Warrensburg Garage Sale - World's Largest Garage Sale

Antiquing in the Adirondacks at the World's Largest Garage Sale

The Warrensburg Garage Sale has antique, vintage, and yard sale merchandise.
Oliver Strewe/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

Spend an autumn weekend in upstate New York and the Adirondacks at the festival-like atmosphere of the Warrensburg Garage Sale, which bills itself as the World's Largest Garage Sale.

Held annually since 1979, attending the Warrensburg Garage Sale is a tradition for locals and visitors alike. In addition to garage sale bargains, you can browse crafts, antiques, vintage clothing, and discounted new merchandise -- and that doesn't even include all the food stands.

The Route

  • Upstate New York
  • Citywide garage sales in Warrensburg and Lake George
  • The route begins south of St. George, and then follow Route 9 into the Adirondacks north of Warrensburg

Dates and Times

  • Held annually each fall, typically in September or October
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • 2016 Dates (confirmed): October 1 - 2

Along the Way

Warrensburg Garage Sale Shopping Tips

  • Shop Main Street in Warrensburg for antique, vintage, and new merchandise dealers clearing stock for the year.
  • Shop the side streets, front lawns, and alleys for traditional yard sale fare.
  • Though the Warrensburg Garage Sale officially starts on a Saturday each year, lots of sellers (individual and professional dealers) open for business on Friday.
  • Wear your most comfortable walking shoes and light layers you can add and subtract as needed. Take your yard sale tools too, along with a collapsible wheeled cart or easy-to-carry tote bag.
  • Tear yourself away from treasure hunting long enjoy to enjoy local restaurant cuisine and food truck fare. 

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