Washer and Dryer Manufacturers A to Z

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Before you buy a washer or dryer, take time to visit each manufacturer's Website to compare capacity and features. You may also find that your washer is actually manufactured by a large corporation and sold under a familiar brand name.

If you already have a washer and need more help than the manufacturer's site can provide, you can find operating and repair manuals here.

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    Amana, owned by the Whirlpool corporation, offers washers and dryers as well as kitchen appliances and heating and cooling equipment. Appliances are sold throughout the United States at retailers. Replacement parts can be found online on Amazon.com

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    Asko USA

    Asko offers laundry equipment in the United States inspired by Swedish design with an emphasis on energy savings. In addition to washers and dryers, you'll also find their line of hidden helpers - built-in ironing boards and storage drawers - an excellent choice for the laundry room.

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    Bauknecht offers a line of household appliances throughout Europe, Russia and the Far East. The website offers information about what types of washers are available in thirteen countries.

    If you have a Bauknecht washer and need replacement parts, you can find them on Amazon.com

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    Beko provides laundry appliances throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and parts of South America.  Replacement parts can be purchased on Amazon.com.

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    Bosch is a German company offering a wide range of appliances throughout the United States. One of their prime offerings in the laundry area is compact washers and dryers.

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    CDA offers built-in and freestanding laundry appliances throughout Europe and Asia.

    The company was formed in 1991 and in 2004 created a headquarters in Nottinghamshire, England with a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, warehouse and consumer care offices.

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    Creda is now part of the Hotpoint Corporation in the UK. Distribution of laundry appliances is throughout the United Kingdom. Replacement parts for Creda/Hotpoint laundry appliances can be found on Amazon.com.

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    Electrolux is a Swedish company with global sales in home appliances ranging from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners to washers and dryers. The United States headquarters is based in Charlotte, NC with a premier research and development department nearby.

    The products are sold under the brand names, Electrolux, AEG, Zanussi, Frigidaire and Electrolux Grand Cuisine.

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    Based in Houston, Texas, Equator Advanced Appliances was established in 1991. As part of its household appliance line, Equator offers compact and full-size washers and dryers throughout North America and Asia.

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    Fisher & Paykel

    Fisher & Paykel was established in New Zealand in 1934 to offer products and appliances for the home. The company was purchased in 2012 by the Haier Group. The company will continue to grow and develop the Fisher & Paykel and DCS brands in New Zealand, Australia and North America, as well as boosting sales in China and India.

    Fisher & Paykel laundry appliances can be purchased in retail outlets throughout the United States and online from Amazon.com.

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    Frigidaire washers and dryers are a product line of Electrolux and sold primarily in the United States and Canada. You can purchase Frigidaire washers and dryers at retail stores or online from Amazon.com along with replacement parts.

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    GE Appliances

    General Electric, based in the United States, is a huge global company with divisions ranging from energy production to healthcare to home appliances.

    GE Washers and Dryers are sold in retail outlets in North America and online - with replacement parts - from Amazon.com.

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    While the name Hoover in the United States brings to mind vacuums and floor care, washers and dryers are sold under the Hoover brand name in the United Kingdom. These machines are manufactured by Whirlpool Corporation.

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    The Hotpoint company began manufacturing electric irons in 1903 in Ontario, California and sold to General Electric in 1918. GE continues to sell washers and dryers and other household appliances under the Hotpoint brand.

    Hotpoint washers and gas or electric dryers can be purchased from retail outlets throughout North America. Replacement parts can be order online from Amazon.com.

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    Indesit is an arm of the Whirlpool Corporation offering home laundry appliances under the Hotpoint and Indesit name in Europe.

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    Kenmore laundry appliances and replacement parts are sold in retail stores and online by Sears as well as on Amazon.com. However, there is no Kenmore manufacturing company. The appliances are manufactured by other companies and rebranded as Kenmore.

    To determine who made your appliance, most Kenmore model numbers  have a 3-digit prefix followed by a decimal point that identifies the manufacturer. This guide will help you decipher the code:

    • Amana - 174, 335, 596
    • Bosch - 630
    • Kitchen Aid - 666
    • LG - 580, 721, 767, 795
    • Maytag - 925
    • Frigidaire - 253, 336, 417, 587, 622, 628, 719, 790, 791, 970, C970
    • GE - 362, 363, 464
    • Samsung - 401
    • Haier - 183
    • Speed Queen - 651
    • Whirlpool - 103, 106, 110, 154, 155, 198, 664, 665, 835, 850, 917, C646, C880
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    LG Electronics

    LG Electronics was founded in 1947 and is a Korean company with global sales of home appliances and electronics. Washers and dryers can be purchased at retail outlets throughout the world and online at Amazon.com

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    Maytag has offered home appliances for more than 100 years and in 2006 their washers and dryers and other appliances became part of the Whirlpool Corporation.

    Maytag is mainly sold in retail outlets in the United States and Canada. You may purchase washers and dryers and replacement parts online at Amazon.com as well.

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    Miele has been a family-owned German company since 1899 and are now a global manufacturing firm. Their laundry appliances are mainly sold at retailers in Europe, Asia and South America as well as online on Amazon.com.

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    Samsung Appliances

    Samsung is a huge global technology and electronics company that began in Korea in 1938. Samsung washers and dryers - including the newest designs offered in 2015 - are sold through retail outlets in the United States and on Amazon.com.

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    Siemens is a German based company that sells home appliances globally with a concentration in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The website offers a list of retailers in each area.

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    SMEG is an Italian company that offers a complete line of home appliances. The appliances are readily available throughout Europe, Australia and Asia and in selected retail outlets in New York City.

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    Speed Queen

    Speed Queen was founded in 1908 in Ripon, Wisconsin and continues to manufacture American-made washers and dryers. Speed Queen appliances can be found in retail outlets and purchased online from Amazon.com.

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    Splendide is the brand name laundry appliances manufactured by Westland Sales. Based in Clackamas, Oregon, the company specializes in compact appliances for recreational vehicles and small-space urban living. Appliances and replacement parts can be purchased from Splendide retail outlets and online from Amazon.com.

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    Summit is the brand name of washers and dryers manufactured by

    Felix Storch, Inc. The private, family-owned company was founded in 1969 and began  distribution in Long Island City, New York. In 1983, the headquarters was moved to the Bronx in New York City with manufacturing facilities in Wallingford, Connecticut.

    Summit laundry appliances can be purchased thorough dealers in the United States and online from Amazon.com.

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    Whirlpool is the leading major appliance manufacturer in the world. A global company, the company markets appliances under several brand names including  Whirlpool, KitchenAid, Consul, Maytag, Brastemp, Amana, Bauknecht, Jenn-Air, Indesit as well as other brand names in more than 170 countries.

    Whirlpool washers, dryers and replacement parts can be found in retail outlets and purchased online from Amazon.com.

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    Zanussi laundry appliances are manufactured by Electrolux and sold through retail outlets in the United Kingdom.