Warm and Hearty Winter Soup Recipes

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    Warming, Hearty Winter Soup Recipes

    Warming Winter Soups. Photo © Elaine Lemm

    When the winter storms are raging outside, it is time to hunker down and enjoy a warming, winter soup. There really is nothing better. Most winter soups are made with good, hearty root vegetables, beans, and pulses and are more like complete meals than a bowl of soup. Which is why I love them.

    Clock through the following pages to see recipes for 10 of my all-time favorites.

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    White Bean and Cabbage Soup

    White Bean and Cabbage Soup
    White Bean and Cabbage Soup. Getty Images

    Though Ribollita is not a British soup, it is eaten and enjoyed everywhere in the UK. Often it is also known quite simply as White Bean and Cabbage soup. It is a really substantial soup, and perfect for a cold British winter.

    Being filled with such nutritious ingredients, the soup is also extremely good for you.

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    Leek and Stilton Soup Recipe

    Leek and Stilton Soup. Photo © Getty

    A great alternative to leek and potato, this is a delicious thick soup with a real punch of Stilton. A great way to beat the winter blues.  Simply serve with fresh, granary bread.

    Leek and Stilton Soup Recipe

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    Favourite Carrot and Ginger Soup

    Carrot and Ginger Soup
    Carrot and Ginger Soup. Photo © Getty Images

    When it's time to wrap up warm, it's also time to dig out the pots and the soup recipes. I love soup at any time of year but particularly in autumn and winter. These ten winter soup recipes will see you through both as they all vary in taste texture and ingredients.  There is something for everyone here.

    The first recipes is old an favorite, Carrot and Ginger Soup which brightens any winter's day. The soup is packed with healthy fresh, carrots and warming, tingling spices of ginger...MORE and a light sprinkling of curry powder which gives it a slight kick.

    Carrot and Ginger Soup Recipe

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    Vegetable and Bean Soup Recipe

    Vegetable and Bean Soup. Photo © Getty Images

    What could be better than a bowl of soup and crusty bread to keep the chill out? This Vegetable and Bean Soup is packed with healthy vegetables and beans to sustain you through the cold weather. Serve a large bowl as the main course, or a smaller portion as a starter.

    Vegetable and Bean Soup Recipe

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    Cullen Skink Soup Recipe

    Cullen skink soup with cream and chopped herbs served with soda bread
    Diana Miller / Getty Images

    Cullen is a small town in ​the Northeast of Scotland and the home of one of Scotland’s most famous dishes, Cullen Skink. It is a hearty soup and traditionally made with Finnan haddock (smoked haddock), potatoes and onions. Cullen Skink recipe is also known as Smoked Haddock Chowder in other parts of Britain.

    Cullen Skink Recipe

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    Wild Mushroom Soup Recipe

    Wild Mushroom Soup. Photo © Elaine Lemm

    This wild mushroom soup recipe makes a tasty, starter dish for an elegant dinner party or simply as a delicious supper dish. It is quick and easy to make but the results are stunning.

    Only use wild mushrooms from a reliable source, never ones picked in the wild unless you are absolutely sure what they are.

    Wild Mushroom Soup Recipe

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    Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder Recipe

    Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder. Photo © Getty Images

    This Smoked Haddock Chowder recipe is similar to the famous Scottish dish of Cullen Skink, this except flour and cream are used for thickening the soup instead of mashed potato. The soup also has added vegetables, leeks, carrots, spinach and sweet corn, making it even more nutritious.

    Super Tasty Smoked Haddock and Corn Chowder Recipe

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    Red Lentil and Tomato Soup Recipe

    Laura Adani / Stocksy United

    Red Lentil and Tomato Soup recipe are one of my favorite soups. Is it so easy and takes very little time if you have some ready made stock. Red Lentil and Tomato soup are very nutritious and another great reason for making this soup is, it is also relatively cheap to prepare.

    Red Lentil and Tomato Soup Recipe

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    Cock-a-Leekie Soup

    Cock-a-Leekie Soup.

    Chicken and leeks are a lovely combination in any recipe, but together in a soup recipe, perfect. This chicken and leek soup recipe are also known as "cock-a-leekie" soup in the Scottish kitchen, but whatever you want to call it, it is a delicious, filling soup and very easy to make.

    Cock-a-Leekie Soup Recipe

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    Sweetheart Cabbage Soup Recipe

    Easy Cabbage Soup Recipe. Love Your Greens

    I am not sure whether this Sweetheart cabbage soup should also be called a stew, as it is packed full of delicious, hearty and healthy ingredients. The soup makes a perfectly filling lunch, a starter for dinner, or a simple supper dish served with crusty bread, or perhaps by adding a little bit of cooked rice

    Sweetheart Cabbage Soup Recipe

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    Hearty Vegetable Broth with Cheese and Bread

    Hearty Vegetable Broth. British Onions

    What could possibly be more inviting on a chilly day, than a bowl of steaming hot vegetable broth? Add to this a few slices of rustic bread and some cheese for added goodness, and you have a complete meal in one.