only limit is your imagination.

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    Wallpaper Borders

    Kid's room with wallpaper border.
    Wallpaper borders are great in a child's bedroom. Photo by poligonchik - iStockphoto.com

    It’s not a look for the master bedroom, but wallpaper borders are popular in nurseries and kids' rooms. They are an easy way to spruce up the walls and match a decorating theme without too much work and expense. Have fun with a border that celebrates your child's favorite color, animal, cartoon character, imaginary land or hobby; after all, it's easy enough to remove the border once your child outgrows the interest.

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    Continue a Pattern

    Blue and white cottage bedroom.
    Matching wallpaper to curtains helps a room look larger. Photo by Rivendellstudios - iStockphoto.com

    For an easy touch of traditional style that isn’t a bit stuffy, continue your wallpaper pattern on window treatments and accent pillows. It’s okay if they are not the exact same pattern, as long as they are similar designs in the same colors. When using the same pattern throughout a room, choose one with a very limited palette, like the simple blue-and-white design shown here.