Interior Walls and Ceilings: Design Advice & Repair Tips

Interior walls and ceilings are your home's canvases. Learn how to build, repair, and remodel walls and ceilings, plus get expert advice for common issues.

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A living room with decorative wall paneling
How to Install Wall Paneling
Millwork in kitchen cabinets
What Is Millwork?
Decorative shelf hung on brackets
How to Hang a Shelf
Bedroom with tray ceiling and light fixture
What Is a Tray Ceiling?
Bedroom With Shiplap Siding
What Is Shiplap Wood?
Variegated plant hanging from a hook in the ceiling
How to Hang Plants From the Ceiling
Plants hanging from the ceiling
How to Hang Plants From the Ceiling Without Holes
Wall Sconce Light
How to Install a Wall Sconce
Removing Popcorn Ceiling Texture
How to Use a Popcorn Ceiling Removal Tool
Five-in-one tool poking crack in ceiling
How to Fix a Crack in the Ceiling
Wallpaper Rolls
Can You Put Wallpaper on Textured Walls?
Drilling a hole into brick
How to Drill Into Brick
A mid-century modern living room with popcorn ceilings
In Defense of Popcorn Ceilings
DIY Closet Build
How to Build a Closet
Front view of a pegboard with tools and thread hanging from it
How to Hang a Pegboard
Shiplap Paneling on Ceiling
How to Install Shiplap on a Ceiling
Mold Inside Walls
How to Remove Mold From Inside Walls
White plates with different designs hung on wall between shelves
How to Hang Plates on a Wall
Wallpaper Rolls
How to Hang Wallpaper
Colorful peel and stick wallpaper applied to wall with yellow candles and red mirror in front
How to Hang Peel and Stick Wallpaper
Flat tv screen being mounted to brick wall with two pairs of hands
How to Mount a TV on a Wall
Wallpaper being removed by hand with scraper
How to Make and Use Homemade Wallpaper Remover
Painting Popcorn Ceiling
How to Paint a Popcorn Ceiling (Without Making a Huge Mess)
Toggle Bolts
How to Install Toggle Bolts
Wall-mounted television
How High to Mount Your TV for Optimal Comfort
Wallpaper on a Wall
Do You Need to Use Wallpaper Primer?
Back of picture frame with wire attached for hanging
How to Hang a Picture With Wire
Sawtooth hanger on back corner of picture frame next to hanging materials closeup
How to Hang a Picture
Back of wooden picture frame with double-sided tape cover being removed
How to Remove Double-Sided Foam Tape
Basement with cork floor
How to Repair Bowing Basement Walls
Painted Brick Fireplace
How to Remove Paint From Brick
Hang curtains without drilling
How to Hang Curtains Without Drilling
Wall Framing
How to Frame a Wall
Painted cinder block wall
8 Ways to Attach Things to Cinder Block Walls
Ceiling fan in bedroom
What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need for Each Room?
A low, temporary wall sits in a bright and airy room, separating a bedroom from a living area.
How to Build a Temporary Wall Inside Your Home
Pull Up Bar
How to Install a Ceiling-Mounted Pull Up Bar
Flat screen tv mounted to wall above fireplace
Mounting Your TV Above the Fireplace? Pros vs. Cons
Recessed lighting held up by hand with light on
How to Convert a Ceiling Light to a Recessed Light
Determining Spans and Spacing for Wall Shelves
Leaking ceiling with water dripping into red bucket
How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Leaking Ceiling
Load bearing wall with wood support beams
How to Replace a Load-Bearing Wall With a Support Beam
Worker install batten at ceiling and wall
How to Repair a Metal Corner Bead on a Wall
vaulted ceiling
Vaulted Ceilings: Pros, Cons, and Considerations
Using an electronic stud finder to find a stud in the wall
How to Find Studs in a Wall
Full interior wall being removed with exposed beams and pipes
How to Remove an Interior Wall
Kitchen and dining room ceiling lights
How to Change the Size of a Ceiling Light Fixture Hole
Broken drywall on a interior ceiling
How to Replace Damaged Drywall in a Ceiling
Side by side comparison of rigid foam and fiberglass insulation
Rigid Foam vs. Fiberglass Insulation Comparison Guide
Painting High Ceiling With Extension Poles
How to Paint High Ceilings
Front image showing a crack in a plaster wall
How to Repair Cracks in Plaster Walls
Load bearing wall structure exposed to be removed
Basics of Removing a Load-Bearing Wall
Load bearing wall with exposed ceiling and wooden structures
How to Tell If a Wall Is Load-Bearing
Hands holding cellulose insulation
What You Should Know About Blow-In Cellulose Insulation
Rigid Foam Insulation In Stud Wall System
Installing Foam Board Insulation Between Studs
Black Mastic Adhesive Under Flooring
Black Mastic Asbestos Basics and Removal
Smooth the Crack Filler
How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Wall
Load-bearing wall being removed for home renovation with yellow tool
How to Remove a Non-Load-Bearing Wall
Faux Stone Panels
Faux Stone Panels: What to Know Before You Buy
Vases on wall shelf
How to Use Drywall Anchors

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