Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet Review

A luxury bedding experience at an affordable price

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Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet

 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

What We Like
  • Soft, silky texture

  • Durable, high-quality material

  • Affordable

  • Wide color selection

What We Don't Like
  • No patterns available 

  • Pieces sold separately

  • Chilling when first slipping into bed

The Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet provides a luxury bedding experience in its offerings of comfort, durability, breathability, and style at an affordable price.


Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet

 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

We purchased a set of Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheets so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

The overly fluffed pillows, goose feather down comforter, and the oh-so-soft sheets at most luxury hotels often give you a good night's rest like none other. Luckily, we live in an age where hotel bedding is offered at the retail level. There are many luxe bedding options available that come very close to or may even surpass the hotel experience. We tried out the Wamsutta Dream Zone Sheets over the course of a week and tested its durability, comfort, breathability, style, and price. Here’s what we found.

Material and Texture: Soft and sturdy pima cotton

These sheets are made from 100 percent pima cotton. Pima cotton is higher-quality cotton classified as extra-long-staple cotton. This refers to the length of the individual cotton fibers, which are what make the fabric soft and incredibly strong. Material made of pima cotton is also supposed to be resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading. It’s very similar to Egyptian cotton, however, it cannot be classified as such because pima cotton is made domestically, whereas Egyptian cotton fabric is made in Egypt. 

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

From the moment we removed these sheets from the package, they were extremely soft and almost silk-like. They even have a soft luster to them, mimicking the look of silk. These sheets are sturdy and strong. There’s a weight to them that gave us the sense that they were made of higher-quality material. Plus, after washing, we didn’t notice any tearing, fading, nor any difference in how the sheets felt, also indicating their durability. 

The first night we slept in them, we had a great night’s sleep due to their undeniable silky softness. After a week of using these sheets, we were only more convinced of their comfort and luxury level. They definitely are comparable to hotel sheets. 

Thread Count: High thread count 

The Wamsutta Dream Zone Sheets have a 725 thread count, which is just above the ideal range for sheets. Thread count refers to the number of woven threads that make up one square inch of sheet fabric. This number can range from as low as 150 to over 1,000. In general, most experts consider 400 to 600 threads per inch to be ideal. A high thread count generally creates a material that is soft and increases the chance that it will wear well over time. We noticed this to be the case with the Wamsutta Dream Zone Sheets. With every wash, the sheets seemed to get softer. 

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

A larger thread count (over 600) also likely means that extra threads were often twisted into each thread adding to the thread count. This typically indicates that a multiple-ply thread is used instead of a single-ply yarn, resulting in a denser fabric, making it feel heavier. This is likely the case for the Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets, as it had a weighty feel to the fabric

Weave: Provides year-round comfort

The Wamsutta Dream Zone Sheets have a sateen weave. Whereas percale sheets are made with a traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave, sateen sheets are made with a one-yarn under and three-yarn over weave. Sateen is also more tightly woven than percale and typically is heavier in weight, making it ideal for year-round comfort.

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

This type of weave exposes more thread surface, giving sateen sheets a silky feel as well as a luxurious sheen. The silky look and feel were a few of our favorite aspects of these sheets, only upping their luxurious quality. 

We began using these sheets when the temperature started to drop. Though somewhat chilly when we first jumped into bed because of the silky texture, we found that the sheets were able to keep us warm throughout the night. We definitely can see ourselves using these sheets throughout the fall and even winter months because of the density and weight of these sheets. Plus, as hot sleepers, the breathability of these sheets makes us think that they have the potential to be used all year. 

Washing: Wrinkle-prone and still soft after washing 

Per the manufacturer's instructions, we washed these sheets on a warm, gentle cycle and dried them using low heat. After three washes, there was no fading or fraying, and they still felt as soft as when we first removed them from the packaging—maybe even a little softer. 

From the moment we removed these sheets from the package, they were extremely soft and almost silk-like.

However, we noticed that these sheets wrinkle very easily. Not only does this happen after a night of sleep but also after drying. We forgot to pull them out of the dryer immediately after the dryer cycle finished, and our sheets were full of wrinkles. We ended up ironing them to get out the wrinkles, which took a while since we have a queen. Next time, we will pull them out of the dryer right away to avoid the extra work of ironing.  

Color: Wide selection of colors

The Wamsutta Dream Zone Sheets come in a wide variety of muted colors—all solid shades, no patterns. The shades available are tasteful and will likely match most comforter sets. We purchased the light blue, and the sheets looked beautiful with our current bedspread. 

Extra Features: Envelope pillowcases and boxer fit fitted sheet 

The fitted sheet that Wamsutta Dream Zone offers has a deep pocket that will fit mattresses up to 20 inches deep. This was useful because we have a thicker mattress, and it easily fits over our queen size bed. The fitted sheet also comes with extra-wide elastic, keeping the fitted sheet firmly in place. But what we really loved was the Wamsutta Dream Zone pillowcases. They have an envelope design that not only holds the pillow in place but perfectly covers the end of the pillow. 

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

Price: Overall, a good price for luxe bedding

Though these sheets run on the pricier side, it’s actually a more than fair price considering the luxury bedding experience it provides. With each piece sold separately, the combined total for a queen-size flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases is around $180. The price goes up or down from there depending on the size. Considering that luxe bedding can cost upwards of $300, a sheet set that offers comfort, durability, and style is an affordable option. If you factor in that the Wamsutta offers a full lifetime warranty on Wamsutta Dream Zone products if there is any malfunction or defect, it bolsters our confidence in this purchase. 

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheets vs. Ebern Designs Howa Egyptian Comfort Sheet Set

Ebern Designs Howa Egyptian Comfort Sheet Set is also a high-thread-count sheet set that is significantly lower in price than the Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets. It retails for about $40 for a twin sheet set that includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Meanwhile, the twin-sized Wamsutta set comes to $120.

Wamsutta Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet
 The Spruce / Cheyenne Elwell

However, the difference in quality between the two options is pretty drastic. Compared to the wide range of colors available with the Wamsutta Dream Zone Sheet Set, there is only one option for the Ebern Designs Howa Sheet Set. It comes in a stylish pattern with gray and white pin dots, which we absolutely loved. The material of the Ebern Designs Howa Sheet Set feels a lot thinner than the Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets and has an overall cheap feel to it. When laying on them, the sheets really didn’t feel like anything special or particularly soft. Essentially, you’re getting what you pay for with the Ebern Designs sheet set, which isn’t much. 

Final Verdict

Go and buy them! 

The Wamsutta Dream Zone sheets are well worth the price because of the luxury bedding experience they offer. The strong, soft, and silk-like material alone makes this sheet set a good purchase, but this set also has the added benefit of being good all year-round, offers a wide range of beautiful colors, and is extremely durable due to the high thread count, fabric, and weave. 


  • Product Name Dream Zone 725-Thread-Count Sheet
  • Product Brand Wamsutta
  • Price $59.99
  • Color Aqua, gray, ivory, khaki, lavender, light blue, mauve, navy, taupe, white
  • Sizes Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Material 100% pima cotton
  • Warranty Full lifetime