The 9 Best Instagram Accounts If You Have Wanderlust

A desert vineyard in Ojai Vista Farm

carleyscamera / Instagram

If you're anything like us, when you're not on vacation, you are probably dreaming about being on vacation. But here's the good news: Thanks to the rise of social media, you can transport yourself to any place in the world without ever leaving your own home.

Instagram is a wonderful tool to find inspiration for your next bathroom remodel or your next trip to Paris. And if you're into both of those things? We have you covered.

We've rounded up our favorite Instagram handles to help cure your wanderlust, and they all have just as great of an eye for interior design as they do for beautiful destinations.

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    A house on a cliff in Kennebunkport Maine

    nicole_franzen / Instagram

    Based in New York City, Nicole Franzen is a photographer who specializes in food, travel, and interiors (honestly, our favorite things) and her ability to transport her viewer to another place is truly impressive. She captures the places she visits and the food she eats so perfectly that you feel as if you joined her on her latest adventure. If you love modern travel photography with a taste for food and interiors, you will love this account.

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    Outdoor cafe in Italy

    piariverola / Instagram 

    Pia Riverola is a photographer who splits her time between Los Angeles and Mexico City while also traveling around the world for shoots. A lovely mix of still life, landscape, and architectural shots, her account is perfect for anyone who wants to be transported to a cafe at twilight halfway across the world. Her photos have a nostalgic, dreamy feel to them that we love.

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    Apartment overlooking Salerno, Italy

    carleyscamera / Instagram 

    Carley is a Los Angeles-based photographer who specializes in travel photography. She has a great eye for interiors as well, so her Instagram handle is full of stunning images of apartments and architecture in some of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you plan your vacations around beautiful Airbnbs or you can't get enough of foreign architecture, this is the account for you.

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    House with a pool in Italy

    theperfecthideaway / Instagram 

    The Perfect Hideaway is another great follow for anyone who plans their vacations around stunning rentals. This account features some of the most stunning property rentals in places like the Mayan Riviera and Puglia, Italy. Through its blog, you can even learn more about these one-of-a-kind rentals and explore them yourself. If renting a beautiful villa in Tuscany sounds more up your alley than a luxury hotel, this is a must-follow.

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    Woman in a tub in the Jogasaki Coast

    bontraveler / Instagram

    Jessica runs Bon Traveler, a blog that covers both travel and design in equal doses. Her Instagram handle is full of lust-worthy images of crystal-blue beaches in Croatia, stunning spas in Japan, and the best the U.S. National Park Service has to offer. We love how she beautifully captures a place in a way that makes you feel as though you are there—like it's an intimate memory you have from your own vacation.

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    Modern building with a pool in Spain

    anneparavion / Instagram 

    One of the greatest joys about traveling is seeing stunning architecture all around the world while walking through a foreign street. Anne's page captures stunning structures all around the world. Her images have an artistic slant and focus on beautiful corners or wonderful details that may otherwise be missed.

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    Restaurant in Paris

    luxstyleguide / Instagram

    Molly is an NYC-based travel and design enthusiast whose Instagram handle is equal parts drool-worthy exteriors in beautiful cities like New York, Paris, and Marrakesh, as well as the gorgeous beaches of Greece and Bali. She has a great eye for interiors and exteriors, so many of her travel photos are focused on beautiful design. Follow this page if sipping cafe au lait in an aesthetically-pleasing Parisian boulangerie sounds like your idea of a wonderful vacation.

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    Woman in front of castle at Disneyland Paris

    anais.serendipity / Instagram

    Based in Surrey, UK, Anaïs's Instagram page is a mix of stunning beaches and other natural wonders, plus images of her own home in the UK. If you love DIY tips and tricks as much as you love transporting yourself to beautiful places like Thailand and Indonesia, her account is a great follow.

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    A resort in the French Polynesia

    johan2k5 / Instagram

    Johan Grullon doesn't claim to be a blogger, but instead he simply "travels like one." If you are obsessed with exotic locations and beautiful beaches, you will love this Instagram account. Johan travels to places like Morocco, Los Cabos, and Jordan, and documents it all—so you can join him on all of his far-flung trips. Though most of his images feature landscapes, he has a great eye for both interior and exterior design, too.