Wallpaper in the Kitchen

Wallpaper has had quite the run in the interior design world. One minute it is hot, hot, hot and the next ,it is hated, hated, hated. The negative thoughts surrounding wallpaper are primarily due to the fact that when it was at it's peak of popularity 25 years ago it was often times not installed properly, making it a beast to remove later down the line. I can not tell you how many people loathe wallpaper due in large part to unpleasant memories of removing someone else's selection many...MORE years later. 

Regardless of existing feelings it would be short-sided not to consider the many ways wall paper can jazz up a room, especially the kitchen. So many patterns, colors, price points and even application options are on the market right now, just waiting to add an additional layer of interest and life to your space. 

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    Installing Wallpaper to the Backside of Your Wall Cabinets


     Let's start with the idea of installing wall paper to the backside of your wall cabinets. Not only does this concept creates a pretty background for the contents of your cupboard, whether that be your everyday cups and glasses or serving pieces saved for special occasions, but it instantly makes the cabinet, and the kitchen feel more considered and custom. This application works if your cabinet doors are solid, but can really make a statement for all to enjoy if your doors are glass. 

    There...MORE are some great removable wallpaper options, like these from Hygge & West, on the market that would be ideal if you are a renter, or a person that changes their mind often. 

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    Installing Wallpaper on the Ceiling

    HomeBunch via Pinterest

    The ceiling is a great place to make a visual statement in the kitchen.  High above the rest of the room, any color, texture or pattern you select will certainly add interest and impact to your space as a whole. Installing wallpaper on the ceiling is a great option for those that are looking to update their space, but don't have the funds to do a full gut and replace remodel. By making a bold and thoughtful selection with your wallpaper, the eye will be drawn to this application and away...MORE from other, more generic items in the space.  

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    Wallpaper on the Walls of the Kitchen

    Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest

    The walls are the most obvious place to install wallpaper and the option that can easily make the biggest impact. The kitchen is already a pretty busy place when it comes to texture. From your cabinets and countertops to your appliances and backsplash, there is a lot going on visually, so the introduction of wallpaper can be tricky. The wallpaper will be coming in close contact with every item listed above so the way I see it you have two options:

    One - select a paper that is loud and demands...MORE attention and then let the other elements in the space become a quite accompaniment. The kitchen pictured here is the perfect example - white cabinets, no backsplash and subtle accessories, allow the wallpaper to take center stage. 

    Two - select a paper that is more understated and quite. Going in this direction will allow the paper to be considered another layer working to add visual interest to the room without overwhelming the other selections. This direction would allow other elements in your space, say the cabinets or countertops to have a bit more personality either in color (cabinets) or movement (countertops). 

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    Wallpaper the Inside of Your Kitchen Drawers

    goodhousekeeping.com via Pinterest

    Using wallpaper to line the inside of your drawers is a fun way to add a little unexpected flair to your kitchen cabinets. You can line each and every drawer or just a select few; whichever approach you decide on this idea is sure to leave your kitchen feeling a bit more pretty and considered every time you reach for your knives and forks. 

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    Wallpaper the Backsplash Area in Your Kitchen

    Behangfabriek.com via Pinterest

    The backsplash area is typically 18" to 21" above the base cabinets in the kitchen and is a great spot to consider adding a little wallpaper. For some, the idea of wallpapering every wall of a room, especially a room as busy as the kitchen, can seem daunting, overwhelming and even expensive. The space between your base and upper cabinets aka the backsplash area provides an ideal amount of space to showcase a wallpaper detail without completely overwhelming the room. 

    In the image seen...MORE here a 3D Backsplash wallpaper was used which gives the illusion of tile. As I said earlier wallpaper comes at many different price points, and even at it's most expensive it will likely be less than a more traditional backsplash application like tile or marble. The expense coupled with the fact that many wallpapers today are removable makes this another idea worth considering for those who may be renting their current space but still long to make it their own. 

It is crazy to think that so mach impact can come from the application of a piece of paper. But there is no denying how quickly adding the right wallpaper pattern or color way in the right spot in your space can really add a layer of customization and personality to a room, especially the kitchen. Wallpaper is a perfect example of a material that has been used, abused and widely misunderstood for a long time. But as you can see, there are a lot of reasons to really consider wallpaper today for your space. From it's ability to instantly add interest and personality to whatever surface it is applied to, to the wide availability and price point of the options on the market, wallpaper is definitely a friend not a foe of the kitchen. As for those of you with pre-existing hatred for wallpaper due to past experiences, I say to you - give it another chance, like most things the application and removal process has definitely come a long way over the past 30 years!