Photos of Veneer Stone Fireplace Surrounds

Natural stone wall with different size of rocks. Rustic stone veneer in shades of brown and beige; Wall covering with natural stones
Ирина Мещерякова / Getty Images

Stone veneer is a relatively thin, surface-applied stone that can be cut from real stone or a manufactured product, sometimes called "cultured" stone. Fireplace surrounds made with veneer stone have a structure made of another material, such as brick or cinderblock or even wood framing covered with wallboard. The veneered stone is applied to the surface as a decorative finish. But as you can see in many examples, these fireplace surrounds have the look and feel of traditional stone masonry fireplaces.

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    Classic Cleft Stone Fireplace Surround

    Classic Cleft stone fireplace with floor pillows and two candle sconces.
    Eldorado Stone

    This stone profile shown here is Cliffstone in the color of mesquite. While the top and bottom surfaces of the stone are flat and smooth, the exposed faces look like naturally cleft stone with organic textures and coloring.


    Eldorado Stone has been in business since 1969 and is one of the big names in architectural stone. Its tagline "The Most Believable Architectural Stone Veneer in the World" just about sums it up.

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    Dry-Stacked Stone Fireplace Surround

    Dry Stacked stone fireplace surround against floor-to-ceiling windows and a white couch.
    Eldorado Stone

    The profile shown here is LedgeCut 33 in the color of birch. The installation technique is called dry-stacked, meaning that there is no grout between the stones. However, there is mortar behind the fireplace surround, which attaches it to the fireplace structure.


    Eldorado Stone

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    Rustic Stone Fireplace Surround

    Stone fireplace surround with burning fireplace.
    Eldorado Stone

    To many people, this is what a stone fireplace should look like. It evokes a feeling of a French country inn or perhaps a cabin in the woods. The profile is custom blend and includes Willow Shadow Rock and River Gorge Country Rubble. The grout color is custom made to match PMS 7500 C, with PMS stands for "Pantone Matching System."


    Eldorado Stone

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    Stone Fireplace Surround That Blends Modern and Traditional

    Stone fireplace surround with burning fire and candles on the mantle.
    Eldorado Stone

    This striking fireplace featuring Eldorado stone fireplace combines the smooth, contemporary lines of the mantel provide with a rustic stone background. The stone profile is Rustic Ledge, and the color is Sawtooth.


    Eldorado Stone

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    River Rock Stone Fireplace Surround

    River Rock stone fireplace with wooden mantle
    Boral Stone Products LLC

    Like Eldorado, Cultured Stone is another important and experienced manufacturer of veneer stone, having been in business since 1962. Its Earthblend River Rock features rounded stones the range from two to 14 inches in diameter and resembles stones tumbled smooth by raging rivers.


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    Dry-Fit Ledgestone Stone Fireplace Surround

    Dry-fit Ledgestone stone fireplace surround with mounted flat-screen television
    Boral Stone Products LLC

    This is Cultured Stone's Country Ledgestone in the color of Chardonnay. This is a good example of a cleft-stone profile that has a somewhat loose, dry-stacked look. The stones feature a nice variety of colors and textures.


    Cultured Stone

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    A Touch of Rustic Fireplace Surround

    Rustic fireplace surround with wooden furniture and wood slats on ceiling.
    Coronado Stone Co.

    Coronado Stone has been producing stone veneer for over half a century. Unlike other veneers that are available only at specialty dealers, you'll find Coronado Stone products at Lowe's. The stone profile shown here is Eastern Mountain Ledge in Carmel Mountain color.


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    Quick Stack Stone Fireplace Surround

    Quick stack stone fireplace surround
    Coronado Stone

    Coronado's Quick Stack series was developed to streamline installation on large commercial projects. (It's a big player in the commercial market.) Homeowners can benefit from this, too, and enjoy relatively easy installation with little fuss. Shown here is Quick Stack in Carmel Mountain color.


    Coronado Stone