Country or Rustic Kitchen Design Ideas

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    Call Them Rustic, Call Them Country, These Kitchens Put You In a Relaxed Mood

    Country or Rustic Style Kitchen 457977015
    Country or Rustic Style Kitchen In White. Getty / Charlie Dean

    The country style in American home design is not just one thing.  Just when you have it in your head that "country" means roosters on the wall and hammered copper cabinet faces, you look at a kitchen like this one, above, and see how malleable the concept really is.

    Country does not mean unsophisticated or crude or barren.  It can translate to spare and clean, dominated by simple shapes that do the job without much fuss.  

    It can translate to lots of white of differing shades.  White on white style usually signifies rustic.

    It can translate to a hearkening back to the past, without using actual antiques (What about that modern farmhouse/apron sink?  Or those too-hip-for-you Edison bulbs?).

    Tossing a rocking chair into the mix doesn't make anything "country" or "rustic."  But those roughly hewn raw, unpainted, unstained, unsealed shelves are rustic.  

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    Rustic-Floored Country Kitchen

    Country Kitchen Cabinetry
    Country Kitchen Cabinetry from Starmark. © Starmark

    Everything in this kitchen shouts "country!" Let's start with the cabinets. It's a Portland door style in Maple finished in Oatmeal. Floor: rustic beech or cypress. Vent hood: copper. Even the ceiling is tongue-and-groove natural wood.

    Featured cabinets are from Starmark.

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    Cherry-Finished Country-Style Kitchen Cabinets

    Country Style Kitchen
    Country Style Kitchen. © Starmark

    Here you'll notice that about the only thing that gives this kitchen a distinct country style is a cabinetry: featured company Starmark's Glendale door style in Cherry finished in Nutmeg with Chocolate glaze.  Everything else is decidedly modern.

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    Yellow Is The Color of County Kitchen Style

    Country Style Kitchens
    © Valspar

    Check out this very sunny country color for the walls of this kitchen: Valspar/Eddie Bauer Daffodil EB13-2.

    The diagonal tile behind the stove, hanging a pot rack, and open shelves also contribute to the country/cottage look.

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    Rustic Ranch Kitchen Boasts Unique Wood Plank Flooring

    Rustic Kitchen With Wide Plank Flooring
    Rustic Kitchen With Wide Plank Flooring. Getty / Westend61

    Clear on the fact that this is a country-style kitchen?  If not, let me help:

    Wood-burning fireplace.  Rustic wooden benches and table.  Spartan decorations.

    But what knocks this one to the moon and back is that awesome plank wood flooring.  No cheap commodity wood plank, this is the real stuff.  You know it because many of those planks are so long--the length of the entire room, at least 16 feet.  Guaranteed, you will not find that at your local Home Depot.

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    White Cabinets For a Sophisticated Country Style

    Country Style Kitchen Cabinets Thermofoil
    © Canyon Creek

    White cabinetry always gives kitchens a country flair--especially paired with glass inserts, crown molding at the top of the cabinets, hanging pot racks,

    Black granite countertops and stainless steel appliances take the "rustic" edge off of this country kitchen and give it a touch of sophistication.

    Featured cabinets are from Canyon Creek Cabinets. Winterset White Thermofoil.

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    Cherry and Maple Country-Style Cabinets

    Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Country Kitchen
    © Canyon Creek

    For this unique country kitchen idea, a pairing of two types of kitchen cabinet wood species--cherry and maple.

    To give this kitchen even more of a country look: a fancy valance; bent-wood chairs; glass-inset cabinets; and rustic 16" x 16" floor tile set diagonally.

    This look is from featured cabinet company, Canyon Creek. Charleston cabinetry.

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    Maple and White Country Style Kitchen

    Country Style Kitchen Ideas
    © Shenandoah

    Maple is always a great choice when looking for country kitchen cabinet ideas. It's a clear-grained, creamy wood that takes paint well or looks super on its own.

    The featured company is Shenandoah Cabinetry. McKinley Maple. Butterscotch Glaze with Cherry Chocolate Island Square.

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    Innovative Breakfast Bar in Country Kitchen

    Country Kitchen Styles
    © Quality Cabinets

    White kitchen cabinets, lattice wine rack, baskets atop the cabinets--very homey and country.

    The diagonally-situated breakfast bar gives the kitchen a fresh, unique look.

    Cabinets come from Quality Cabinets. Model is Sterling in a white finish.

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    Visual Overkill: Can You Survive This Chaotic Country Style Kitchen?

    Country Kitchen with Rustic Wood Floor and Curved Breakfast Bar
    Country Kitchen with Rustic Wood Floor and Curved Breakfast Bar. Getty / Ross Chandler

    Bent-wood bar stools, distressed wood flooring, curved cultured marble countertop.  Five pendant lights hanging from...hooks?

    There is a certain style that you might call Busy Country, but this isn't it.  This is just visual chaos.  Visual chaos does not a rustic kitchen make.

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    Farmhouse Style Sink Signifies Country In This Kitchen

    Farmhouse Style Sink
    Farmhouse Style Sink. © Franke

    One surefire country kitchen idea is to add what is commonly called a farmhouse-style or, to make it sound more inclusive of all styles, an apron sink. This attractive, smooth-aproned (or fronted) sink requires special installation methods but gives you far more washing room than ordinary sinks.

    This sink is made by Franke.

    Compare Prices: Franke MHK-110-20 Single Basin Fireclay Kitchen Sink

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    Wood Counters Make Kitchen Traditional and Classic

    Country Kitchen
    © Kraftmaid

    A great country kitchen idea from Kraftmaid. Glass inserts in the cabinets give the kitchen an open, airy feel. The tall vent hood over the stove draws the eye upward. Cabinets are a Dove White finish on square recessed panel solid maple doors.

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    Blue Painted Cabinets for a Euro-Country Feel

    Country Kitchen Idea with Blue Euro Cabinets
    Country Kitchen Idea with Blue Euro Cabinets. © Artistic Cabinetry

    No better way to give your kitchen the look of a French country kitchen than cabinets painted Delft blue, decorative tile backsplash, hanging copper pans, and ceramic roosters.

    The cabinets are from Artistic Cabinetry, Smithtown, NY. Be sure to check out their excellent portfolio, linked below in our list of cabinet manufacturers.

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    Wrought Iron Chandelier In Country Kitchen

    Eating Island in Large Country Kitchen
    Eating Island in Large Country Kitchen. © Artistic Cabinetry

    This is a country kitchen for a duke and duchess: tons of space accommodating a big eating/prep island; a graceful arch over four double-hung windows; exposed plate caddies; glass-front cabinets; and a gorgeous wrought-iron chandelier.

    Star of the show is the cabinet work from Artistic Cabinetry.

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    Cozy! How About a Country Cabin Kitchen?

    Country Kitchen with Wood Floor and Open Beam Wood Ceiling
    Country Kitchen with Wood Floor and Open Beam Wood Ceiling. Getty / Compassionate Eye Foundation

    One niche of the country kitchen style might be called Weekend Cabin, and this one is a prime example of that.

    This homeowner went big time with the wood--walls, floors, ceiling, beams--but toned it all down by using kinder, gentler woods like pine and white oak.

    As a result, knots, streaks, and burls are kept to a bare minimum.  This lets the country-vintage elements, like the industrial-chic pendant lights and old-school top-compressor refrigerator, shine brightly.

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    Unique Touch With Dry Sink Stand

    Dry Sink Stand for Country Kitchen
    Dry Sink Stand for Country Kitchen. © Touches of Country

    If you want a true country look for your kitchen, consider adding a dry sink stand (dry, meaning that it's unplumbed).

    No reason, though, you can't add a farmhouse style (apron) sink and plumb it.

    More likely, you'll use it off to the side as a decorative piece with a copper wash pan. On the top shelf is some room for cookbooks. Underneath, you can store kitchen implements that you use infrequently.

    This comes from Touches of Country.

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    Fresh, Clean, Unsullied: The All-White Country Kitchen

    White Country Kitchen
    White Country Kitchen. © Black Cove Cabinetry

    For reasons I've never been able to fathom, all-white kitchens seem to convey a country feel.

    Here we've got white cabinets, white trim, white crown molding, white fixtures, white walls, and a few other white accessories.

    Cabinets are from Black Cove Cabinetry, based in Scarborough, Maine.

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    Country Kitchen With White Cabinets, Hardwood Floor

    White Country Kitchen with Small Island and Hardwood Floor
    White Country Kitchen with Small Island and Hardwood Floor. © Black Cove Cabinetry

    What are the elements of this kitchen, from Black Cove Cabinetry, that make it "country?"

    For one, it has a solid hardwood floor, and the three bar stools at the island do look very country. But again, it's those clean, spare, white cabinets that do the trick. Note how even the refrigerator has a cabinet panel on front to disguise it. No stainless steel here, mister!

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    Earthen Colors Help Define Your Country Kitchen

    Country Kitchen
    Country Kitchen From Dutch Boy. © Dutch Boy

    Simple earthen- and primary-based colors work best when trying to achieve a country kitchen style.

    Add in a natural-wood mobile kitchen island/table and you've got a down-home comfy look.

    Featured paint is from Dutch Boy. Colors: Yellowtail Dam, Rich Georgia Clay, and Regal Red.

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    Wood Beams In an Insanely Wood-Themed Country Kitchen

    Kitchen with Wood Floor and Open Beam Wood Ceiling
    Kitchen with Wood Floor and Open Beam Wood Ceiling. Getty / Image Studios

    One shortcut to the rustic kitchen style is to use copious amounts of wood.  

    Add faux wood beams constructed of clean pine, topped with your hardwood veneer of choice.  Or go for the fauxest of faux:  hollow polyurethane beams from a company called, well, Faux Wood Beams.