7 Wallpaper Trends We're Loving Right Now

Because your wallpaper really does create the mood

A dining room with bold botanical wallpaper

Alvin Wayne

Wallpaper has had its ups and downs over the years. Originally, it was all the rage because homeowners could create unique and intricate designs without having to paint the walls by hand, but eventually, wallpaper dipped in popularity as people opted for a more refined home look.

However, with the emergence of peel-and-stick paper—a perfect option for renters and/or those who tend to be on the move—and a general desire to make one's space truly one-of-a-kind, wallpaper has been making a comeback in recent years.

And from new designs and flexibility with colors, patterns, and even full-blown murals, here are the three latest wallpaper trends we're loving right now.

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    Bold, Striking Colors

    Restore Midnight

    Graham & Brown

    If you're going to put up wallpaper, you might as well go bold. Where wallpaper trends used to prioritize lighter colors as to not darken the space too much, now it's taking a complete turn. Dark wallpaper and paint are going to be everywhere, from homes to hotels to the pages of decor magazines.

    And as we approach 2022, Graham & Brown, a wallpaper company established in 1946, has even dubbed a dark color as their 'Wallpaper of the Year.' Restore Midnight is a fan favorite for the upcoming year. Because after a year of instability and change, we're all searching for something a little more confident.

    What We Love About This Trend:

    • Bold colors create both a wild and uncharted feel, juxtaposed with the stability of a darker hue
    • These colors are natural enough to fit into any space
    • Our preferences are shifting from lighthearted to sophisticated and refined
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    Dramatic Botanicals and Foliage

    A dining room with bold botanical wallpaper

    Alvin Wayne

    Another wallpaper trend we're loving this year is the influx of florals and botanical-forward designs. Whereas wallpaper can simply fade into the background, it is now becoming a focal point or a means of tying the entire space together.

    From bright colors and funky patterns to realistic leaf and butterfly designs, flora- and fauna-based trends are becoming popular for every room in our homes.

    What We Love About This Trend:

    • The variety of plant colors lead to more fun and upbeat room designs
    • You can easily have versatility with how you want to design and focus your space
    • The realistic touch can invoke peaceful, natural vibes
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    Inviting Pastel Hues


    Graham & Brown

    Another wallpaper trend for this year is inviting, yet impactful pastel hues. While Graham & Brown's color of the year, Breathe, nodded to this trend in paint, pastel hues are also making their way into wallpaper.

    And while this trend seems to directly contradict the idea of dark and striking colors, it actually doesn't. In fact, these dark and lighter colors (or variations related to them) can work cohesively to create a statement room.

    What We Love About This Trend:

    • The lighter hues can easily be matched with anything from darks to light accent pieces, or whites and greys for a neutral, yet refined space
    • Lighter colors are moody without being foreboding
    • Blue-grey tones remind us to slow down and be present in the moment
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    The Trompe-l'œil Technique

    A modern living room with textured wallpaper

    Forbes + Masters

    Trompe-l'œil, a French phrase that translates to "a trick of the eye," is a wallpaper trend that leads viewers to believe that the paper is actually three-dimensional. Whether the wall gives the vibe of being tiled or simply creates a textured look, this technique can completely transform a space.

    And, as we continue to prioritize flexibility and creativity in our home design, having the ability for wallpaper to invoke a new sense of the space is very important.

    What We Love About This Trend:

    • Texture and variation creates interest (for the homeowner and the viewer)
    • The space can be completely transformed
    • You're not limited by the walls or construction you have
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    Breathtaking Murals

    A hallway with mural-style wallpaper

    Morse Design / Tara Carter Photography

    Another wallpaper trend we can't get enough of is the shift from colors to full-blown murals. Because not only do they make a statement—they also tell a story.

    Murals can vary in color, composition, elements of shadow, and key focal points. Where some wallpaper can create a theme (like floral or wild plants, for example) others can be playful (like zoo animals for a child's room), or something personalized (like a portrait).

    The reason murals have become all the rage—and especially heading into 2022—is because they're unique as the homes they occupy.

    And the best part? Because these murals exist on wallpaper as opposed to being painted on, you're not limited to where or how you add it to your space.

    What We Love About This Trend:

    • Murals bring in surprising elements and a personal touch
    • You can bring art tastefully into your space
    • Walls can tell a story (while keeping flexibility a priority)
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    Statement Walls

    Statement Wall, Wallpaper Trends

    Kara Eads | Unsplash

    While some wallpaper trends have patterns that are more on the busy side, other trends hone in on a central wall or focal point to draw interest. And this can be relatively simple rather than complex.

    One of the trends we're currently obsessing over is a statement wall: a wall of the room that has a single color. This not only helps to tie in different elements of the room, but it also can make the space appear bigger as the other walls are blank creating the illusion of open space.

    What We Love About This Trend:

    • The single statement wall can create a dramatic feel without having to change the entirety of the room or space
    • A single wall can be easily changed to stand out or tie elements together
    • This trend helps create a feel of openness and expansion
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    Fun, Faux Texture

    A wet bar with faux-wood wallpaper

    Kate Marker Interiors

    When it comes to wallpaper, especially in more recent years, the more non-traditional, the better. That's why you'll see wallpaper that's textured or in striking patterns, designs, or even made to look like a completely different material.

    One of the trends we're all about is faux brick or faux wood—and that's because it helps to make a room feel completely different (industrial, cozy, comfortable, formal, etc.) with just a simple application.

    What We Love About This Trend:

    • Versatility & flexibility in designing the space and creating the right mood for you
    • Different faux materials can create your ideal home without having renovate
    • Many options to choose from